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  1. Hello, hello, everyone. I'm new to this site, but I've been roleplaying for years. That seems to be a common occurence here.

    Um... A little about what I'm looking for in a roleplay and a partner? I prefer modern, realistic settings. Now, this does not necessarily mean high school. It could be a college setting, a city setting, an office setting, a rural setting, anything! So, yes, there is quite a variety to choose from. With so much variety, there needs to be a general direction for the roleplay. Not a plot that's set in stone, but (forgive me, please) a pairing of the characters, because, yes, there should be romance. The pairing could be anything your heart desires and while most are typical, I do not expect typical characters.

    Which brings me to what I expect in a partner. Creativity is key. Give life to your character! I should feel as if your character is sitting next to me, breathing the same air as I. I despise, loathe, HATE static characters. People change constantly. They grow and adapt, their thought processes mature. Three-dimensional characterization is, therefore, a must.

    I was an English major in college. On that note, there are some expectations regarding spelling and grammar. Typos and comma splices are understandable. I'm sure I've made plenty of mistakes just in this post. However, using 'chatspeak' while in character is a no-no. You are not a cat walking across a keyboard; you are a human with a functioning brain and fingers.

    Regarding length of posts and responses... I'm fairly lenient, but I would like at least two paragraphs per response and a lengthy introduction (no lists!). If I see a one-liner... pray I'm merciful. Character development takes space. Responses shouldn't just be dialogue or immediate, physical observations and reactions. I will let you into my character's head and I expect the same.

    Just a couple of more notes: I GREATLY PREFER TO PLAY FEMALES. I am working on creating believable male characters, but it's a struggle. Doubling? Fine. Great. Wonderful. But my primary character will be female and I WOULD PREFER YOUR PRIMARY CHARACTER TO BE MALE. And finally, I would like this to take place off-site via email. I can only work from my phone for the time being and email is much easier to type in.

    Whew. That was a lot. If you made it to the bottom, congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back, eat a cookie or brownie, down a shot, whatever you do to reward yourself. If, after reading all of this, you are interested in partaking in a one-on-one roleplay, please post on this thread or message me. I promise I'm not that bad.

  2. This is very interesting dear friend. Hmm.
    I must say, I'm not too versed in the playing of a Male role, but I wish to try my hand at it. =)
    Please, accept my apologies if my replies are staggered or delayed. I have school and it'll take me a little to think of a good response with my characters,
    but I'll always be able to reply within a day.
    So, if you shall allow me the privilege to partake within a role play with you,
    Then my dear friend,
    I believe I may be interested in doing so. =)

    My email:
  3. Thank you kindly for responding. I have just sent the first obligatory email.
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