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  1. The Hide out - Its invisble to the humans eyes. its in the middle of NYC Harbor . Its surrounded by water here you can use your power. The place has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, game room, training room, libary and star gazing tower. Its worn down, windows broken and door cracked in half. But holding strong, the team must fix it up.


    Gabriel - Youngest Member of the Group, Archangel

    Gabriel clung to his older brother's back half asleep a smile on his face gently. His large wings tucked up into his back hidden from the eyes of their new team mates. Gabriel was blind in both eyes and made his brother protective of him a lot of times and made him not wanting to be in dangerous area's unlucky for them they had no other choice. father almighty made sure they went to meet these new people that they would make a group. Gabrielw as awoken when his brother stopped walking and blinked his blind eyes and grumbled and got down and stood there ,

    "what does the place look like?" He asked childishly a huge smile on his face happy to see everything. He hears fighting and winced and ducked behind his brother slightly in fear. If fighting around gabriel made him very very weak and scared him rather easily.


    Sulio the prized daughter of Hades sat in the yard of this disgusting looking place where her new team was going to stay. Sylio was very protetive person and seeing a man and younger boy walking in she shifted human form and smiles gently. She smiles and waves walking over slowly her large black and grey hellhound shadow wolf walked beside her standing her shoulder height.

    "Hello you must be the angels. You are late we all got here about an hour before" she said smiling gently politely eyes kind and careing. unlike many kids of Hades she was protective and loving and seeing Gabriel face and his eyes and blinked.

    "Oh dear is he blind?" asked in worry blinkign her eyes she was always kind and loving seeing this as a challenge but loves it.


    The son of Loki and most black hearted man with dark hateful looking. looking at everything and everyone. His eyes stayed deeply narrowed and unkind and scowling darkly. He grinned darkly eyes flared and sat on the beam and looking at the girls and flicked his hand darkly and a blast of shadows blasted at their feet making them dance around to dodge it. Demion smirks and vanishes and appears outside. he appeared behind Gabriel and sncikered gently.

    "blind ? oh this will not do what are we going to do with a blind child anyway? he would get into the way more then helpful. He is too young and he shouldn't be here. too weak" cackled darkly and vanished intoa tree and smirks gently as he watched as the two girls came out of the run down place they would be staying. Grinning darkly and smirks.


    Delo was not the one to fight, hurt or harm people. She was a peaceful and loving girl that smiles and watches everything. she sighed knowing Demion would be the biggest ass in the neck but hey it was a team. She smiles as she sat in the large libery in the house it was run down windows broken and chill filled the place. She sat there and quitely read smiling to herself her golden red hair shine brightly in the sunlight that came through.

    "Strange team this will be but one fun it will be" grinned gently eyes closed slowly. She chuckled gently and thinks about everything eyes opened gently hearing the door open and sighed "stupid wind" said gently.
  2. "Its grand," Ramiral said softly to his brother as the large house loomed in front. Grand it was, but it was also rather run down. He had to think for a moment weather or not to leave this part out. "There must be a hundred rooms at least, although it looks about as bad as it smells. It needs some work, but there's plenty of time for that and plenty of room for us all." He loved describing the world around him to Gabriel, doing as much as he could to try and give a picture of sorts. He looked over to the group, it seems they had come late. The girls words confirmed what he had thought, and he nodded. "He is-" He was cut off by Demion. The words did not change his expression the slightest, a cool calm one. "I'm sure there will be no further need for you to share your opinions on the matter, brother." He said simply, shifting Gabriel.

    Corian watched silently, leaning back against the wall of the house. He had nothing to say to the strangers, but his mind was running anyway. The newcomers were tired, at least drowsy. The daughter of Hades seemed to have already claimed a leaders position. The other girl was quiet, but the male beside him was interesting. His words made Corian frown, and with a snap he cut out Demion's vision for a few seconds. "I suppose we have no use for a blind full-grown fool either in that case."

    Ambriel glanced over to Gabriel, not noticing what Corian had done. She had not been expecting someone so young... The house was what had interested her until now. Now the child had her interest.

    And Isabella... Was nowhere to be seen.
  3. Gabriel winced and nodded slowly. He felt hurt by the words of the man and blinked his blind eyes "why is he mean?" He asked confused blinking as his childish voice turned scared and sad. He lowers his head gently and sighed gently "this is a team they should act like one" he said tiredly and yawned

    Sylio looked around slowly and smiles kindly "it's alright we are all new and many are getting use to each other. Don't mind the moron. So you two must be tired you can go find a room. Does he have a name?" Asked cocking her head smiling gently

    Damion growled annoyed and shifted walking away from them annoyed into the forest near their camp and ran through it happily using his magic to keep his mind from the annoying group from them. He danced around happily on the water walking on it in the invisible field around them no human saw them. He then came back to the house and snickered gently and walked to the star gazing tower and flopped and looked at the sky tiredly.
  4. Ramiral felt the hurt in Gabriels voice and clenched his teeth, but as Damion left he pushed aside his anger best he could and glanced up at the sky. Not a cloud. With a sigh he turned back to Sylio and listened to her words quietly. "I understand, this is new for all of us as it is to him. It has not been difficult to leave our homes behind." He clasped his hands together and nodded to Sylio. "He does, Gabriel and I am Ramiral. We have travelled a distance yes, and my brother is tired. Perhaps you could assist us in finding a room were he can rest, and tell me what is your name ma'am?" His tone was rather formal as it always was when meeting new people.

    Isabella leaned over Damion suddenly, raising an eyebrow at his flopped position on the ground. "Well hello there." Before he could react, she had leaped away and was sitting on the rafters above, blocking his veiw of the sky. "Your cute. Hmm, but that dumb expression on your face says you have no brain. Hmm." She moved yet again, her movements and words very quick and now she swung and was hanging upside-down, legs hooked around the solid wooden structure. "Were are the others? I thought there was supposed to be eight of us, am I early?" She looked at him, her expression slightly bored and her red hair hanging.
  5. Damion eyes flashed and gravity magic took hold and isebell was slammed into the ground by the sheer force of gravity "call my dumb again and i'll slash a burn your pretty face" he said agresstivly and eyes narrowed deeply "the others are just coming in now" spat angrily not in the mood by the girl and turning walked out of the room "Besides they have a blind brat" he then vanishes using his lava magic and was gone in the blaze of golden red flames.

    Sylio smiles gently and nodded slowly turning into a lrage black and golden wolf "Sylio is my name, Alpha leader of Hades lord of the underworld pack. Come along" smiles gently and walking toward the house slowly looking at everything and smiling found a nice room for young gabriel, unforunately the room next to him was Demions room "this is a nice place for him i am sure he will like this room" she aid opening the half broken door smiling gently.

    Gabriel not being able to see stayed close to his brother not knowing what to expect and understand. looking around slowly and smiles gently " this team better shape up soon though. i do not want to be sick for a long time" he said weakly, if no love, unity, family or any feelings like that are felt strong enough Gabriel would go through a very sick period of time where he would be bed ridden for days and days. No angel really understood why he was like this but he was and it made him different from all the others. But even then alot of love, family and unity would have to be brought to bring him back to his playful self once more.
  6. "Thank you, Sylio." Ramiral said gratefully, keeping Gabriel close to him. "You have been very kind, perhaps I could have a moment alone with my brother?" He did not want to upset her but definitely needed to talk with Gabriel. Worried for him of course, Ramiral could feel the imbalance of peace and the distaste in the air rifled up by Damion and knew it would be affecting the young angel.

    Isabella made a small sound as she hit the ground, confused for a moment thinking she had fallen. She snickered at Damion's words and how aggravated he seemed, it greatly amused her. Like one big happy family already. She rolled her eyes and got up, bolting out of the tower to look for the others. She passed by the room the three were in and glanced in only for a moment before continuing on, as they did not interest her and she was obviously not watching were she was going when she ran strait into Delo, literately.

    Ambriel looked up as she saw a flash come from the window of the star gazing tower and she frowned, but instead of going to explore the house she turned her attention to the property. It was rather large, a cluster of trees to the right and water it seemed a little further off. She headed for the water, taking small steps thinking about the members of her new household.
  7. The girl nodded and walked off into the house seeming to vanish into the shadows. She came to where Corian was and raised eyebrow "why you all alone?" the larhe golden and black wolf asked cocking her head dot the side.

    Delo yelped falling over and grumbling holding her head "watch it damnit that hurt" scowled as she got up and glared at the child of Hermes "watch where your running next time princess its hard to walk around and get slammed into" said tiredly and walked off slowly into the house and went to the roof and sat there with a dark glare in her eyes fustrated by everything. This team was not a team it was a bomb ready to go off and explode at any momment. She then jumps off the roof and laded ina tree her winged sandles shine brightly and wings flapped allowing her to fly around.

    Gabriel blinked and a weak smile came from his lips "whats up brother?" he asked not knowing he was facing the wall and not his brother. couldn't blame him and smiling hearing his brother breathing and turned to where he was. his senses of hearing and smell was greater then that of many angels thanks to being blind "whats up want to talk about something" his body got the shudders slightly as the air in the house was no longer peaceful and it made his body tremble slightly.
  8. Gabriel noticed the shudders and reached out for Gabriel, pulling him into something of a hug. "Father warned us this place might be dissettled at first, but we will even it out." He said softly in a tone he only ever used with the young angel. "How are you? How do you feel?" He knew his brother would know what he was talking about, with the inballance of joy or love in this house. He could feel it in the air, as most angels could but Gabriel was especially sensitive to it.

    Isabella snorted at the girl, she had been knocked down too but was back up in a matter of seconds. "Oh please, toughen up a bit." She rolled her eyes before taking off again, exploring the house quickly and curious to run into anyone else.

    Corian looked to the girl, his expression giving off nothing. "You say that as if its a bad thing." He was leaning against the door frame of the kitchen, looking inside of it. It definitely needed some work but then again the whole house did. The whole team did. This whole mess did. "I am simply examining the house. Why do you have a wolf with you?"
  9. Gabriel blinked gently and winced "I will be fine I am sure, if it doesn't last for very long I should be fine. If it lasts longer then couple days i might be getting ill" mutters ashamed on how weak he seemed to be some times. He smiles into he hug smiling gently and nuzzled into the hug, his wings folded up against his back happily and buzzed slightly.

    Isbell would run right into a wall made of bricks and smirking from behind it was damnion and smirks as she slammed into it "There now we are even" snickered and walked off to the kitchen shifting around to see if they had anything to eat or drink. He smiles seeing there was an apple and snatched it taking it and walked off to his room and flopped in it and smirks as he ate his apple contently.

    Delo smiles gently walking into the kitchen seeing the other chatting and raised eyebrow but stayed quite and flew up and gpot into the cabnit where her nice saladand smiles as she took it out her golden blond hair shines and he sat on the counter and eats it watching the other two smiling gently her winged sandles shine brightly.

    Sylkio smiles peacefully "The wolf is my pet hellhound thats what you see in true height he is around ten feet tall and very dangerous . I am Sylio head general of Hades hellhound army. So being the general i know its important to have team work no matter who or what is in the team." she smiels peacefully.
  10. "I know." Ramiral said softly. "It won't last that long, we will be a family before you know it. Father chose us for a reason, after all. I'm sure the same applies to the rest of the group." He looked down at his brother. "Are you tired? Would you like some rest?" He knew Gabriel was capable of taking care of himself, but to be honest he was always like this. Concerned, always asking if the little angel was alright, and always trying his hardest to do everything in his power to fix it if he wasn't.

    Isabella held a hand up to her nose to see if it was bleeding. With a snarl she jumped out the open cracked window, glancing at Damion before she did and landed with a soft thud outside. She took off, jumping rather then running to increase her speed and pulled off her jacket, soaking it in the water not far away. With a mischievous grin she ran back, all of this happening in the matter of just a few minuets. Scanning the windows for a moment she leaped for his which was already broken open and needed new glass, and dropped the wet jacket on his head- probably soaking him. "Hmm. No, I don't think we are."

    Corian raised an eyebrow. "Interesting. You shall find it rather hard, I think, to see this group as a team. Some people are simply not meant to work together." He could have said a lot more on the matter, but that was all he felt like saying. The light in here was irritating him and he tugged up his coat collar.
  11. Gabriel yawns gently "yeah pretty tired. I'll probally need some sleep" he smiles peacefully even though his body hurt he didn't let it effect his mood and all. he smiles as he flopped on his bed and streaching curled into the blankest which where a bit torn up and scrtached but made the best of it. he shut his eyes and let his mind dream peacefully though with all the friction in the house those peaceful dreams turned into small nightmares very fast. he winced gently in his sleep and clenched the blanket

    Damion eyes glow and made her disppaear and reapear in the middle of the lake and made her drop in and then got her soaked and then made her appear back in her own part of the house with a smirk. Yep he loved his magic easily drying himself off as well and reads a book smiling to himself. He then vanished to the kitchen and looked at the group there and rolled his eyes and walked off to enjoy his time.

    Sylio gares "only if they wish not to be part of a team yes it shall be hard but our familes choice us for a reason and i stick to the belife that we where meant to come togeather and be a team so live with it kid" she mutters turning hound form and vanished into the shadows of the world and went out to the lake and sat there growling slightly to herself muttering Greek.
  12. Ramrial watched him for a moment before sighing and giving in, placing a hand on his back. He didn't like using his power on Gabriel very often because it drained him immensely, Gabriel being very powerful himself. Still, the little angel deserved some peace while he slept and if it was all Ramiral could do for now he would. He closed his eyes, giving Gabriel peace of mind while he slept. What was he going to do with this household? He could sense they were hopeless, something or someone was going to have to bring them together. No, enough. He glanced down at Gabriel. There will be peace soon.

    "How unfortunate her temper will be." Corian sighed, not shifting his position but he smiled slightly. Kid. Hmm. Deciding to explore the house some more, he found himself in the library. It looked as though no one had been in it in ages, indeed each lovely book had a thick layer of dust on it. But it was grand, oh as grand as the house itself. He wondered around taking in the scents. It was dark as well, a bit musty. He loved it. It was perfect.

    Isabella sat on the floor, soaked in shock for a moment before a small grin tugged at the corner of her mouth. "Oh, its on." She ran her fingers through her hair a few times to de-tangle it as wet as it was before going to dry off. He was not going to get away with this.

    Ambriel sat at the edge of the water, skimming her fingers on the surface quietly. Her touch left perfect rings, spreading out and disturbing the stillness. Having not really talked to anyone in the group yet, she was uncertain about them but had faith in the gods decisions. "It will all sort itself out," she said quietly to the water looking at her reflection. "And when it does were going to be a team. Were going to work together and do good in this world." Her words were a humm, soft and quiet.
  13. Gabriel nightmares seased and stayed asleep for hours. he finally woke up and rubbed his head gently a he had a headache and smiling gently got up slowly "How long was I out for?" he asked his wings flapped wanting to use his time to fly around and enjoy his time. in flying he was rather awesome flyer, able to dodge objects and hear things and see things through the air when flying through vibrations and feeling in the air. He was alaso sonic speed fast being faster then anyone on foot or in the air he was amazingly fast for sucha young child easily beat the child of Mercy if ever had a race.

    Demion kept reading his room protected by magic and the girl wouldn;t be able to jump in or come in without getting burn or eletrocited by his magic that kept him safe from attacks.

    delo walked off into the forest smiling to herself and hummed and pulling out her flute and started to play a beaitfu tune that made the plants around her glow and shine in the forest. the music would be heard from around the house as well to calm and make everyone calm down.

    Sylio went over to Amriel and smiles "yes the team will be a good team " smiles gently looking at her gently. She sat down slowly "I can't help but feel something strange with the young angel" said smiling gently concerned and looking around looking at the world around the house slowly.
  14. Ramiral was standing at the window, looking out to the grounds. He had gone and claimed a room for himself while Gabriel slept making quick work of it but now his mind was pre-occupied. Clouds rumbled in the sky were there were none just a few hours before. It looked like soon rain. He glanced over to the smaller angel when spoken to. "Not too long, a few hours at the most. Feeling better?"

    Ambriel looked up at Sylio as she sat beside her and smiled. She looked back to the water, tracing her fingers on the smooth surface still. "The young one, he has... A very light heart." Her voice was naturally quiet and smooth. She tilted her head slightly, as if talking to the water itself instead of the girl beside her. She gave no indication how she knew this, as only having seen the boy once but did not expect Sylio to ask. " His spirit is compassionate and cordial, but not strong enough for this disharmony. " She stopped, all movement on the water stopping with her and her eyes fluttered down as she heard Delo's song bringing out a soft sigh. "I fear for him."

    Once dry Isabella headed off to a room she had seen earlier, the training room. It had clearly been equipt once but everything was coated in a fine layer of dust and cobwebs as the library had been. Weapons, dummies, books and pads. "Hmm." She picked up a sword, swinging it around once. She had round practice with most weapons of course, but her eyes searched the room for something else. Something her father had always greatly disapproved of, prefuring she practice with arrows or spears. Finally her eyes set on something hung on the wall, thin and long with a nice large curved blade at the end. "Oh yeah." She grinned and removed the scythe from the wall.
  15. Two nights later

    The night of scream of angel

    Demion growled annoyed as the storm had lasted for two days, unable to take the young angel scared whine and growling he got up and silently walked over and grabbed him covering his mouth with magic and locked him in the closet darkness which Gabriel truly feared. Darkness very scared

    Gabriel fought against the magic on his mouth squirming his eye locked with fear and agony. Terror locked and his first power shot out, a sonic shriek came from Gabriel mind blowing out the new windows . It also shattered his door and windows as well. The weapons in the building shattered and broke unable to be used, the house cracked in the middle and thunder screamed and lightning flashed sharply. The male curled up tightly on the floor in terror as he hears feet and paws running toward his room. The door was sealed with magic not allowing them easy access.

    Sylio hears the sonic scream from somewhere and the windows blew out and covers her ears as it was loud and painfully high. She knew it was Gabriel and ran toward the room and found the hall way was split in half , the house was a distaster and windows where broken and saw the weapons where broken and unable to be used anymore. They would need better ones and that didn't matter. She ran to the room of Gabriel and eyes widened seeing the closet was shut with magic and eyes narrowed deeply "Damion you son of a bitch" yelled angrily and storms toward his room careful because the floors where some what broken.
  16. Ramiral came beside Sylio and pounded on the door once, not a knock but an actual attack trying to get it open. "Gabriel!" His words were panicked, a loud shout but when he heard Sylio speak something changed in his expression. It turned dark and venomous, murderous. Torn between staying to talk to Gabriel through the door and going after Damion he called to his brother. "Brother! I'm going to get you out of there!" Even if he had to kill the fucken bastard. He followed Sylio, not watching his step and the floor boards cracked and cried underneath him but he could have cared less. The storm outside seemed to intensify, clashing with thunder that shoot the house and pouring through the cracks in the roof.

    Ambriel sat up in her bed and put her hands over her ears but not from the screech. She balled up, squeezing her eyes tightly closed and tears came to them. "Stop! Stop!" There was no one in the room with her and the door was shut. Her tone was only a whisper before her eyes flashed open and she headed out, stumbling as she went.
  17. Damion growls tiredly as his door was slammed open. He took one look and noticed the big angel and hound tail "oh what now?" He groaned annoyed. He yelped as the bed turned into dark rock and got up seeing Sylio eyes glowing "bastered how dare you lock a kid in. Closet" snapped darkly.

    Gabriel cries gently in the closet in fear and sorrow. He cries endlessly because all he wanted to do was be strong and brave but he couldn't be. He cries gently shaking in terror his skin turning pale. His sickness coning soon.
  18. Ramiral didn't even give Sylio a glance as he brushed by her strait for Damion while the monster was focused on Sylio and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt with one hand and swinging a full power punch strait for his jaw with the other.

    Ambriel fell to her knees by the door placing a hand on it and then drawing it back sharply as if the thing burned. She glanced behind her for help but no one was there. Gabriels cries could be heard and it made tears run down her own cheeks. With one more glance over her shoulder to make sure no one could see, she ran her hands under the door. There was a sharp small sound, like a snap and she winced shutting her eyes for a moment. Then she drew back her hands, they both had long gashes in them as if something had sliced at them with a knife. One palm on the floor leaving a bloody hand print she turned the nob and the door slit open, the magic seal had been broken.
  19. Demion yelped as a punch slammed into his jaws and fell over "what the fuck man?" Snapped as he threw a darkness beam at the angel to get him away. He rubbed his jaw that throbbed "prick" he snapped. He scowled darkly and tackled the angel and punched at him angrily eyes blazing "how does that feel angel ass?" he spat.

    Gabriel stayed curled up on the floor unable to move. His body grew weaker as his brother through a punch. The magic around his mouth didn't allow him to speak so he just cried,for the team. Gabriel stayed curled into a tight ball in fear and pain. his eyes shut tightly the magic around his mouth didn't allow him to talk shaking and trembling
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  20. Ramiral did not advance on Demion again until the brute leaped for him, he took the punch as a clip on the jaw which stung painfully. His eyes were cold with fury, and he spat back at Damion. "Get your sick hands off of me." His hands roughly shoving the man away before snarling his next words. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Locking a blind child in the closet, your fortunate I am forbidden to kill."

    "Gabriel?" Ambriel whispered, her steps not making a sound in the room. She left a thin trail of blood from her red hands but this did not bother her as she reached up to open the closet hearing his soft sobbing.
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