One Kiss

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  1. Rosa

    A black cat trotted along worn path hidden away from civilization. The path lead the cat into the forest just outside of the town. It weaved its way through the forest and came upon a glen. There sat a cottage, the cat trotted up to the door and then circled twice in front of the cottages door. The door creaked opened, and the cat walked in bumping the door to close one it was safely in.
    “Cal, I think it is time,” she said to her familiar in its mind. The cat just sat down and watched her.

    The Black cat looked at the voice and saw a women dressed in black dress. Her brown hair pulled back into a low side ponytail and her black dress swished against the floor. The cat bounced over to her and rubbed himself against her legs. The women smiled fondly at the cat. He had been her companion this whole time, even when her lover left this earth the cat had stayed and helped keep an watchful eye on her souls. She turned from the cat then looked into a bowl noticing that it was empty. Then she walked over to a shelf and grabbed a vile of red sand, tears of a lesser saint, hair of were, and the bone of a slave set free on a Sunday. She took them back over to the bowl and mix the ingredients in. Waving her hands over it the Witch watched as an image appeared. There stood the mansion and as like many times before she watched as the inhabitants. She watched them as the cursed and prowled. She saw their anger and sadness. She watched and waited for the moment when she would give them a chance to be free. Today, she felt would be different. Today she felt that it was time.

    ‘And now,’ She thought raising her hand over the bowl, ‘I will give them their chance to be free.’ She waved her hand over the water. Long ago when she had first created her curse it called for something of her. She gave her voice. And so long ago had she given up the use of words. But soon, hopefully soon the curse would be broken, the souls in the mansions would be free and then the Witch named Rose could rest.

    But first she has work to do. She lowered the clocking spell around the mansion and allowed the only a human with the ability to show kindness and forgiveness would be allowed in. 'Now we watch, and carefully at the story unfolds' she thought as she picked up the black cat and continued watching the water.
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  2. “Night, come on you can do better than that. Your sister had this combo down within a week. Get up and we will do it again,” A rough voice said. A women wanted to curse as she was bent down trying to catch her breath. She ignored the rest of what the voice said. Even at twenty two years old she was still getting compared to her twin sister. Her sister the great Pennelope, who was accepted into Annapolis, with a bright future ahead of her. Whereas Gwen goes to community college, and hasn’t a clue what she wants to do with her future. Gwen sighed but stood up once more. She let the sounds slowly come back around her and she began again.

    “Right, duck, left, jab, that jab is looking a little week. Ask your sister to help when she comes back,” The rough voice said again. Gwen bit the inside of her lip, she wanted to scream. Instead she looked at who the voice was coming from and just grunted at it. The voice belonged to a slightly out of shape balding man. His name was Rocky, or that is what everyone at his gym called him. Rocky was a two time golden glove winner back in his day. He also happened to be the closest thing to a father Gwen had other than her grandfather. He threw Gwen towel and she caught it with ease. “Look kiddo we will call it a day, go shower and go home. I am sure that crazy old man is waiting for you,” He said with a visible shiver.

    Gwen smiled and nodded. She always had a hard time believing that her grandfather and her trainer where best friends. She had always wondered what happened to the two to cause the bitterness between them. She began imaging the possibilities as she went into the girl locker room. She took a lighting fast shower then pulled on a green floral print dress along with black flats.

    Grabbing the gym back she walked out of the room. “Hey don’t forget we have training again at 0700 tomorrow kiddo do not be late,” Rocky called to her. Gwen froze, she had forgotten. He was going to kill her. Gwen tried to make her 5’4 frame smaller.

    “I can’t tomorrow I have an archery competition tomorrow at the college,” She said quietly. Rocky’s gaze narrowed and glared at her, “Oh well then good luck with that. Come in on Wednesday 0500, we are going to run.” Gwen cringed she hated running. But, gave him a mock salute and ran out of the door before he could get anymore crazy ideas about making her run and it probably would involve a backpack full of rocks.

    She walked to her house which sat on the outside of the side of the town. She took notice that her grandfather’s car was gone. Slowly she climbed the stairs beginning to feel the pain she put her body through today. After the gym she had went to her job at a daycare and today was her day to have the pre-k room. After today, Gwen would rather run 10 miles then work in the pre-k room ever again. Gwen went to her room and set her gym bag down. This time she grabbed a green book bag that was hanging from a hanger and shoved a glasses case and a pair of jeans in it. Then she went back to the door and grabbed her red jacket and out it on she looked at her alarm clock. “Its only noon, I still have two hours before class,” Gwen mumbled to herself before leaving the house. She pulled a camera out of her backpack and headed to the forest.


    The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all Lucas wanted to do was destroy something. He the great Lucas Swift was suck in this mansion who seemed to love make the water too hot when he bathed. He sat on a bench in the garden letting the sun tan his face. Ivy climbed up the brick wall, and all around the fountains. He really couldn’t wait to break this curse. He would have to rebuild his Clan of course and when he had everything straightened out in that area he would find that witch and kill her.
    He looked at the patch of Yellow Daisy, and picked on up. “Damn flower,” he growled crushing it in his hands. It was a stupid reminder of his fate. Stuck forever in time, in this stupid mansion with six other creatures just as twisted, evil, and grumpy as he. Lucas would have rather been stuck with a crying human then with these creature. But, after being with someone so long you have to learn how to coexist. It meant a lot of meditation for him. How many years had he lost in this stupid mansion? It was over a century he knew this much, but after a while the days blended together, than the years, than time just seemed too blended. Had his kid succeed in taking over the small country he had found for them. Were the shifters living without the fear and annoyance of human kind. Lucas could only hope. He turned around and walked towards the mansion’s sun room. As he got to the door he turned glared at the weed ridden garden as he got to the door.

    He hated this place. An image popped up in his head of him ripping that witch’s throat out. Did she know what hell he has to go through? The pain he went through of not being able to be free. The pain of knowing that his kind would always be in danger until they had a place where they could live in peace. His green eyes glared at the daisy in the garden again. When this curse broke he would destroy humanity for it was the best way to get back at that damn witch. He snickered at himself, he was being very violent today.

    He entered the sun-room and fell into a chair. He needed to center himself. He sat straighter in the chair and folded his long legs beneath him. Lucas could feel his temper fall away as he took deep breaths in through his nose and out through his mouth. Being locked up for so long did give Lucas one thing to hope for, it was the fact that one day when he was free he would have found something to give him inner peace. And that was all that he could hope for.


    Gwen froze as she lined up her shot. She pulled the leans away from her face. “Is that a stone wall,” she asked as she moved forward to the object. Once she got there she gave herself a small smile because there stood a stone wall. She took a few shots before she put her camera away. And then threw her back pack over the wall. She fallowed climbing the wall in her dress and flats. She slipped in the process scrapping her knew. Once at the top of the wall she paused.

    “Fuck,” she cursed as she looked at the beautiful over grown garden. She adjusted herself to a sitting position on the wall so that her feet could hang down from it. She stared at it in awe. Sure the garden was over grown but even overgrown and cluttered with weeds it was still a sight. Gwen looked over her shoulder back that the forest, could she really afford to skip her classes today. She looked at the garden and wondered where it would it lead.

    “Well,” She paused and then pushed her self-off the wall and landed onto her feet with some grace, “Adventure is out there.”
  3. Utakashi walked slowly through the garden, The sun shined on her deep red fur, her large ears, perked at attention she had lived in this mansion for as long as she remembered. It was home to her. She didn't talk much to anyone, she always kept to herself, she wasn't even sure if the others in this mansion knew of her exsitance. Utakashi found her way into the sun room, she liked the feeling of the sun on her fur, it warmed her. She laid down on the hard floor and laid in the sun for a moment. Letting on a soft moan of pleasure. It was rare to find this room empty, it was of the only rooms that the sun shined through every day without fail, the only way to be outside without actually being outside. Utakashi, liked the outside but it didn't ike her much, the dirt always found its way into her nails and the weeds always stuck to her fur. Utakashi could hear someone coming, she didn't want to leave but she wanted to be left alone. Getting up she moved over to a large stone pillar that stood by the wall of the room, jumping onto it she laid down, her tail dangling down the back of it. She sniffed the air, it smelt different today, something or someone was different and She wasn't sure if she liked it. Utakashi had heard of the witch that had brought so many people here, she had no beef with her, never met her before either. She let Utakashi live here though so she couldn't be too bad.
  4. Kai doesn't want to work- wait, nope, that's an understatement. Kai really doesn't want to work. And yet here he is, shoving the thin sheets off his wiry frame and practically rolling off the flimsy mattress. Didn't he leave home to escape working? Funny how fate works, especially in his case. He stretches, cracking his spine as he stares into his own turquoise eyes, reflected in the small mirror. It was a good mirror while it lasted, he supposes. Nimble fingers button up his starchy white work shirt. He wishes he could clean in, at least, comfortable clothes, but there are dreams that cannot be, eh?

    Kai guesses he's always wanted to live in a mansion.

    Groaning, he pushes through the old oak door of his room, bounding down the steps towards the dining room- today was dusting day, correct?