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  1. Alright! So anyone familiar with the game 'One Chance'? If you do, then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, lemme give you a brief rundown here:

    One chance centers around a group of scientists who have found a cure for cancer! Yay! But wait! This cure will kill every living thing on this planet in 6 days! That's right, 6 days! It's a game that tests your morals, it tests your decision making, and you know what else? You can't go back. You can never go back, which is why it's called 'One Chance'! It's a horribly wonderful game, and I mean that in both contexts.

    That being said, I wanted to make a role play that is loosely based off this 'One Chance' thing. It's not gonna be too long term (at least, I would hope not). Short, sweet, and full of feels. Just like the game, yeah? Alright! So here's the plot I'm thinking of:

    The year is 3017, where there is no such thing as disease. There is no such thing as poor health, and there is no such thing as pain. You know why? Everyone is suffering, the exact same way. As people age, their bodies literally break apart, their cells eroding after each year, breaking off and falling. It's been going on for years, and years. Society is broken, humanity is broken, everything in the entire world is broken. The odd part is that no one knows why, and no one does anything to stop it.

    That is, ever since that incident.

    There was a cure, yes. Centuries ago, myth said that it was able to cure a deadly sickness, simply by breathing it in. It could save humanity, it could save the world. However, this cure was said to be the end of all humanity, and only a few people were able to survive. Even though they made a cure for said rampant medicine, their bodies fell apart as the aged, proving that not even they were immune to the effects. Their children went through it, then their children's children, and then ancestors. Eventually, people adapted to it. They've accepted it.

    But a few people.. don't.

    There have been people, there have been people trying to catch this 'cure'. They've tried to extract it, analyze it, but with all the past information buried in rubble, forever forgotten, they have no leads. Those who have gotten close to this cure..

    Suddenly turn into dust.

    Is there perhaps.. Something out there? Something out there is keeping this medicine alive, and they are trying to keep it hidden so that others wouldn't pry. Hiding in the shadows, a safe distance from this broken humanity, laughing in the face of all the living beings clinging to life, and throwing others off the tightrope and into death.

    Clearly asking "What god will save you now?".

    Perhaps this was meant to be. Maybe, the ancestors were suppose to suffer for the past sins? Possibly.. But one thing's for sure.

    After staying dormant for centuries, the medicine is coming back. They are coming back, and it's being prepared. It's preparing the worst death possible for you.

    You have two weeks until the end of the world.

    You only have one chance.

    So yeah. I was thinking of making it a slight supernatural/sci-fi/modern fantasy sort of thing. I hope it's alright >>
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