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  1. Hello.. no, I've heard the word hello too often during the last few months. Let's say, good evening.

    Though I'm unwilling to publish my real name this early, you may call me Scel (short for my username). I am a German teenager (17) with Turkish roots that is going to finish high school and (hopefully) enroll in university to study IT in 2016.

    My interests are wideranged including programming, music (making, too), drawing, writing (roleplays, reviews, stories, etc.), "passive media consumption" (music - Hollywood Undead, Two Steps from Hell, etc, videos - Let's Plays especially by Markiplier, and pranks by dmproductions and others!, movies - anything that isn't too boring!)
    I have no favorite color, but my least favorite is... I don't have that, either. ;D

    Why am I here, on

    The reason I signed up on a roleplay site is because I finally wanted to settle somewhere that provides people who think like me and enjoy rping. And lots of those people.. but I never looked for an rp-site in specific.
    I've been a roleplayer on youtube (before Google's crappy upgrades), zippcast, anivide (anispace by now), deviantart, sheezyart and several fandom sites, but.. they were all so short-living and none of them really met up to my needs. Too many oneliners and people that didn't take rping seriously. It was also more restricted by fandoms and trends which I hope not to run into here.

    I have no problem with fandoms like FNAF, PPG or PMMM, but at some point I wanted to rp with my own creations. This... didn't work so well on most of those websites.
    So I dared to make a step and leave the path "combining rps with something else" (digital art, videos, etc.. there was always something else), looking for an rp-only site.
    And that's how I ended up here.. out of all I've visited, this one felt the most appealing and I have a feeling that there are more active members here, too.

    Kinds of rps I like include Scifi, fantasy, postapocalyptic, adventures, romance, many genres mixed together.. I play both genders and can take both, the leading or the passive role in plots. My preference is either both of us leading or me leading, but I tend to get bored from being passive too often. For any more details I shall send you to my roleplay resume.

    Thanks for reading! I hope to see you around ^^
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  2. Wow! This is a lot of information! Nice intro! First off, welcome to Iwaku, @Scelesta!

    Here at Iwaku you won't need to worry about RPs being restricted to just fandom. There are sections for Modern Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Historical, Dice, Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Miscellaneous, and if you're feeling a bit hormonal, liberteen. The sections also have specific category tags, such as Horror having a supernatural tag and a zombie tag. And I didn't even list the genres in the one on one section. So, if you haven't already, go check 'em out! 8D

    And if you ever need a break from role-playing, hit up general chatting! There's a thread where you can post what jams you're listening to. Shall you visit, why not think about creating a thread there as well? About video games or maybe what YouTubers people watch? And if there's art-work you ever want to share, don't be afraid to visit the museum of creative arts. It needs more love ;)

    I hope this information wasn't overwhelming, haha. But I hope your stay here is wonderful, Scel! :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Scel!

    That's kind of funny that you mentioned RPing on YouTube and DeviantArt, I never knew that was a thing! o.o
    Glad to have you here and I hope you find everything you're looking for!
  4. Thanks for welcoming me here so kindly :D

    I noticed that this place was... very open for all genres I have heard of so far, even erotic content. I will check all sections out and I think I'll do one of those jump into rp things in which you don't need a character yet. I've got characters on mass, but am not in the mood to write profiles for them right now. Are there any restrictions for the number of characters you can have?

    Oh, well.. the last time I produced digital art is more than a year ago, but if I should pick it up as a hobby again, this place will notice, too ;D

    No, not at all! In fact, it was very light. And I already knew a lot due to the serial message sent to (I guess) all newbies that gave you the first links recommended to check out. I did all of that stuff before even introducing myself.
    Say, what's your name btw?


    Well, you'll be surprised at the number of rpers you run into on deviantart if you actively search for them. There's groups dedicated to finding roleplayers, but.. they're nothing compared to what this place seems to be.

    Esthalia is a very interesting username by the way. Sounds kinda.. royal. :D Anyway, thanks for welcoming me.
  5. Thank you! It's a name I created based of greek mythology. It's the name of a character from a book I've been working on :D
  6. @Scelesta It's no problem at all! :) It's great that you knew a lot already! For characters, there is no limit to how many you many create unless a GM places a character limit for their specific RP. Otherwise, you're free to go wild.

    As for my name, just say explosion then take away the "sion" part. It's stupid, I know, but I made it when I was ten - eleven. Been too lazy to create anything else so the name has kinda stuck.
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  7. @Esthalia

    Oh, that's interesting. May I read it when it's finished or before that already? You see, I have a weak spot for Greek mythology.

    @Expllo Alright, that's great because I hate restrictions :P

    Explo, huh? Hey, at least it's a distinctive and unique name :D Besides, I've heard worse. Scelesta is a latin adjective meaning "criminal". That's where my name comes from.
  8. The story itself isn't about greek mythology :P That's just the way I came up with the name. I'm actually keeping the story to myself until I'm able to publish it, but thank you for the interest!
  9. Wait, YouTube Rolepalying was a thing?
    How did that work?

    Welcome to the site, improvised role players tend to fare well once moving to specialized sites. :)
  10. Please, post a thread here or send me a PM or something when it's finished. I really wanna read it! ^^
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  11. YouTube wasn't always like today. The older format until 2012/13 was really awesome. You could edit transparency and colors of the different components on the channel, there was a fat "About Me" area perfect for your intro or info about your characters and when you used a background image people actually saw it. I used to design backgrounds.. this made a high degree of customization on one's page possible.

    .. and where there's customization, there's roleplaying. It was so huge, flooded with different rpers of all kind.. I think there were more roleplayers than youtubers on that site back then.

    But at some point google came along and decided to restrict the design options of one's own Youtube channel. The ugly typical gray-white themes of today's channels were introduced and almost all rpers left. It's a pity, it used to be my favorite platform, actually.

    Thank you ^^
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  12. If you're looking to dive into something huge and meet a ton of players, give Illium a look.
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  13. Well that's certainly interesting. Why did you choose it?
  14. I liked the sound of it and always had a tendency to prefer, hmm.. bad boys as one calls them. :P

    Haha, no, it has a deeper meaning. But that involves politics and I don't think such subjects are allowed on a rp-site.
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  15. Bad boys are best boys, no? ;p

    The discussion of politics is very much allowed, even debates so long as they don't get...too heated. Ever want to discuss any then create a thread in General Chatting.
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