One on One RP?

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  1. Thinking of doing a RP, but i don't mind what i am open for ideas and i just wanted a good RP that i could sink my teeth into

    So if you're willing to RP with me and have any ideas, tell me?? :)
  2. intrested
  3. have any ideas?? :)
  4. hmm i was thinking something like your the mobbs daughter or gang leader (OG) and i come from your rival mob or gang, i was thinking that they signed a peace treaty and it would only be broken if someone started a fight of some sort. They'd make me bodyguard you. S basically it would start out as you hating me and then we wind out having feelings for eachother
  5. spunds good to me :) so basically they are in different gangs and they don't like each other and then they say you have to look after the person i play and then they fall for each other?
  6. yep basically and another thing just curious but how much do you write? are you descripitive?
  7. if the person i RP with writes a lot and gives me something to write a lot back then i can, but i can write any length really :), i can be descriptive if i need to be
  8. lol okay good to know cause i dont want to be bored by one liners xp and also lets make our characters a reasonable age like 21 or 20 so your character can have and apartment and stuff
  9. i hate one liners, i'm like how in the hell am i ment to reply to that, i'll make her 20, did you want to make the thread, pleaseeeeeeeeeee....
  10. okay fine ill make the thread it'll be called " Rivals or Lovers" and should we use a pic to describe our characters?
  11. Thankyouu :), would you be able to put the link on here after?, i must sound annoying XD i'm just hyper as it's my birthday tomorrow, yeahhh can do :)
  12. i dont know how to do that but just got to OnexOne and it'll be the first one and happy almost birthday
  13. okayy i'll do that, thanks for making the thread :), ahaha thanks :D
  14. lol no problem xp