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  1. Hello people. So here's the sitch..
    Recently I've killed off a few rps but I didn't know that some others were completely dead so I've lost way too much RP's so I'm looking for one or maybe two (twist my arm I might go for three) roleplays.
    As you all may know I like doing MxM but I'm game for MxF.
    I'd actually like to do a DomxDom Rp for a bit more 'aggressive' bedroom action

    I don't have a plot at present, this Rp may be more focused on sex than plot but a storyline can be cool too. Also I would appreciate it if my partner is able to double. In that sense I'd like my partner to play 1 Dom and 1 Sub.

    As always furry is more than welcome. Strange creature characters? Bring em on!
    Hard core kinks and M-preg (I'd be so lucky) is also very welcome!
    I only play anime characters so no rl characters please.

    Pm me or reply here and I will pm you ^^

  2. Would 'strange creatures' imply monster girls? ;3
  3. Yeah monster girls and guys fall under that category
  4. I'd like to do a 1x1 with you! ^ ^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.