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Fantasy, modern, realistic, mystery, horror

NAME: Lena Smith
AGE: 15/16 (will decide through rp)
SEXUALITY: Straight 90%
LIKES: Dark colors, mature people, clever humor, makeup, shopping, animals, leaders
DISLIKES: Snobs, being called "gothic," stupidity
PERSONALITY: Lena is a mature 15/16 year old, often hanging out with older friends to match. She's also independent, smart, and kind, though she can come off as rude to a lot of people. Growing up, she would be drawn to darker things, like makeup, hair, and things of the sort. Her parents think she could be confused, going through a gothic phase, but Lena is sure to let them know that isn't the case.
(P.S. This will be edited later, because it sucks!)
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