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  1. One more time, just one more time. I would like to show you the world you never got to see, the big land of possibilities, dreams and hope. But that is now long gone. The world is now in chaos, war has started everywhere, only because of money, a stupid thing we've inveted just for the sake to value different things that really isn't worth anything. Parents are worrying, men and women go to war, even the children is a part of this sick game. Oh, how far will this go? I'm actually glad that you never got to see this world that is today, but I still would've give you one more time to see the world before that, the wonderful colorful world that would give people a warm feeling inside them and a new ray of hope and happiness... but that is now long gone. Just one more time. Let me create the world to its original form, for you... and for everybody suffering this horrible war.

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    -"Come on now! Everyone work together!! We must get the hell out'a here!" One of the many men shouted to the citizens in their way to escape, war have now reached this point as well and we're now going to run away, just like everyone else. Only the strongest ones can fight and sadly, I'm not one of them...

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    My name is Atheus Masamune but people call me Ethan for some odd reason, perhaps it's short and simple and not like Atheus, a girl-ish and weird name. People would actually see me more like a feminine man, because of my face, eyes, long brown hair and skinny body, but I'm more then that. More than they can think, they just don't see it. Maybe you wonder why I'm not one of the "men" being in battle and fighting with the others, since I'm in the right age and all? Well it's very simple, I'm sick. And that is why I'm helping the citizens escape, helping the women filled with fear to get their stuff, carrying, walking but it's not only a small sickness I have. I've problems with my nervesystem, so I'm now blinde on my right eye and my left leg is more and more starting to feel numb, I think my left foot is almost done for if this keeps going. When the city still weren't in the point of war, I was going to my special doctor, he requested that I should get a cyborg leg and eye, or it'll get worse... but since I don't have the money, I can't do anything about it. But atleast, I'll die whole human. The people and I are now moving further East to a City people think we'll get saved by and the city's name is Algorn, a huge city with no greenery and a lot of dirt and people, the city is also being protected by their King and his men, whom have build a huge electric wall to get the monsters and other terror outside their territory. I just hope that we'll get inside at all, which can prove to be difficult, thinking of how many we are. I saw the city, my home and where I've had my whole life in, soon getting eaten by fire and slowly disappearing from my sight, I now had no other choice but to look forward. To get to Algorn and hoping that my life could be somewhat better there. But... I've a feeling that wont be the case.


    -"King Mion! King Mion!!" A man shouted while running towards the bearded man and then bowing towards him.
    -"Another city is on their way here, to find safety and escape the horror from the war but we can't accept that much more people now that we've already taken more people here. What shall we do?!" He shouted as his sweat was running down, though, the king whom was very calm and had a cold stare, was just sitting there, saying.
    -"Do not worry, we'll just take the healthy people in, in our care." He answered.
    -"But the old and sick ones?" The man asked.
    -"Just let them rot and die, they are already near their death anyway." The king then said and even though some wanted to go against his order, they simply couldn't. For they are under the king's law and have to follow his order no matter what.
    -"So we will just simply kill the sick and old ones?" One then shouted out of nowhere, everyone turned to see who the person was to be the only one to have the courage enough to go against the king himself.
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    :: ~Melodia Ryuko Akiyama~ ::
    :: The Strategist/The Conductor ::

    The Strategist came from the great city of Tyanik, much further east than Algorn, and on an island that was safe so far because of the walls and her great instruction. The primitive king of Algorn and a few of his people considered her a seer, someone who could see the possibilities of battle and lead them to victory and well-being. Yet this was not true. They only thought that about Melodia because of her precious pale skin and snow white hair, with her "all-seeing" crystal iris colored eyes. This young woman was not just a strategist, she was a warrior, and a heartless one. She didn't care for the weak, she cared for the music of clashing swords and bloody screams. All she wants in life is to win.

    Chamber doors boomed open as she came to be a war adviser to the ruler barren Algorn land. "The one who screams for the old and sick is correct." Her small footed boots echoed against the tile down the marbled hall as people made way for her. A quick kneel for the king, and she looked him straight in the eye, nearly scaring him enough to shit himself. To go against the seer would mean a death sentence. Melodia would leave the minute the King Mion did not do as she said. Though he needed more convincing. "If you were to take in the old and sick, it would add culture as well as prospective new warriors, doctors, and hunters that Algorn needs to survive. Your own population will die as they stand guarding your gate against those that we do not need to fight against. Wasting energy on refusing the refugees is futile. Even if we take them in, I am sure our food supply will last until the shipments from Tyanik arrive. There are much greater threats. King Mion, don't you agree?" The conductor smiled menacingly, pulling out her wand and tapping it on hands impatiently.
  3. The king looked at her but didn't say anything, instead, someone else came out from the darkness as the shoes made echoing sound in the quiet hall. A muscular and bigger man with a cold smile entered as he smelled with alcohol.
    -"She's absolutely right, King Mion." He said with his deep voice and looked like he was just making fun of everything with his special look in his shining green eyes. The other men reacted as his name echoed and reached people ears. "Sir Emylton" people said under their breathe as the man kept his smile on his face.
    -"I mean, if you use everyone that is needed in the battlefield and there is not citizens left, it would be pretty useless and I think your idea is not so good, it's stupid in fact." He said as one of the men shouted in anger to not go against his highness' orders and plan but then another person came out from the darkness. By the king in fact. When Sir Emylton saw who it was, his eyes tightened.
    -"Surely we can save a few but thinking of how many we are already, it's best for the people to not get more crowded than necessary." The man said as he fixed his glasses, he's Olgar, one of many other men who had been in the project of the electrical shield, protecting this city. He've also been in some battlefields so he know some of the rules. He is very heartless though and doesn't care for anybody than himself. The hall now seemed very small with the tight atmosphere as the king then finnaly gave out his answer.
    -"Fine, we can save a few but we can't take everyone in since we already have too many citizens already." He said and then turned to one of the men.

    Sir Emylton (open)

    Mister Olgar Juliet Shrine (open)
  4. Astral Bane walked into the room. Astral Bane fought with a rather unique weapon to choose from. His scythe was as tall as regular man with the blade being perfectly sharpened and the pole being tough enough to withstand any blade. but also carried a sword for those times where his scythe would be very ineffective He never really fought anyone but the battles he was in he cut down almost anything in his path. He was no general, just your average fighter who loved his city... for the most part.

    "I find it sad that you decide to choose who can enter the city." He sneered. Astral was never the man to fight with these people, in fact, he preferred to stay away from all of them, especially The Conductor and Olgar. What was it about them that made it so hard to look at. Astral wasn't the man to shy away, he loved combat and the heart that his men put into protecting each other and how'd they fight till the end.. He hated the king, how he ever got to the level he was surprised him. He felt out of place with them only because he had a good heart.

    He looked at the Conductor, he smiled at her, a very fake warm smile that seemed to be joyful. "I would only like to support her idea." He didn't wait for them to reply, "Men and women who's home was just destroyed would make excellent workers, hell even maybe fighters for your choosing. Sickness and fatigue can be healed with a little food and medicine. Why don't you reach into some pockets and make it work?" He didn't dare look around the room, figuring he would be ignored.
  5. Melodia nodded towards Astral Bane silently, to show him that she agreed with his words, then sharply turned towards Olgar and glared at him with her cold eyes. The Conductor pulled out her wand and waved it, mists of a vibrant blue appeared in the air, taking up life and shape inside the royal hall. It began to display the empty section of Algorn that was uninhabited. "Sadly, you are wrong Master Olgar. Your advice is pitiful in the knowledge of maintaining the city and human behavior. If we only take a select few in, the rest will riot, and once again--we will have an unnecessary battle on our hands. There is a pocket of the city that is undeveloped--and uninhabited, so why not send the sick and old there, and let them develop their homes within the city. It would not add much crowding. And those who are old and sick end up dying anyways will just be buried or burnt. Out of all those sick, I estimate only 30% will live." It hovered in the room and she spun around to the soldiers that were to be deployed, taking her closed fist and putting it over the heart in tribute to the soldiers. She had her fair share of destruction and killing. Killing the young, old, sick, and weak scars the mind, made her think about the lives she so needlessly took. The young woman looked over to Sir Emilton with a slight smile on her face.

    Her voice grew louder and sounded more graceful, the notes of the words of the Conductor were nothing to take lightly.
    "Men of Algorn! You fight to protect this great cities from the dangers outside of it! You have heard your King's orders, and you have listened to us advise him! Do you wish to kill those who cannot defend themselves just because they are from another city? Do you not defend the elderly, the sick, and the innocent inside Algorn? Do you wish to kill children and families that only want to keep on living because their home was destroyed? I do not!"
  6. Astral started to regret his decision to say something. When she started messing with her wand he reflexively went for his scythe. He wondered why he did that. He reminded himself that she was probably making a decision for her own good, he didn't really think she truly cared for these people, including after the statistics she gave. Either way, he'd be doing the fighting in the front lines and unfortunately he'd enjoy the battle. He'd been in front of every battle they waged, he experienced some loses in his life, men and battles. He looked at the Conductor a fire burning in his eye, he wanted to speak with her. He was probably one of two men in this room not afraid to speak his mind to her.

    He sighed as she raised her voice, god he hated that. He kept his eyes on her but kept a sharp eye out for the King, for his response. Astral knew he was going to help these people, at least some of them. He was going to try anyways...
  7. -"Well, whatever is fine by me. As long as I can use my Angelina here. I'm all to go." Sir Emylton said as he patted his sword hanging by his side, it had a red stone in it near the holder though the brown-skinned scabbard wasn't as nice looking as the clean shining sword, it was the opposite with it's dirt and mold. He walked out from the hall as the king sat on his place, quiet and thinking as Olgar was right next to him, looking down at the people.

    I helped an older woman with carrying some of her stuff, but because of my sickness I had some trouble with my left leg some small times, but it has gone better now. Now, I could see the huge city infront of me, Algorn. A big city with many possibilites, or so they say...
    -"Come on now! We're soon there!!" One man shouted as we kept going, and then I saw one person by the huge entrence together with some guardians but who it was, I couldn't see and since I'm blinde on my right eye, it didn't help much either. We just had to keep walking and then I saw a man with glasses, looking at us. He looked rather uninterested and not a very nice person to begin with, all nice clothed and brown hair, not like the rest of us. I then saw how he looked at me, examined, carefully as the cold eyes then turned away but it felt like we watched each other for a long time but then the gray walls got in its way and there we were. In the middle of a huge city, well, bigger than my home town. I looked around as the man, leading us here called for me.
    -"Ethan! Would you please come here!" He shouted and I followed, wondering what he wanted and then saw that he was talking to someone else. Another one, checking us perhaps? The man was large, had a red jacket and smelled with alcohole as his white hair shone and his somewhat empty eyes looked down at me.
    -"Ethan, this is Sir Emylton. He's one of the many warriors who's going to help us citizens." The man told me as I looked up at Sir Emylton, feeling rather small.
    -"Ethan, eh?!" He said as he took his large hand and almost puched me to the ground, but I could still hold against with the power I had and stand on my feet.
    -"A little feminine looking pal, but don't worry. I'll make you man enough but FIRST!" He almost shouted so everyone could hear when he spoke as his smile got even wider.
    -"You'll have to help me with some alcohole!" He then said, "Figures." Was what I thought as I almost wanted to make a sigh but the man dragged me away before I could even react.
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