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  1. Every few months I get really really serious about roleplaying again, but I then want to remake all my profiles and threads and stuff because I think I've matured more (I probably haven't as much as I think.) But this is this months thread. Welcome. (Update, I'm reeeeeally into roleplaying again right now. This is my 3rd most frequently checked site now. So any worries about me being shit at responding should be quelled.)

    Alright, as much as I'm going to contradict this with the rest of this post, I'm actually a good writer. I know how grammar works like a mofo, and I know how to vary sentence structure. I also try really hard to make sure there is something my partner can reply to (I expect the same courtesy.) I don't really aim for length, but if there is a minimum you require I will try my best to meet it (tbh you're probably more likely to ask me to shut up. once i get going on a character's background or feelings, shit gets real.)

    For characters and relationships, I really, really don't like straight pairings, especially if both characters are cisgender. I deal with enough straight people irl, I don't need them on the internet, too. So even if you don't want to play a romantic plot, I will almost certainly be playing someone who is queer. If you think this might even be a bit of a problem, then I would not reply to me.

    With plots, I really like horror, sci fi, fantasy, and combinations of those. Hopefully all these will have a bit of gore. I also like "slice of life" ones if you have a good plot, though I can't offer any of my own on that front. I also really, really like poly relationships. Please play poly plots with me.

    Speaking of relationships, I have no limits when it comes to sex scenes. I like them, and you can read more about that on my rp resume. No limits on anything else like swearing or violence, but I don't do animal abuse or death, and if you're misogynistic/homophobic/transphobic/racist/ableist/etc we are going to have a problem.

    Craving right now:
    • Newt/Hermann (Pacific Rim) I don't even care about the plot, I will do anything with them. I can also come up with a million plots for them because they are beautiful and perfect.
    • Poly, punk rock relationship in which a couple 'adopts' a homeless, repressed kid (preferably played by me, but I'd be willing to negotiate.)
    • Realistic BDSM relationship, plot being the couple starts out with just an S&M kinda thing but then start to get Actual Feelings (c) and it gets cute and fluffy.
    • Something with accurate, revolutionary politics. I will accept Les Mis, but something less european works too. anywhere with fascists or capitalists who need crushing, really.
    • Marauders era Harry Potter, preferably Reamus/Sirius cute teenage fumbling.
    Other plots include:
    • a very fleshed out purgatory-esque world, it would be very dark and hopefully very spooky
    • a sci fi world about a colony on mars
    • a ghost plot (I have a really developed character for this one, and I'd love to use them. aka, nonbinary ghost wants a friend.)
    • a reeeeeally dark kidnapping plot, be prepared to play two characters and be evil
    • a reeeeeally dark demon plot, also be prepared to be evil
    • a poly trio who fights monsters

    Also some fandom stuff I like, Pacific Rim, specifically newt/hermann always. I will talk about that ship until my last days. I also like welcome to nightvale, and OCs in that world would be very cool. Hogwarts AUs are also really really nice, though I don't think I'd be interested in playing any cannon characters from that series. Another thing, which I'm a little ashamed of, is Shawn/Lassiter from the tv show Psych. Tbh it was my first "fandom" and I'm feeling a little nostalgic and i just read a 100k fanfiction kill me.

    I hope I sound as dumb as I think I do. I wouldn't want any potential partners thinking they're getting anything of quality.
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  2. If you're still looking for roleplays, I am interested in doing one with you. PM me?~
  3. Hmmh, seems like I got very interested. Care to discuss a plot with me?
  4. Sure, what kind of plot were you thinking about?
  5. Ghost, kidnapping or demon plot. Whichever is available an suitable for you.
  6. alright, I'll send you a PM
  7. I'm very interested in hearing about your purgatory plot. Sounds like something I could get into!
  8. sure, send me a PM?
  9. is bumping still a thing? w/e, bringing it back if its not.
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