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  1. You can PM me for the plot idea that I have and I don't mind doing Male x Female, Male x Male, or Female x Female.

    Before we roleplay, you must know these things,

    *I am new to this site and I am a bit nooby, so please try to deal with me! Just because I'm new to the site, does NOT mean I am new to roleplaying!!

    *Remember that we most likely have a different time zone and that if I take a while to reply, it's most likely NOT because I'm ignoring you, but because I'm asleep and I sometimes take naps during the day so same with that.

    *I prefer being the dominant type unless I'm the female in a Male x Female roleplay.

    *You must have good grammar.

    *I will usually ask you to send me an example of how you roleplay just because everyone has their own way of roleplaying and I want to be able to adapt to your way!

    *I'll usually ask you to start if it's your plot and if it's mine, I'll most likely start unless you would feel more comfortable starting.

    *You don't always have to reply with long paragraphs, but as long as you don't reply with one short and simple sentence. If you do end up replying with one short sentence and it's understandable why, I will let it pass, but if it becomes a constant thing, I'll assume the roleplay is dying and I'll just end it.

    *You have to be creative and you don't have to keep new ideas from our roleplay! If you think there's something you can add to make the roleplay better, speak up!

    *I love when roleplays have an intense amount of drama and I don't mind playing more than one character as long as I know it can make the roleplay better.

    *Try to make the roleplay long term!

    That's basically it! If you also want to try out a plot and have no one to try it out with, I'm open to any ideas! Feel free to give me any ideas you want! :D
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  2. Hiya I would like to do this a a male X male (me being uke if that's fine) I really love this idea =)
  3. I'd like to rp with you. MxF. When you have time or room, drop me a line, and maybe we can discuss something. Have a happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Hey there! I'd like to work with you on a plot, I think it'll work well.
    Something with FxF will work for me, and I am open to other suggestions!

    Look forward to hearing from you.