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  1. Here is one of the many ideas that I had for RPs if anyone is interested. These are still open for discussions if anyone is concerned with anything or have questions to ask. We are also going to be taking a page out of DnD for this plot as well.

    Here you awaken after being knocked out/put to sleep by a company named M.C.P.T (Mutant containment project Teams). Their goal is to either find a cure for mutants, or to turn them into mindless puppets at their disposal. You have been taken or put to sleep [[ Whatever your preference for being captured ]] Because they have found some unique traits withing you and want to make you their mindless puppet for experiments.

    You awaken in a cell made out of rusty iron with a collar over your neck, Creating a negative shock to near your heart that, not only does it slow you down, but it restricts your use of any powers that M.C.P.T doesn't know of. There will be guards around the area and, depending on what age people want it to be ( For example, Sci-fi or Fantasy ) Then there will be eyes observing the area or cameras.

    This is still in development so if people want to chip in their ideas and make this a even more interesting Roleplay, Then gladly post and let's discuss :D

    If you decide to join this RP, I will need you to fill out this form, and then post it on this thread.

    And power?:
    Any inhuman traits?:

    There is even an options questions that you can choose to fill if you wish. These optional questions will give more details and reason to which area you are contained in and why but, you don't have to fill them if you do't want to.

    (Optional) how you got caught:
    (Optional) If you are a wanted person or not, if so why are you?:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.