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  1. This is the Character Bin for the One Piece the Black Moon Pirates RP. Post only if you have an APPROVED character.

    Here is a list of claimed Devil Fruits.

    Paramecia Fruits

    Jikan Jikan no Mi (Time Fruit)
    (Force Fruit)
    Kachi Kachi no Mi (Flint Fruit)
    Kopi Kopi no Mi (Copy Fruit)
    Ope Ope no Mi (Operation fruit)
    Sumi Sumi no Mi (Ink fruit)
    Bara Bara no Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)
    Sanso Sanso no Mi (Oxygen Fruit)
    Hoeh Hoeh no Mi (Roar Fruit)
    Suke Suke no Mi (invisible fruit)
    Sougon Sougon No Mi (Gravity Fruit)
    Awa Awa no Mi (Bubble Fruit)
    Horo Horo no Mi (Hollow Fruit)
    Tate-Tate no Mi (Shield Fruit)
    Miru-Miru no Mi (Vision Fruit)
    Basho-Basho no mi (Location Fruit)
    Bone Fruit
    Zoan Fruits

    Hito Hito no Mi: Model Gorgon (Gorgon Fruit)
    Ushi Ushi no Mi (Bison Fruit)
    Neko Neko no Mi: Model Lion (Lion Fruit)
    Kumo Kumo no Mi: Model Goliath Birdeater (Goliath Birdeater Fruit)
    Logia Fruits

    Hyoo Hyoo no Mi (Wind fruit)
    Shimo Shimo no Mi (frost/ice fruit)
    Tanso Tanso no Mi (Carbon Fruit)
    Suna Suna no Mi (Sand fruit)
    Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Fruit)
    Goro Goro No Mi (lightning fruit)
    water fruit
    Ki-Ki no Mi (Tree fruit)

    Note: Some fruits are reserved but not included in this list so that I may keep them secret for plot purposes
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  2. Pirate Characters

    • The Black Moon Pirates, gold

      The Captain - Roald D. Emrik founded the Black Moon Pirates mostly by accident. He’d been traveling around South Blue charting various islands and gotten on the wrong side of the Marines. They issued a bounty for him naming him “Black Moon” Emrik based on his noticeable tattoo.

      The Ship - The Black Moon Pirates Sail a caravel named The Striker. Its figurehead is that of a falcon. A map and key are shown below.

      1. Fo'c'sle
      2. Quarter Deck

      3. Main Deck
      4. Kitchen / Dinning area / meeting room
      5. Women's Cabin
      6. Men's cabin

      7. Lower deck / ship's work area
      8. Water pump room (pumps water for showers etc.)
      9. Bath
      10. Library
      11. Food pantry and water barrel storage
      12. Infirmary

      Cargo hold
      13. Brig
      14. Cargo hold


      Roald D. Emrik
      "Black Moon Emrik"

      Captain and Navigator

      Kyysucara Namosaka
      "The Demon of Time"
      Jikan Jikan no Mi
      (Time Fruit - Paramecia)

      "Fune Shinka"

      Shipwright and Engineer

      Julius Aspel
      Demolitionist and Thief
      Hyoo Hyoo no Mi
      (Wind fruit - Logia)

      Barabara Brito
      "Onibara Brito"

      Place saved for Lillian Kamakiri
      tailor and barber
      Place saved for Vivienne Kamakiri
      librarian and scholar

      Brito (open)

      Brito is played by @Matvey who is unable to post at this point in time. When she is able to return this Character sheet may move.
      Barabara Brito (open)

      Original Character Sheet Link

      Name: Barabara Brito, AKA "Onibara Brito"
      Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates
      Bounty: 20,000,000 beri
      Position on Crew: Swordswoman
      Weapon of Choice: What Brito lacks in everything else she makes up for in swordsmanship. Practicing swordsmanship since she was 10 years old, Brito is quite skilled at what she does. However, she still has a long way to go before mastering the art. Her first (and so far only) signature move is "Bara Barrage": Brito spins at a high speed, slashing at her opponent and pushing them back. The attack's intention is to make it harder for the opponent to let their guard down, tiring them out in the process.
      Age: 25 years old
      Gender: Female
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      How Character Joined the Crew: Brito contemplated on her choice to join, unsure if the pirate lifestyle was for her. However, after realizing that she was tired of Sabaku Island and having to move from place to place to avoid the Marines by herself, she joined. Besides, they were in need of a swordsman (or swordswoman, in this case).
      • Brito's name derives from 'Britomartis', which means "sweet maiden" or "sweet virgin" in Greek. Britomartis is the Minoan goddess of hunting and mountains, and is often correlated with the Virgin Greek goddess Artemis. Britomartis is also the name of the female knight protagonist in Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Her last name means "rose rose" in Japanese, referencing the Virgin Mary (who is commonly represented by the rose).
      • Despite her name sharing with the aforementioned virgin goddesses and Mary, Brito's personality contradicts the 'virginal maiden' trope.
      • Her favorite type of dishes are pickled or salted, particularly shiokara.
      • She used to be a part of the Marines with the rank of Captain, but backed out after a mission where she ended up killing a Marine and incapacitating a few others out of anger for their mistreatment of some of the villagers in the village they were sent to patrol for a wanted criminal (the criminal so happened to be Roald).
      Theme Song: "Tell Me Where It Hurts"-Halestorm

    • The Outsiders, red

      The Captain - Requiem Dominus Mortalis is one of the Shichibukai. His former bounty is 230,000,000 beri. He currently works with the World Government as a contract pirate and so long as he continues to do so his bounty and those of his crew have been frozen.

      The Ship - The Blackjack. (more information may be added later)


      Requiem Dominus Mortalis
      Professional Gambler
      (Force Fruit - Paramecia)

      Huā Kāihuā
      Scout, Gardener, and Occasional Cook
      Ki-Ki no Mi
      (tree fruit, Logia)

      Claus Löwenstein
      Knight, smith, carpenter
      Tate-Tate no Mi
      (shield fruit, paramecia)

      Catherine R. Lovelace
      Miru-Miru no Mi
      (Vision fruit, paramecia)
      Spy and Informant place saved for Lorcana

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  3. Marine Characters


    Rokushiki user

    Kumo Kumo no Mi Model: Goliath Birdeater
    (Goliath Birdeater Tarantula Zoan)

    Aurelia Shin
    Hoeh Hoeh no Mi
    (Roar Roar Fruit - Paramecia)

    Reimu 'Rei' Kairo
    (Tanso Tanso no Mi
    (Carbon Fruit - logia)
    is reserved for this character))


    Arvand Rooke
    Kopi Kopi no Mi
    (Copy-Copy Fruit - Paramecia)

    Kiyoshi Yume

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  4. Unaffiliated Characters


    Lorcana Hibiscus
    "Yellow Fox"

    Spy and Informant
    Suna Suna no Mi
    (Sand fruit - Logia)


    Kaine Veritahl
    Bounty Hunter

    Lillian Kamakiri
    seductress and thief / tailor and barber
    Awa Awa no Mi
    (Bubble Fruit - Paramecia)

    Vivienne Kamakiri
    Thief / librarian and scholar
    Horo Horo no Mi
    (Hollow Fruit - Paramecia)

    Aden Kwake
    Basho-Basho no mi
    (Location Fruit - Paramecia)

    Doru Doru no Mi
    (Wax Wax Fruit - Paramecia)

    Henrik Stark
    bone bone fruit (Paramecia)

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  5. Reoccurring NPCs

    Vice-Admiral Garret Martin
    Ope Ope no Mi
    (Operation fruit – Paramecia)​

    Vice-Admiral for the marines, Second in command over South Blue Marine Branches. A people person. He takes care of his people, keeps them happy, keeps them whole, and keeps them out of trouble with the locals. In short the type of man most marines wanted to serve under. He’s also the type to take circumstances into consideration when making a decision. Example: He’ll hire a pirate to help catch a more dangerous pirate. An unconventional, but generally well likes man.

    Ryan Alexander

    A reporter for the World News. Little else is known about him except that he has sources everywhere (including inside the World Government) and can seem to travel between islands quickly. Some theorize that he has a devil fruit that eases his travel. This is not confirmed.


    A News Coo with a strong personality that has currently decided to rest on board the Blackjack. He likes humans and generally considers himself to be quite helpful to these land ridden beings. The mundane existence of flying between set islands bores this bird and he prefers to do what he wants rather than his job.

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  6. Reserved Characters

    Reserved Marines, midnightblue


    Silius laminae
    Bara Bara no Mi
    (Chop-Chop Fruit - Paramecia)


    Rokshata Volkova
    Sumi Sumi No Mi
    (Ink fruit - Paramecia)


    Vivi Reniore
    Mera Mera No Mi
    (Flame Fruit- Logia)

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  7. Past Characters

    Any character in the past character section not listed as deceased (which may happen at some point) can be returned to the game at any time by the original creator. All I ask is that a blurb gets added to their Character sheet about what they've been doing between appearances :)

    Note: Characters in Spoiler tags left prior to the creation of the Character bin. Should a Character be returned to the game their CS will move.

    • Left on Andesite

      Sebastian Sieras
      fighter and cook

      Dante Makus ”The Black Lunar Jolt" Musician - Left on Sabaku (open)

      Link to the Original Character Sheet

      Name: Dante Makus A.K.A. (to the marines) " The Black Lunar Jolt" (felt his nickname should be moon themed this time around and combine that with the fact that he is the goro goro no mi's devil fruit user and his unique speed style of fighting plus his look/anger and i think it fits.)"
      Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates
      Bounty : not calculated
      Position on Crew: Musician
      Weapon of Choice: Goro Goro No Mi (lightning human rumble-rumble fruit) carries a black sword around like a walking stick along with a black and red guitar on his back his sword skills are minimal as he mostly carries the sword around as a memento. he has mostly focused on the bolt abilities(i.e. calling bolts of lightning down or transporting himself with said bolts) and charging the air but is experimenting with other forms of electricity and as such has found a special technique he calls "Lunar jolt: Oceans path" as by creating electrical currents in the water he can more ore less surf, skate, even stand upon the ocean as if it was solid land, and is currently trying to due this with air as well. a special attack he will use if you really piss him off (i.e. severely injure his friends, try to take his sword, harm a child/animal, or god forbid, try to mess with someone he loves(trust me DON'T FUQ WITH HIS LOVE LIFE) ) called Seventh hell: Black Lunar bolt. for the most part he fights bare handed using his devil fruits lightning to move at speeds that most would consider impossible (flash step rip off, so sue me) and uses a nameless kinetic fighting style (i.e uses the electric and kinetic energy from the fighting to enhance speed and strength) making him as deadly as someone who fights with a sword or gun.)
      Age: 23
      Gender: Male
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      How Character Joined the Crew/Marines:
      joined out of the respect for the name. black moon. which also happened to be the title given to the leader of the village he lived in before. he had taken a liking to the guy and decided to accompany him on his travels, that and the fact that he was on a quest to find a instrument that could sound like anything he wanted it to (guitar, voice, drums, etc) so that he could be the greatest solo musician in the world, he figured that being a pirate would be the most interesting way of going about his search.
      Other: Has developed a sense of humor based around shocking people or charging the air around them causing a distortion of gravity, this is also incorporated into his fighting style at times.
      He has learned the reaction points of several different things to his lightning including water, various metals, and of course, clothing)
      He has two main forms of his electricity, a normal electric blue and then one that seems to deny its own existence by illuminating in a negative light (like when you take a negative picture on your phone how all the colors are inverted n stuff?) as it is black with a crimson aura to it.
      While He does use his lightning to fight, he prefers to fight hand to hand thus have learned various ways to enhance his speed viva the electricity
      has an uncanny ability to sneak up on people when he wants to, this may be do to the fact he can appear almost anywhere he wants do to his lightning or perhaps his unique mastery over observational haki. (and conquerors haki when he is pissed off)
      Will not have haki until introduced into the main story.
      DOES NOT EAT ANYTHING BUT MEAT (cannot stress this enough :P )
      Theme Song: This Is War 30 Seconds to Mars

      Ezekiel Mourne Chef - Captured by Marines (open)

      Link to the Original Character Sheet[​IMG]
      Name: Ezekiel Mourne
      Black moon pirates
      Bounty 19,000,000
      Position on Crew: Bad-ass Chef/ Battering ram (lol)
      Weapon of Choice: The Ushi Ushi no Mi devil fruit, which allows him to turn into a bison. His half and half bison form is his favorite so when he fights he normally goes into that form. He likes to use his charge attack were he goes down on all fours builds up the strength in his arms and legs and then charges at full speed into a large group of people
      Age: 25
      Gender: Male
      How Character Joined the Crew: ( going to just join in rp since you started)
      When transforming his fur is darkish red like his hair, instead of a dark brown.
      -He is very protective over the people he makes friends with, so when in a crew he is very cautious
      -He has also acquired clothes which will stretch and retract when changing into different forms
      Theme Song:

      Seita Yatta Thief and Fighter - Left Early on Sabaku - Deceased (open)

      Link to Original Character Sheet
      Character's Death
      Seita Yatta
      Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates

      Bounty: 15,000,000
      Position on Crew: Fighter / Thief
      Weapon of Choice: Seken Seken no Mi (World World Devil Fruit -> Paramecia)

      This Devil Fruit holds a variety of uses as the name 'World World' Fruit, should not be taken literally and is actually based on the metaphorical sense of the word. Which is why all attacks and uses of this Devil Fruit, once learned, are based on sayings using the word 'World'. While it is a considerably powerful Devil Fruit, Seita Yatta doesn't start even remotely close to having the full potential of the Devil Fruit. His powers and abilities are learned by experiencing, analyzing and overcoming all sorts of obstacles and trainings. The very first branch of World-abilities are based on the saying:

      "The weight of the world is a heavy burden to bear."

      On that saying are his first Seken Seken No Mi powers based on: The power of Gravity.

      This power will be his main combat power and will expand en become enhanced the further he progresses. The other branches of Seken Seken no Mi will be revealed IC but will mainly be consisting of smaller utility based branches of the Seken Seken no Mi.

      Age: 19
      Gender: Male

      How Character Joined the Crew:

      Will be decided upon confirmation if it’s possible to start off as a crewmate or if it’s necessary to join the crew through IC-roleplaying.

    • left on Andesite

      Haylia Vale

      Tarragon Baelfire (open)

      Original Character Sheet Link

      Name: Tarragon Baelfire ("Tarra" for short)
      Affiliation: Requiem's Freelance Crew
      Bounty: 10,000,000
      Position on Crew: Shipwright
      Weapon of Choice: Kachi Kachi no Mi - A paramecia type of devil fruit that "allows the body of the user to harden and heat up body temperature at will".
      • Cast Iron Leg - The name she gives her kick-based attacks.
      • Cast Iron Blush - A punch to the face. Leaves the opponent "blushing" with each successful hit.
      • Cast Iron Armor - By hardening her body and raising its temperature, Tarra is able to provide defense for her body. However, her movement slows down with how much of her body she covers, due to its weight. Completely covering her body renders her without movement.
      All attacks can be lessened in power with an ice or water based attack.

      Age: 27 years old
      Gender: Female
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      Tarra stands at 5'6", with a slim, toned physique. She has notable tan lines from working outside for long periods of time, and keeps her black hair short. She prefers to wear a pair of overalls, a plain white tank top underneath, gloves, a tool belt, and work boots.

      How Character Joined the Crew: After escaping from the civil war on her home island, Tarra was in search for work. For some time, she worked as a shipwright's apprentice, never having the chance to see the world. Her devil fruit powers and perseverance helped her gain a reputation. Tarra ended up meeting Requiem during one of his travels, learning of his freelance work, and becoming interested in joining his crew.
      • Tarra uses her devil fruit when repairing ships, preferably to bend any metallic parts to place.
      • Personality wise, Tarra has an eccentric sense of humor. Well, if it could be considered humor. She says things out of context, coming off as inappropriate. Tarra has a hard time taking situations seriously, much to the annoyance of others. She is also prone to selfishness, having an "every woman for herself" mentality. This thought process, however, has somewhat lessened from working in a crew.
      • Her favorite past time is fishing, eating, and scratching subtle, obscene drawings on the ships she works with.
      Theme Song: [/B]Build - Rupa & the April Fishes

      ((I had a hard time explaining the devil fruit, since it doesn't have any special weaknesses, besides the usual devil fruit weaknesses. I just made up the fire/water weakness. And yes, I have an affinity for bizarre names.))

    • Left on Andesite

      Fenrir Kaldr
      Shimo Shimo no Mi
      (frost/ice fruit - Logia)

      Eira Ceirios "The Deadly Siren" - Left on Sabaku (open)
      Link to the Original Character Sheet
      Name: Eira "The Deadly Siren" Ceirios
      Affiliation: [/B]Marines
      Marine Rank: [/B]Lieutenant Commander
      Position on Crew: Sniper - Espionage
      Weapon of Choice: [/B]Sniper Rifle and her natural beauty.
      Age: 21
      Gender: Female
      Appearance: [/B]One word to describe Eira is exotic. Ever since she was young, she never looked as if she was born from her hometown. Tanned skin and long dark faded amethyst hair with a single strip of neon blue resembling that of her eyes. Standing at 163 centimeters, Eira stands out in a crowd which always brings the attention of men in her direction, once they get a look at her slender yet curvy body. Never one to let herself go, she keeps herself in shape by training.
      How Character Joined the Crew/Marines:
      (unless joining during the RP)
      Other: Eira is an independent, straight-forward, intelligent and strong willed young woman. Always doing things her own way, Eira refuses to listen to every thing she is told to do. If she feels as if it isn't right, don't expect her to go along with what you tell her. Some usually wonder why she wanted to join the marines if she doesn't like to take orders, yet they had to admit she would rise through the ranks in a matter of time. Because she is independent, she tends to work for what she wants or needs all by herself. Although people offer to help her, she politely declines them and continues on with what she is doing. Eira may be seen as a fragile woman, but she has proven time and time again that she is far from it. Almost every day since she realized her dream, her life consisted of training and studying. Anything that she is passionate about, she'll work as hard as she can to accomplish it.
      One thing that would get Eira in trouble constantly is her straight-forward comments. Never one to hold back, she'll immediately tell you what's on her mind, not caring about the consciences that it may bring. Whether it's telling you if she likes you, an insult or flat out telling you what it is you need to hear, you better be prepared to hear it. Which is pretty strange for a woman who is intelligent enough to stop herself from saying such things. With intelligence like hers, Eira uses every bit of it to her advantage. To her, book smarts only get you so far when street smarts will get you anywhere if you know how to use it. When she is out on the islands, she can easily read the type of people that are surrounding her and act in a way to get a response out of them, this helps when she is out looking for pirates that she can bring in for bounty money. And only then will Eira keep herself from saying thing that could mess up her plans. Often called a femme fatale for doing such things, the people of her hometown named her the "Siren", like those in the myths.
      Theme Song:

    • left on Andesite

      Joshua Belslick
      Sanso Sanso no Mi
      (Oxygen Fruit - Paramecia
      stayed on Andesite

      Angel Coniway
      Stayed on Andesite

      Cassiopeia Fortblanc
      Scout and Spy
      Hito Hito no mi; Model Gorgon
      (Gorgon Fruit - Zoan)
      Cassiopeia’s mentor
      This snake has learned to speak
      the human tongue.
      The snake has very good eye sight
      and is also good at detecting lies.
      stayed on Andesite

      Talhar Basil
      Sougon Sougon no Mi
      (Gravity Fruit Paramecia)

      Henry Canvill - Left on Sabaku (open)
      Link to the Original Character Sheet

      Name: Henry Canvill
      Affiliation: Unofficially a pirate for no pirate crew yet;mostly stowaways stealing from other people's ship.
      Bounty: A measly bounty of 10,000 beri
      Position on Crew: None yet
      Weapon of Choice: Henry Canvill has the power of the water water fruit, which allows it's user to create and control water from his or her body(Logia) He is even able to create a prism of water to surround his foes on dry land, but it only lasts for a few minutes, and won't be enough to actually drown the person. This is due because Henry is untrained with the devil fruit, so his skills aren't up to potential. He can turn his body to water, but it's hard for him to do so, since, again, he hasn't really trained with it yet. As for controlling water, the most he can do is call small tidal waves that aren't enough to sink ships.
      Gender: Male
      Appearance: Standing at 5'9, Henry Canvill has messy brown hair with gold eyes. He is fairly skinny though, due to wandering around the open seas for a long time, living only off of stealing from random ships. He has a very aristocratically looking face though, with, if it wasn't for the hair, would make him look like a proper gentlemen. It was fairly defined, with a nose that sticks out only a little and clear skin.
      How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: Will be joining during the RP.
      Other: Henry, for some reason, is a very cold person to other people...
      Theme Song:

      Tsubaki 'the Lioness' Lookout - Left on Sabaku (open)
      Link to the Original Character Sheet
      Name: Tsubaki 'the Lioness'
      Affiliation: (going to join) Black Moon Pirates (unless it's going to be severely outnumbered and you want me for the Marines, I don't mind)
      Bounty: 5,000,000 Beri
      Position on Crew: Lookout
      Weapon of Choice: Tsubaki is a Zoan type, with the Neko Neko no Mi (Lion model). She has also fashioned a pair of retractable claws out of metal to use when she is fully human. Although half/half hybrid form isn't bad for her, she has trouble keeping control when she is fully transformed, so she relies strongly on her natural abilities.
      Her Zoan abilities give her enhanced eyesight and hearing, making her a more-than-capable lookout in a crow's nest.
      Age: 23
      Gender: Female
      Appearance: [​IMG]How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: Tsubaki was originally with the Kuja Pirates from Amazon Lily (hence her flower-name). But once she left the island for the first time, she never wanted to return. She became a captain of her own crew, but soon had a falling out due to her selfish personality. Now, she is on the lookout to join a new crew (and learn what being part of a team is all about).
      Other: Like other Kuja tribeswomen, she excels in natural brute strength. Due to the Kuja tribe's lack of information on devil fruits, she unknowingly ate her Neko Neko no Mi. However, being both a Kuja tribeswoman and a Zoan-type user, she is better than the average fighter.
      She has the typical man-hater personality of a Kuja tribeswoman. She is also lacking in worldly knowledge due to her reclusive life on Amazon Lily. Tsubaki is absent of the pet snakes customarily seen with Kuja tribeswomen, as her snake was left on her home island.
      Theme Song:
      (Although Kuja tribeswomen excel with Busoshoku haki, I wanted to give Tsubaki room to grow, so I'm leaving it out for now.)

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  8. Name: Roald D. Emrik aka “Black Moon” Emrik

    Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: 28,000,000 beri
    Position on Crew: Captain and Navigator

    Weapon of Choice: Katana (Shusui)– He uses traditional styles. His favorite attack is called the “Lunar Slash”. This attack is a long left to right diagonal crosscut given with more precision than force. He calls a right to left cut like this a “Reverse Lunar Slash”.

    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: as Shown

    How Character Joined the Crew: Emrik founded the Black Moon Pirates mostly by accident. He’d been traveling around South Blue charting various islands and gotten on the wrong side of the Marines. They issued a bounty for him naming him “Black Moon” Emrik based on his noticeable tattoo. Emrik attempted to keep a low profile from that point on but was not always successful.

    Over some time he met some trustworthy companions who decided to join him for their own reasons, calling themselves his crew. Emrik didn't mind, he liked them all and believed in them and their abilities. It was the Marines who continued to chase them that gave the crew the name “Black Moon Pirates” based on their captain’s Epithet. Going with the flow Emrik then created a Jolly Rodger making the title, and their status as pirates, official.

    • Emrik greatly enjoys listening to sea shanties and pub songs, though he can’t carry a tune to save his life.
    • Emrik should never ever be allowed to cook.
    • In addition to charting all the islands they visit, Emrik also keeps a log of his crew’s adventures.
    Theme Song:Randy Dandy O
    Here’s two separate renditions I’ve found.
  9. Name: Lorelei aka Fune Shinka
    Will join the Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: 15,000,000
    Position on Crew: Ship builder/engineer
    Weapon of Choice: If possible, she prefers to use a gun on land, but underwater uses her natural fishman powers of speed and strength to take down enemies. She is very fast and agile, though she is not as strong as most fishman.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Couldn't find a picture and can't draw for crap so enjoy this description!) Lorelei is a tigershark fishman. She has dark orange and black striped skin, and large fins on her back and arms. She has long black hair and black eyes. She usually wears tighter clothes as they are easier to swim in. Her teeth are all jagged like a shark's and she has gills on her sides.
    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: (Joining during the rp since it seems since you guys have started to start this thing up!)
    • Lorelei often will keep harmful creatures away from ships that pass over her ocean home, and may even fix them up as they are moving to prevent them from sinking. However, if a ship strikes the wrong chord with her, she will make sure it sinks.
    • When she was little, her parents often hid her away from the world.
    • She likes human food the most, since it has more flavors.
    • She hums different random tunes while she works.
    • She travels with a ship she likes for at least a month before switching ships.
    Theme Song:
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  10. Name: Lorcana "Yellow Fox" Hibiscus
    Affiliation: will join Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: 16,000,000
    Position on Crew: Spy/Informant
    Weapon of Choice: Bladed chain whip; Logia type, Suna Suna no Mi (Sand Sand Fruit)
    Starting Attack: Alluvium Rift- the whip is used to draw up a mini sandstorm which hides it for a quick finishing or sneak attack
    Age: 24
    Gender: female

    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: (unless joining during the RP)
    • Lorcana hates the feeling of being tied down or trapped, may be phobic
    • She has a fondness one may call "obsessive" for men taller than herself; it comes as adoration for women
    • She has an affinity for jumping from impossible heights
    • She enjoys flavorful foods and hearty drinks, though is always looking out for her physique being a spy an all
    • Lorcana goes by Lori with those that are close to her
    • Her reasons for becoming an information broker/treasure hunter are kept secret but to those whom she trusts; she has never told anyone
    Theme song:
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  11. Name: Cassiopeia Fortblanc

    Affiliation: The Outsiders

    Bounty: 0

    Position on Crew: Spy/Scout

    Devil Fruit./Weapon of Choice:
    Cassiopeia consumed the Hito Hito ; Model Gorgon. It is a Zoan type of fruit that allows her to make a hybrid transformation into a gorgon. Her face morphs into a hideous contorted monstrostiy while her legs morph together into the tail of a large snake. In full gorgon, Cassiopeia stands at 10 feet and is wider than two men.

    ✖In Gorgon form, Cassiopeia has corrosive saliva. She can alter the corrosive level but it is almost always in it's most corrosive state, which can burn through metal. The cobras in her hair share the same level of corrosiveness.

    ✖Cassiopeia's speed and strength was greatly enhanced since her consumption, now making it easier for her to dodge moves and giving her a stronger Snake Style Kung-Fu.

    ✖If burned or bruised, Cassiopeia can shed her skin within the next 30 minutes to clear the injuries, otherwise Cassiopeia will have to wait 24 hours in order to try and shed it again.

    -Cassiopeia's saliva can be avoided by proper equipment/ Busoshoku haki.

    -When Cassiopeia left Amazon Lily after she consumed her devil fruit, she used the little money she had left to study Northern Snake Style Kung-Fu for over seven years. Her body naturally took to the martial arts and it is her main form of combat, in human or cobra form.

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Species: Amazon

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Eye Color and Shape: Cassiopeia's eyes resembles a snake's, they are slightly slanted and the iris is a thick line, rather than the average circle. Her sclera is black and the iris is white.

    Complexion: Cassiopeia's human skin is flawless, it is as smooth as it looks and there is nothing on it to scar it's beauty. Though Cassiopeia would never admit it, the key to her healthy and unblemished skin is because she sheds her skin every month, clearing it of previous scars earned in battle.

    Height and Weight: Cassiopeia stands at 7’3” and weighs 180 pounds. She used to weigh 160, before her hair was turned into cobras.

    Other: After she consumed the fruit, Cassiopeia’s long black hair turned into white egyptian cobras. They are usually dormant and from a distance, looks like dreaded hair. In their dormant form, they are unresponsive to familiar people’s (whom Cassiopeia can see) touch and regular activities (such as Cassiopeia sleeping,etc) and feels like dried snake skin. But when touched (and only in Gorgon form) by someone Cassiopeia cannot see or doesn’t like, the Cobra’s activate and will bite whoever the offender is.

    How Character Joined the Crew: [Planning on joining in RP]

    Extras: -Cassiopeia has a white Egyptian python named Morla, who has two unique non combative abilities that can help Cassiopeia from time to time. She can perceive emotions via micro expressions and can see clearly from far away. (Up to 10 miles) Morla is capable of human speech.

    -After eating her devil fruit, Cassiopeia changed a bit. She is more violent and ruthless than her former self and she experiences cannibalistic urges. She usually keeps it in check, but when no one is looking, Cassiopeia will often devour her fallen enemies.

    Theme Song: :
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  12. The Gentleman Bastard, darkred
    Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis

    Affiliation: Shichibukai

    Bounty: 230,000,000

    Position on Crew: Professional Gambler, Captain

    Weapons of Choice:
    A Deck of Playing Cards, A Sheng Biao

    Devil Fruit: Fōsu Fōsu no Mi (The Force-Force Fruit) - Allows The User To Kinetically Charge Pretty Much Anything
    • Card Throw - His Signature Weapon, his playing cards, are charged up before being thrown, so that they fly much farther, much faster, and much more accurately, and have a tendency to explode on impact.
    • Berri Toss - Same Concept as Card Throw only with handfuls of coins. Pretty wasteful of the money though.
    • Kinetic Punch - Charges the muscles in the arm, throwing a colossal punch the could drop pretty much everything that it hits. It's pretty damaging to the arm though.
    • Kinetic Jump - Charges the muscles in the leg, allowing him to jump incredible distances in a single bound. Landing still hurts though.
    • Shockwave - An ability he hasn't quite mastered. Allows him to send energy through the air, disrupting the flow of it, creating devastating shockwaves to injure his enemies. Unmastered however, it can easily backfire on him.

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Race: Birkan
    Show Spoiler

    Other: He considers himself to be a natural tactician, as he approaches things in a casual manner, but is constantly calculating subconsciously. Because of this, he seems to always have an answer for every situation, but only as it occurs. He can't explain any of his reasonings, but they tend to work, so he doesn't worry about it. He also has a slight Irish brogue. Of course, never having been around anyone else with the same accent, he has no idea how he acquired it. He tends to stick out compared to others, mostly because of his wings (Which are not pictured). There was a small island populated by explorers from the Sky Islands in the South Blue however, so he doesn't stick out much more than a fish man would.
    Theme Song:
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  13. Name: Julius Aspel

    Affiliation: Will join Black Moon Pirates

    Bounty 25,000,000 beri

    Position on Crew: Demolitionist/Thief

    Weapon of Choice: Hyoo Hyoo no Mi - A wind type Logia devil fruit that allows him to create, eliminate and manipulate the wind and to a lesser extent storms and gales. As of right now, he has no idea that it is a logia, having not been in a situation where he would be physically harmed since devouring it (mostly from his capacity as a range combatant) and thusly believes he has a paramecia-type. In addition to the above, he can also carry himself on the winds, manipulate his projectiles and partially obscure sound.

    Assorted Ranged Armaments (Chakrams, Kunai, and Bombs) - Generally, he fights with his chakrams since he can manipulate them easily with the Hyoo Hyoo no Mi but he also uses kunai and wires to entangle his opponents and make them unable to dodge his attacks, to slow them down or to create a labyrinth that he can guide his attacks through and remain relatively unharmed. He often will attach time bombs to his kunai and has been known to simply carry them through the air to his opponent. He can make several different kinds of explosives, including a water resistant one though it is expensive to make.

    Hyoo Hyoo Boomstick - Fires a concealed packet of explosives at high speed through curled hands.

    Hyoo Hyoo Chakram - Creates a chakram-shaped vortex of air that can be thrown and manipulated.

    Hyoo Hyoo Iron Rain - Scatters a handful of kunai into the air and sends them flying at high velocity in a direction.

    Hyoo Hyoo Roar - Take a deep breath and blasts it out at gale force.

    Gender: Male


    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: Joining in RP


    Theme Song:

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  14. Reimu Kairo, crimson
    Name: Reimu 'Rei' Kairo
    Affiliation: Marines
    Marine Rank: Lieutenant - Doctor/Medic
    Weapon of Choice: Compact metal staff (Kinda have the idea like Nami's rod or w/e if that's ok. If not, willing to change) and kicking moves. She carries a sheathed blade and a pistol as per Marine standards but prefers to not use it if she can allow it.

    Down the line, Tanso Tanso no Mi devil fruit (Carbon-based Logia type) Before was deciding with Supa Supa no Mi but put in more thought. Think similar abilities with the Supa Supa no Mi but also blunt capabilities (and maybe other forms than a durable solid? Nah, that may be a bit too much.. I'll need to converse about this further likely)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standing at 6'2", near-shoulder length red hair that is spiked back as the hair parts on the sides. Deep blue eyes and a cold, neutral expression she holds most of the time. Main reason to her height is her long legs compared to the rest of her body, it being of average, healthy-toned build. Often tries to wear her own colors of clothing being black and red, but still needing to wear the necessary Marine garb.
    How Character Joined The Marines: She was only in her early 10s and she lost her parents when her town was destroyed from a battle between Marines and Pirates. Most of the destruction surprisingly came from the Marines. She had a deep resentment of the corruption that would show within the Marines that left many townsfolk in plenty of places afraid. All this made it difficult for Reimu to show much emotion anymore, her eyes cold and peircing like a statue and her visage just so. She wanted to change that and help those that needed it, so she came to a rough decision between dying alone, becoming a criminal/pirate to survive, or join the marines in hopes of wiping away this corruption, no matter how big or small a step to get there ahead. Going through the basic military training, it was noted she despised causing possibly fatal injuries with a blade and instead took up more blunt-based weaponry and brought more focus to using her own body as well. Even when she did end up hurting others or seen others be hurt, her heart still shone as she'd drop what she was doing even through consequence to make sure the others were okay. Because of this, she was also placed in medical training where her main focus ended up rising there. Tending to the wounded both Marine and not, she'd see what they went through by their injuries, how they got them and why. Of course, some were caused by means she despised from the start, the Marines themselves. She hated how several officers held fear and power over the heads of the townsfolk and lesser Marines themselves, and that's one of those things she wanted to change. As it stands now, at age 19, she's now stationed within Sabaku Island where she finds herself holding respect to only two of the number of officers within the base where she sees something different about them, Brito and Caim.
    - When she's not busy, Reimu often likes to get into a good book and a drink to go along with it. Although, one or the other missing doesn't hurt either.
    - Despite her neutral expression near 24/7, she still knows how to smile and all that, but it's rare that others can see it, mostly replaced with an untrue smile.
    - She tends to use her feet to dish out 'punishment.' Get on her badside and you might get an axe-kick over your head.
    - Due to her style, she tends to hate restrictive clothing like pants so she often wears thin shorts and tank tops underneath her Marine coat along with a pair of sturdy combat boots.
    Theme Song: I May Fall - RWBY

    Kaine Veritahl, silver
    Name: Kaine Veritahl
    Affiliation: Unaffiliated for now, thinking about a couple things. Bounty/Pirate Hunter; swordsman
    Bounty: 18,000,000 Beri
    Position on Crew: --------------------------
    Weapon of Choice:
    Two blades; Skills primarily reside with him using a blade he secures to his arm, has no handle/grip. Uses an ordinary blade otherwise until he wants to use his preferred style or if a challenge arises.
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: -----------------------
    • His attitude changes drastically when he enters combat. What may be casual and laid back, shifts into a serious atmosphere with a killing intent clear.
    Theme Song: Woodkid - Iron

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  15. The Wandering Ex-Gladiatrix, bisque Name: Haylia Vale

    Affiliation: The Outsiders
    Bounty: None

    Profession: Ex-Gladiatrix, Explorer
    Weapon of Choice: Thiele(short sword) and Hektor(round shield) of the Vale Royal family

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    • Born on a distant and secluded island where gladiatoral games was everything
    • As an orphan and vagrant child, Haylia was forced into the life of a gladiatrix
    • Through harsh training, luck, determination, and talent, Haylia rose to the top and won her freedom
    • She was honored and adopted into the Vale royal family as Haylia Vale
    • Haylia left the island suddenly and now wanders the world exploring
    • She also brought along her sword and shield both with the Vale family crest
    • She gets seasick easily :( It is getting better though
    Theme Song: The wild cheering of the crowd will drown out any music so she doesn't bother having one
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  16. Name:
    Aurelia Shin


    Marine Rank:

    Position on Crew / Profession:
    Shipwright/ Engineer/ Craftswoman

    Devil Fruit:
    • Hoeh Hoeh no Mi (Roar Roar Fruit. Shorten from Hoehru for roar. Reflects roar of a forge)
    • Paramecia Type
    • Power: The Hoeh Hoeh no Mi essentially turns Aurelia into a walking forge. What it allows her to do is consume raw materials and stored inside until said material is simultaneously drawn out and crafted into a weapon, hence the name. Whilst her ability enables her to freely plunge her hand into her body and pull out large metal shapes and such as if its normal, other people are unable to do so, though they can feel that her body temperature is distinctly warmer than normal. The fruit's powers has given her some interesting side effects. One is that Aurelia cannot die of hypothermia nor suffer from extreme heat. Secondly, she is able to raise her body temperature exponentially so as to give off extreme heat, making it hard to actually hold her. Lastly, from her mouth, she is able to spout a jet of fire.


    Despite having a Devil Fruit ability, Aurelia depends heavily on martial prowess in combat with an emphasis on bladed combat. Her main weapon is a nodachi named "Kongou" (Indestructable) that is strapped to her back and is one of the 21 Great Grade sword. It has an incredibly keen edge and despite its size, Aurelia has no issue quick drawing the weapon.

    Tsubame is a highly customised gun. It is capable of turning into a sword by attaching a blade to the top at the muzzle. What is interesting about it is that Aurelia exlusively uses Tsubame as hilt of sort for the bare blades she creates. What she can do is fight with it as any melee weapon, or shoot it out like a ballistic knife. With a twist of a setting, fine rope can be locked into the end of the sword and turn Tsubame into a grappel gun. Of course, if there is no blade blocking the muzzle, then Aurelia can shoot from it like a normal gun. Tsubame has its own thigh holster on Aurelia's left leg





    How Character Joined the Marines:
    Aurelia had joined the Marines quite early on in her life, mostly specialising with the armoury and smithing due to her skills in crafting and her Devil Fruit. It was only after eating the fruit did her parents advice her to persue a career which used her unique abilities. Normal smithing and crafting was somewhat lacking and despite being good at it, Aurelia wanted to see the world as well. The compromise she took was to join the Marines. Work the armoury and travel on their ships. Two birds, one stone.

    Many of her colleagues see her as wasted potential. Her skills in both combat and crafting is top notch, but she doesn't burn with the same fervour as they do. To her, being in the Navy was a job. Enjoyable and full of perks, but still a job. She would do the bare basic duties and respond to call to arms if need be, but if the status quo is in check and there is no immediate threat, Aurelia would hand it down to a subordinate to deal with and go off doing her own thing such as lazing around in the sun. That said, if they fail, Aurelia is ready to pick up the slack. She just doesn't have the same burning hatred other marines have, but instead, has the general mentality of "Nothing personal, it's just business". Of course, if she doesn't like the person, Aurelia is more than happy to put a bit more personal involement into it. For the most part, Aurelia is easy going enough, though the more serious marines would call her lackadasical. It is this attitude that has held her back in her career.

    Aurelia also smokes a kiseru pipe that is around 20 cm in length and has a watertight kiseru pouch on her right waist. Like an english pipe, Aurelia has a tendency to gesture with it and on the occasion, use it to rap an unattentive marine on the head with it.

    Aurelia is surprisingly sizeable for a female. She stands at 195 cm tall, but retains a relative proportion, giving Aurelia a strong presence when she is amongst other people.

    Theme Song:
    Cowboy Bebop - The Egg and I

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  17. Name: Angel Coniway
    Affiliation: going to join the Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: Nothing because no one knows he exists.
    Profession: Theif. very secretly...
    Weapon of choice: sneaking around and not being noticed, he never really has to fight, but a small knife or a pistol for insurance.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:5 feet 5 inches tall. He has medium legs and a long torso. He has raven black hair that is shiny and spiked. His eyes are dark green. He usually wears a black or dark brown short coat, a dark button down shirt, and cargo pants. He likes to have bare feet so he has better control when running. He often has cuts or swollen feet.
    Other: he lives wherever people live when they aren't in the marines or pirates. He has always loved the water and enjoys looking up at the night sky. Stars are very interesting to him. He lives on the streets because his mother died and his dad abused him.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Name: Vivi Renlore
    Bounty: 27,000
    Position on Crew: Vagabond/Navagator
    Weapon of Choice:
    Flame Flame Fruit, aka Mera Mera No Mi. Attacks: Firefly, Blast off!, Light E'm up, and Last Resort. With this fruit she dose have the ablilty to phase through physical attacks her body being flames due to the fruit being a Logica fruit.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines:
    Decided to be a pirate because of the idea of being free and not being poor anymore
    Other: Vivi is a travling Navagator, Taking small or big jobs getting people who hire her to their destination then just disapeares, This is due to the fact that she has yet to find a Pirate crew shes deems worthy to keep her. As for her fighting style it mainly consistes of long and mid-ranges attacks using flames so she is kept far from hand to hand which is one of her few weaknesses. (Currently ) Though she still posses the ability to make flames cover parts of her body and turn herself into flames to avoid attacks.
    New Added Abilites: Blast Off!: is a move that Vivi came up with that is a mid-range attack where she concentrates her flame ablilites at the bottom of her feet. When they make contact with an object or preson per say when contecting a hit all that energy is released blasting that person/thing with huge amounts of flames sending the person off and flying hence the name "Blast Off!" Light'Em Up:Is an aereal attack commonly used when Vivi is in the air when using her flames to fly off. It's basically dropping what lookes like flaming metors when really its balls of flames falling from the sky. Last Resort: is a long ranged attack that Vivi dose not like to use too often for it wears her out. Its when she consentrtes high amounts of her power and relases it ( sort of like a bomb and all its effect long story short, its danmage can destroy cities and towns.) Vivi is a peace dweller there for dosent ever use this at all hence the name.
    Theme Song
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  19. Name: Talhar Basil
    TBD / Unaffiliated
    Bounty 13,000,000
    Position on Crew / Profession: Thief
    Weapon of Choice:

    Devil Fruit: Sougon Sougon 'Gravity' no Mi (Paramecia)
    Weapon: Twin Wakizashi
    Reducing or increasing gravity in a specific area, small area of effect radius at the moment.
    Reducing or increasing gravity in a specific bubble surrounding himself or a nearby item, limited effect and duration at the moment.
    Redirection of gravity in a specific nearby area, small area of effect and intensity at the moment.
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler

    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: Joining through IC RP, Undecided Faction right now.
    Other: Talhar was actually forced to start roaming the seas, as he was chased out of his hometown due to messing with the wrong crowds. It was merely a necessity for survival. Now he sails the seas to find a new place to live...And new targets to steal from.

    Notes: His current skills with the Gravity Fruit are very rudimentary due to only recently having acquired the Devil Fruit (IC)
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  20. Kamakiri Sisters
    Name: Lillian Kamakiri
    Affiliation: Will most likely join the Black Moon pirates
    Bounty: 22 000'000
    Position on crew / Occupation: Is currently occupying herself as a seductress and thief, although she is a trained tailor and barber.
    Weapon of choice: Awa Awa no Mi (Paramecia, her moveset is similar to Kalifa's)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    How character joined the crew / marines:
    Will join during RP

    Other: She is currently a resident of Andesite Island where she makes a living by seducing sailors and rendering them unable to move by using a combination of her and her sister's powers, then stealing their belongings. However, she dreams of opening her own beauty salon, which she plans to do once she has gathered up enough money (she still has a long way to go). Her personality is open and blunt, so she isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks of you to your face. She likes being out in the sun, contrary to her sister, and used to enjoy swimming before eating her devil fruit. She now stays on the beach and sunbathes instead.
    Theme Song: (for now)
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