One of my best friends wants me to do WHAT?!

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  1. :foxscared:

    My friend Adam wants me to take is virginity.

    Yeah, that's right, I'm not joking.

    No strings attached, no relationship, he just wants me to give him a good first time.


    Why'd he ask me?

    I'm his best friend. I'm like a sister to him (Incest?). He trusts me. He loves me. And he's waiting like a hawk for the day that I actually come to him, pleading for him to be my boyfriend.

    The relationship with Ryker is complicated right now, but not lost. And I'm so BAFFLED by this plea. He knows I still love Ryker.

    He also pointed out that I was experianced, but that's cruelly laughable. I've only had sex twice. My first time was scaring and not pleasant, and my second time.... was to try and get me back on my feet after that.... I'm just not the person to ask that kind of thing in my opinion.

    But to clarify.... I've never.... had sex with a guy... so it would be my first time too, he knows that.

    I'm baffled, and I don't know how to talk to him about this....


    I just don't know how to phrase "Seriously, you don't want your first time with me" in a factually-backed up phrase, so he can't find wiggleroom....

    There's no one who's responding to my distress calls. and Ryker's already asleep. Adam will not sleep until he gets an answer, and I am going out of my mind....
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  3. "No."

    For something like this, there is no need for any extra words. Why would it even NEED to be 'factually backed-up' anyway? It's none of his business.
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  5. A simple "No" doesn't work with him. He'll want to know why, He'll keep pushing until I really get pissed.
  6. I would say with something like that you have every right to get pissed if he pressures you. No one has the right to pressure you for sex- especially for a flimsy reason like wanting a good first time- tough luck, nobody has a "good first time"! At the best it's still gonna be a little awkward. People treat sex so casually these days but intimacy-even physical intimacy (or maybe especially, since it has the potential to go so wrong so quickly)- really isn't a casual thing.

    Now I'm not going to blather on on my stand on morality or immorality or making the "right choices" but I do hold to choice- You get one, and it's yours!

    So I know you love him and I know that makes it all the harder but I still say give him a calm and rational "No." and if he gives you smack about it you smack him back.
  7. I totally agree. No means No. There shouldn't be a need to explain or have a back story.
    Personally, what I would tell him is: "If you want a good first time, get a hooker."
    But, I'm also mean and wouldn't take his crap.
  8. That's sure as fuck a strange request to make.

    Everyone else has summed this up nicely already; just tell it to him how it is, don't bullshit him, don't let him try and push you into doing something you don't wanna do. If he really is your friend, he'll understand and respect that. After all, this is a hell of a thing to ask someone, so he should understand if you tell him no.
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