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  1. Hello, I'm just looking for a 1-1 RP to get me "started" on this site. I turn 15 on Nov 16th, and I'd prefer my partner to be 17 at most simply because it'd be more comfortable to me. My writing and roleplaying is not very refined at the moment, so please bear with me. Please see my roleplaying example for more details.

    Things I'm Not Comfortable with:


    Too much gore/detailed violence

    Extreme Abuse/Torture

    I don't really have any ideas beyond simple set-ups and pairings, unfortunately. Feel free to give me title ideas if you want to roleplay with these.

    Ideas I Have:

    Untitled Idea 1: Something involving lies and internet dating. Catfishing, maybe? (I don't even know, okay)

    Untitled Idea 2: An angel is sent to correct the behavior of a brat/primadonna, or fall trying. (Angel x Spoiled Brat, basically. The meaning of "fall trying" is up to you, though [it can be romantic or literal].)

    Untitled Idea 3: Someone gains an obsessive stalker after a seemingly-innocent encounter. (FxM or FxF. I can be either role.)

    Human x Ghost
    Human x Human
    Nonhuman x Human
    Nonhuman x Nonhuman
    (More, probably)

    I'm cool with others' ideas, too; even, and especially, non-romance.

    Genres I'm Not Good With:



    Too much drama

    Probably more...
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  2. I know it's used a lot, but I would want to rp with you. I was thinking it would be like a romantic comedy? It would be anime school themed.
  3. (Sorry for the lateness; this week was busy.) If you're still interested, then sure. Anything specifics (such as FxM or MxM, or such)? If not, then it's understandable ^^
  4. I updated the original post, and this request is still open.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.