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  1. Lena leads a normal life.
    A group of 4(or 5) guys lead of life of constant running, hiding, crime, and paranoia.
    What happens when their paths collide?

    On the run once again from the law, a group of fugitives settle into another town. It's only a week until newspapers are out with their mugshots on the cover.

    It's not long before the crew needs food, so they go into town, laying low, to buy some. Only one is sent in. Despite his subtlety, Lena recognizes him, sending her into a world of trouble. She is kidnapped. They can't risk having any witnesses.

    Does Lena survive, get killed, or break free? Does she help them, report them, or fall in love? There are all kinds of different ways this can go, but I'll leave it up to my fellow roleplayers to guide us in a direction!

    1) No GMing

    2) Wait two or three posts after yours to post again, unless the rp is running slow or dying.

    3) NPCs and extra characters are encouraged, as there will be murder involved in this rp, among other things.

    4) More will be added as I see fit.

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  2. A small sigh came from Lena's lips as she pulled a can of green beans from the isle's shelf. Her mom was always nagging her to help around the house, so without being asked, she went ahead and decided to get some shopping out of the way. She particularly liked green beans- her mom, that is.

    Lena's attire was nothing special for a Friday at Gary's Groceries. She wore black knee high combat boots (one of her favorite pairs of shoes), ordinary jean shorts, and an aqua blue tank top under a black leather jacket. A cute outfit, she'd say. But it'd be nothing compared to her outfit she had planned for a party she would be attending tomorrow evening.

    Dazed in thought, Lena gently dropped the can into her shopping carrier, unaware of the people and things around her.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.