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  1. if you traded it all
    If you gave it all away for one thing
    Just for one thing
    If you sorted it out
    If you knew all about
    Just one thing

    What would that one thing be for you right now?

    I would choose the knowledge or ability I need to pay my bills while still going to class, having time for friends, and getting to go home for Christmas
  2. A job.... or my own place.
  3. A huge chunk of land and a million tax-free dollars. With that I can take care of the rest. 8D
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  4. No financial problems ever. :)
  5. Psh, all these amateur answers. I'd trade it all for omnipotence.
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  6. No, omniscience. >:[
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  7. They're basically interchangeable if you be a little shit with them, but omnipotence is better as a standalone.

    Omniscience: "Hmmm, how can I achieve omnipotence? Oh, I know how because I know anything, I'll do that now. I CAN NOW DO ANYTHING!!!"

  9. To have my mom back.
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  10. To never have to spend my time being a lonely, bored fuck again.
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  11. Nothing. The entire point of existence is to pursue mortal wants. To have it given to me by magic would rob me of the journey it took to get there. Besides, I don't want to trade away all that I have for something that may not be what I expect. :ferret:
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  12. My own place where I can walk around naked without prying eyes o.o
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  13. With the crunchiest of pickles and homemade mayonnaise.


    *Goes to make a sandwich*

    I guess some wishes do come true.
  14. A personal wish is tempting.
    But "The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few".

    So I'd probably go with world peace and co-operation.

    There are other candidates like stop cancer, hunger etc.
    But those things could be tackled far more easily if everyone was able to just get along in the first place.
  15. Omnipotence... Because if I am going to trade EVERYTHING, from being even alive, all the great things I have had in life (Like dragons, candy) or all those fun events I ever had (AMUSEMENT PARKS!... AND DRAGONS!) and even basic senses and all that shit, both good and bad that made me who I am today....

    I might as well ask for the only thing that matters, ultimate, and total power! And you can't get any higher than omnipotence when it comes to power.
  16. To have friends who understand me.
  17. Silver Age Superman Powers.
  18. Power over man.

    Or this comic sums it up great.

  19. [​IMG]

    Haha, my wish is in there!
  20. One wish? I need to think hard upon this one... there is what the mind tells you to get and what the heart wants you to find and then the large thing what makes the world tick.

    Intelligence? Money? Power?

    We all know the ding here Money. No matter how awfully I look at it if I have one piece of this I can gain so many others. -shrugs-
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