One on One

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  1. I'm looking for people who would be interested in a few different genres.

    I enjoy - Fantasy, Horror, Apocalypse, Space, Sci-fi and anything that really fits along those lines.

    I have a lot of roleplaying experience as well as taking some pride in decent/readable grammar and spelling. Ideally you're similar.

    I like romance in my roleplays as a side note, but action is really the main point. Mature content is alright in some cases, but not needed.

    My posts tend to be 1 - 3 paragraphs. Not too shot, but not a book either, the stories (in my opinion) flow better this way.

    PM me if you want to set something up. I have some ideas, but if you have a plot you'd like to explore, I'm open.
  2. Any interest in a Hellboy roleplay?
  3. Or if you wish, I could offer many different RP settings at many different depths; anything from space operas to reflexive RPs about our reality, going through fantasy, interplanetary detective work or post apoc. Chances are, if there's a genre you wish to play out in particular, I could provide. I also enjoy doing genre mixes quite a lot.
  4. I could take up your 1x1 request quite nicely. I excell in fantasy, sci-fi, and mature-ish settings. I'm mostly a picky poster and I usually dish out 2-3 paragraph posts in good detail.

    PM me if you have any ideas to toss around~ (i feel kinda iffy PMing you because I think i'm a little late on this request )