One Guy - Many Girls (all for their own pairings, of course. MxF looking for F)

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  1. Heyo, people!

    Alright, gonna be brief about this one and just jump right to the point: I have a character that I love using (yeah, no shit, so does everyone else here). He's a very polite, meek, and sometimes mild-mannered character. His jobs have ranged from photographer to author, to Space-Pilot, to even Internet gamer, but his core character has always remained the same.

    Now, he needs a love interest.

    I want to try something a little different from my usual RP's and ask for a Canon Female Character. What does that mean? Well, lucky partner, it means you get to play as one of the lovely (canon) ladies below and help make a story for the two!

    I have individual starter plots and scenarios for the pairings, but I'll provide those if required (I want to generate interest and then drop the plot on you, or make one up with you).

    I'd like to get at least 1 pairing filled out here, but more is totally fine. The majority of these characters are powerful/strong willed on their own and could potentially not have a romantic interest, but you know how the saying goes:

    Without further adieu, here are the characters.

    Ladies (open)

    Queen Elsa

    Yoko Littner


    Jessica Rabbit

    Anyways, send me a PM if you're interested. I'll probably be updating this thread with posts about individual plots, so stay tuned.
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