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One on One Searches~

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitty Gav, May 24, 2014.

  1. Willing to do multiple RPS. Mainly looking for yaoi or yuri Roleplays, though I will do hetero based ones. Romance is strongly prefered however sex scenes not required. M-Preg and W-Preg are also not required if you feel uncomfortable with this. Genre would most likely lean toward fantasy however I am willing to hear and look over any plot and pairing suggestions you may have. I roleplay a lot of different things so it never hurts to ask!! <33

    So yes, come throw ideas and cravings at me. :3
  2. M x M sounds good. Maybe a M-Preg. I've never done one before.

    Pm me and we can discuss things?
  3. Sure thing Jae! Thank you for your interest~ <3
  4. I'd be up for yuri! PM me? :3
  5. Would like to do some yuri, if you would? (:
  6. PMs sent to you both. ^^ I don't have a job or work so I don't mind taking on even more Roleplays if anyone else might be interested~ <3
  7. If you're still interested, I'm a hardcore Fujoshi. I'm always up for M x M~
  8. Yep yep! Definitely am! I sent you a PM. :3