Once Upon a Wildflower (Sansa Stark & Lillian Gray)

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    Everbright is the kingdom where our story takes place.
    The kingdom of Everbright covers an area of 102 thousand square
    Of this, 39% (39 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and
    60% (62 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness. Most of the
    wilderness is either mountains or flat fields, perfect for farming.
    The kingdom of Everbright has a total population of 2.3 million people.
    The largest city, Solaris, has a population of 18 thousand people.
    The second largest, Lunaris, has 12 thousand. There are no other major
    cities of note in the kingdom, and 18 towns. The remaining population lives in
    numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.

    Towns of Everbright
    Fogdell: A small village off the northern mountains.
    Known for the fog that rolls through the entire city, as it
    sits on the peak of a mountain. Getting there can
    be quite treacherous for those without navigation.
    Mallowmarble: Mining village at the heart of Everbright.
    Known for valuable gems, excellent nightlife, hard-
    working people and general love of the lower class.
    Westerhaven: Most of the nobles in Everbright live here. It
    is a very beautiful city with rich gardens, cobbled streets,
    rich entertainment and vast mansions that outine
    Haven Lake. At the center is a great gazebo where
    all marriages in the town take place.
    Yale: A small town known more for farming and livestock
    than anything else. A close community in rolling hills.
    Dragonpond: The center of religious authority in Everbright.
    Nuns, priests and bishops are trained and live here, unless
    assigned to various other parts of the kingdom.
    Hillfields: A close-knit farming community. Hillfields Ale
    is made here, the most famous in Everbright.
    Norberry: University town. All those who can afford higher
    education come to Norberry to study magic, philosophy,
    ethics, mathematics, language, etc.
    Heriett: A town for criminals. Plenty of bars, brothels, jails,
    pirate ports and other things are littered here.

    ...& many more towns.

    Solaris is the capital city of Everbright. It rests in a valley
    surrounded by three small lakes and waterfalls, with bridges
    extending from
    one point of land to the adjacent. It's counterpart,
    Lunaris, is the busiest and most successful port in Everbright.

    Church: Churches are hexagonal shaped buildings that celebrate
    the six major gods in the religion of Everbright. They hold services
    every Wednesday evening.
    Court of Miracles: This is the court of education, a nunnery and the
    grand hospital in Solaris. Named the court of miracles for the three
    things that it contains and their importance to making miracles
    happen; the gods, schooling and physical health. In the center
    is a massive fountain that bypassers often throw several
    coins into for good luck in love and finances.
    Entertainment District: This is a conglomerate of buildings that are
    specifically aimed at pleasurable purposes; an opera house, various
    restaurants, museums, recreational centers, and the like.
    Everbright Inn: A large inn shaped like a manse, able to harbor most
    anyone who wishes to stay in Solaris for an extended period of time.
    Ruby Pavillion: The holiest of churches in Everbright, and the most
    elaborate in decor. Looks something like this.
    The Drunken Donkey: A tavern filled with sailors and and gamblers,
    usually avoided by those with good reputations.
    The Shy Maid: Similar to the modern day bar, a more sophisticated
    place to drink and enjoy entertainment and meet other people with
    similar interests. It's namesake is a ship in the Royal Fleet.

    Other Locations:
    Throughout the kingdom of Everbright, there
    are little villages scattered throughout the flatlands
    and various mountain ranges. Some important
    locations to keep in mind for the story are listed
    below for future reference.

    The Hidden Meadow: A secret place tucked away from the eyes
    of any who seek to find it, but remembered by those who have
    previously ventured there. The homeland of mysterious creatures,
    said to be nestled against a mountain rage.
    The Potter Cottage: A small cottage run by the Potter family, the
    florists of Solaris. Rumor has it that their flowers are enchanted,
    for they always shine in brilliant hues and smell of the freshest
    fragrances. Marguerite and her family live there.
    Everbright Castle: This is where King Richard and his mother,
    Queen Regent Lucille call home. It rests on the mountains above Solairs
    and overlooks the city as well as the rest of the Golden mountain
    ranges. It has been home to the Highever family for eleven generations.
    It consists of nearly 200 rooms in total including bedrooms, libraries,
    quarters for servants and guests, dining halls, planetariums and
    observatories, hallways, etc.
    Lunaris: The sister city of Solaris, Lunaris is a port city that lies in

    the west of Everbright. Quite the opposite of Solaris, while filled with light
    and life and music, all the buildings are made of black and obsidian while
    every light is created by magic. No fire is allowed in their homes. Lunaris
    is the magical capital of the world.
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    Marguerite Potter, #e84a4a Marguerite Potter

    Age: Nineteen years

    Status: Daughter of the Florist

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: A beloved soul in the hands of a rather wicked family, the young girl tries her best to stay positive in all situations. On her best days she is allowed to enjoy short rides through the nearby forests and mountains, making time to take quick stops to visit the faeries she has befriended through her deceased father. Her naive nature often gets the best of her, and if not for Roslin's guidance, Marguerite would be far too trusting of others. She strongly believes there is goodness in all people.

    Backstory: Marguerite was born to two loving parents some nineteen years ago. Her mother died when she was just a girl of five to a plague that had swept through the slums of the city. It was a devastating blow to both child and father, but they managed to survive without the gentle touch of Iris. It was sometime after this that her father showed her the ways of the faeries, and the duo visited the hidden meadows as often as they could to keep their floral shop afloat for as long as they could. In just a few short months they were able to earn the reputation of the best in the city, and soon began working for the King himself. Her father remarried when she turned sixteen, bringing about two horrible stepsisters and the new queen bee, Lady Beatrice. They never learned to get along, nor could Marguerite discern why her father fell in love with such a horrid woman. She'd never learn. On the eve of her nineteenth birthday Harold Potter fell to a mysterious illness. It was too much to suspect it was anything more than a tragedy, and she never questioned the suddenness of her father's demise.

    Her most prized possession is a ring her father bought for her as a child. It's too small for her hands, so she wears it around a leather cord on her wrist.

    Harold Potter (father, DECEASED)
    Iris Potter (mother, DECEASED)
    Lady Beatrice (stepmother, 42)
    Victoria (stepsister, 21)
    Genevieve (stepsister, 19)

    Talents: Botany, design and coordination, navigation and tracking

    Weaknesses: Silver jewelry, faerie lore, and is much too naive
    Code (open)
    [fieldset=Marguerite Potter, #e84a4a][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/TiXgYXF.jpg[/imga]

    Queen Rosina of the Hidden Meadow, #39803f Queen Rosina of the Hidden Meadow

    Age: Unknown

    Status: Queen of the Hidden Meadow in the mountains

    Height: 6"

    Personality: Rosina is quite the bubbly little thing, but despite her size she has plenty of room to accommodate her fiery temper. She claims it comes from the fire on her father's side. There is little which will actually set her spirits ablaze, but when it happens, settling her down takes plenty of patience and a few berries to chew. The little faerie is mostly cheerful and enjoys working her days in the fields bringing flowers to their bloom.

    Backstory: Some hundreds of years ago, Rosina arrived with a small troop to her name and they claimed a small field tucked away behind the mountain ranges of Everbright. They were safely guarded from the hands of humans for quite some time, so long as they stayed within the boundaries of the meadow and all its prosperity. For the most part, that's how it was for the hundreds of years between then and more recent times. Few left the confines of the grove, and many returned to stay in the safety of the hidden fields. In more recent years, those who delved beyond the field were often never heard from again. This has given reason to her sharp turns for anger to those who wish to leave. She only wishes to protect her people from the force which is taking her children from her.

    All those who live in her troop have claim to call Rosina their mother, and she in turn has hundreds of sons and daughters in this fashion.

    In actuality, a faerie is born when either Lunaris or Solaris bless a seed. Then Terris, child of the two gods, comes to aid in the growth of the faerie. For Rosina, she was born of a rose seed, and bloomed along with it in the Spring time.

    Talents: Nature magic, weaving, blessings

    Weaknesses: Her family, a hot headed temper
    Code (open)
    [fieldset=Queen Rosina of the Hidden Meadow, #39803f][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qMt5X4s.jpg[/imga]

    Lady Beatrice: The Stepmother, olive Lady Beatrice

    Age: Forty-two years

    Status: Widow to the Florist

    Height: 5'10"

    Personality: The Lady is not a kind woman by any means. She mainly used her second marriage to cap off her wealth once her first husband died. There is not an ounce of gracious behavior left in the woman, except for her two daughters, Victoria and Genevieve. She would do anything to see that they were married well off to rich Lords before her death. If her daughters didn't marry well, Beatrice would see to it that she did herself. She has a deep hatred for Marguerite, who because of her age has most of the rights to her father's business, the only thing keeping her monetary status high.

    Backstory: After the death of her first husband, she went in search of another and was quick to find the famed Potter. He was well off due to his outstanding floral business, even doing work with the King himself. Lady Beatrice was quick to woo him and made arrangements for her to inherit his wealth if he were to perish. She moved in with her daughters only weeks after meeting Marguerite's father, and the years did not pass well. Lady Beatrice hated the wilderness they lived in, and strongly urged that the family moved somewhere closer to the castle to be with the other high wealth families. It was never to be. After one too many refusals on Harold's part, it was rumored the Lady took his life by means of poison. No evidence has been found to support these claims.

    James Oswald (1st husband, DECEASED)
    Victoria (daughter, 21)
    Genevieve (daughter, 19)
    Harold Potter (2nd husband, DECEASED)
    Marguerite (stepdaughter, 19)

    Talents: Manipulation, charm, a generally commanding nature

    Weaknesses: Does not clean, secrecy
    Code (open)
    [fieldset=Lady Beatrice: The Stepmother, olive][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/Fv3orLq.jpg[/imga]

    Victoria: Stepsister One, #f2a0d1 Victoria

    Age: Twenty-one years

    Status: Older daughter of the Widow

    Height: 5'8"

    Personality: The brains of the two sisters. She has a hot temper which can never be cooled, and is constantly irritated by the location of their home in the woods. Often times she blames Marguerite for all their problems, and dreams of moving closer into the city and leaving her stepsister behind. She is a manipulative person and has gained the trait from her mother. Victoria will use any means to get what she wants, just short of selling herself for a few coins on the side. On the off chance she's not angered with some little thing Marguerite did, she spends the day to herself by indulging in the popular works from the cities, reading for a good portion of the afternoon to educate herself. These days are pleasant for the whole family, not having to deal with Victoria's whining.

    Backstory: She grew up well, gaining the name Oswald from her father. The man was rich from years of prospecting mines, no matter how old he was. She never saw the love between her mother and father, but didn't think a thing of it. They were rich, she was happy, and that was good enough for the eldest of the Oswald siblings.

    James Oswald (father, DECEASED)
    Lady Beatrice (mother, 42)
    Genevieve (sister, 19)
    Harold Potter (stepfather, DECEASED)
    Marguerite (stepsister, 19)

    Talents: Manipulation and charm (after her mother), screaming, crying, and boasting, sharp minded

    Weaknesses: No patience, hates the outdoors
    Code (open)
    [fieldset=Victoria: Stepsister One, #f2a0d1][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/1l6gfiz.jpg[/imga]

    Genevieve: Stepsister Two, #eb9a38 Genevieve

    Age: 19

    Status: Younger daughter of the Widow

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: The polite of the two sisters. She is a quiet girl with little to say, and usually what comes out of her mouth are the words of her elder sister, Victoria. Genevieve does enjoy certain aspects of living in the woods, and would have been great friends with her stepsister if not for her easily manipulated mind. Victoria has her convinced that it is Marguerite's fault they cannot live with high society, and is confused on whether or not she truly wants to be among the noble class. Overall, a conflicted character with few words of her own.

    Backstory: As a child, Genevieve was a delightful sight, her beauty more natural than the forced face of her sister. When she grew, her attractiveness dulled in comparison to her heavily made up and sharp tongued sister. People didn't want to settle for anything less than the eldest, when the youngest was only second in running for beauty. She stayed in the shadows in the hopes that one day she would meet a man she loved, like that of knights and girls in the stories of old. It's a rare chance that she were to find the man she loved, but, she has high hopes that there will be someone who finds her attractive for the dim witted girl beneath the facade of her sister's words.

    James Oswald (father, DECEASED)
    Lady Beatrice (mother, 42)
    Victoria (sister, 21)
    Harold Potter (stepfather, DECEASED)
    Marguerite (stepsister, 19)

    Talents: Needlework, flower arranging, conversation

    Weaknesses: Dull, dim witted, easily manipulated
    Code (open)
    [fieldset=Genevieve: Stepsister Two, #eb9a38][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/0wz80cl.jpg[/imga]
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    King Richard I of Everbright, #00a2c7 King Richard I of Everbright

    Age: Twenty-five years

    Status: King of Everbright

    Height: 6'2''

    Personality: Kind and gentle, he reigns with a firm but merciful hand and cherishes the safety and prosperity of his people. He enjoys reading and swordplay, and discovering new areas in the mountains. He has a good sense of humor and never likes to be calm or serious, despite how often his position calls for such things. He detests being angry.

    Backstory: Taking the crown at the age of twenty-one, Richard was saddened by the sudden death of his father but ready to take on the responsibilities of a kingdom in the late King Gregory's name. Before that, however, Richard was a social child who enjoyed his studies, though he frequently ran away from his lessons to explore the castle and the mountains surrounding it. During his teen years, he honed his skills as a swordsman and gave up exploration for reading about philosophy and ethics, though the desire to see new things still rages in his heart to this very day.

    King Gregory (father, DECEASED)
    Queen Regent Lucille (mother, 47)

    Talents: Quick-wittedness, swordplay, humor, exploration

    Weaknesses: Alcohol, lack of seriousness at times, procrastination, daydreaming

    Queen Regent Lucille of Everbright, purple Queen Regent Lucille of Everbright

    Age: Forty-five years

    Status: Queen Regent of Everbright

    Height: 5'11''

    Personality: Sharp-tongued and quick on the draw, Lucille is very manipulative and endearing when she wants to be. She loves her son but considers him a fool in many aspects, so she utilizes her powers as queen regent to try and settle his misgivings and rule the kingdom with a firmer grip behind his back. She is feared and loved by the people, a mix of acceptance and suspicion, but she cares little on that front. Her time is better spent worrying about the country King Richard is so intent to coddle.

    Backstory: Born and raised as a noble of the kingdom of Paladia to the east, she had a very different upbringing than those who live out their lives in Everbright. Paladia has a very strict policy on poor vs. rich, and as a result there is a great divide in the separation of wealth. She came to Everbright to study it and wound up marrying King Gregory. The two were content in their marriage, however after many years of trying, she conceived and brought King Richard into the world. There were so many complications with the birth and the pregnancy that physicians feared the queen would never give birth again. Such was the case. After eight other pregnancies, all of them ended in either miscarriages or stillborns, and Richard was an only child.

    King Gregory (husband, DECEASED)
    King Richard (son, 25)
    Lord Trystane (father, 72)
    Lady Esmeralda (mother, 63)
    & various brothers and sisters.

    Talents: Magic, secret sorcery, manipulation, public affairs, international relations

    Weaknesses: Sweets, power, disloyalty, hiding her true self

    Lady Anaria of Lorienne, green
    Lady Anaria of Lorienne

    Thirty-four years

    Status: Lady of House Lorienne, Head of the Kingsguard

    Height: 6'5''

    Personality: Anaria is a woman of much integrity and loyalty. She would follow her king into battle, even to death. She harbors little to no hatred except against those who would harm her king. Her connection to King Richard isn't romantic in the slightest, however--she considers him a little brother, a best friend and the perfect ruler for Everbright. She is fierce and protective and loyal to a fault. She would kill anyone without a second thought if it meant protecting those she loves.

    Backstory: Though she faced much scrutiny for being a female knight and not attending to her feminine nature, the king was greatly impressed with her after she unhorsed his uncles one at a time in a tourney, and knighted her after her melee performance. She became the head of the kingsguard shortly thereafter. During her childhood, she had always been more content to play with boys and wooden swords than try on dresses and own dolls. Her father, Lord Garlan, was initially against training her but his wife was quick to change his mind. She was quick in her skill and before long, she had risen in the ranks.

    Lady Hannah (wife, 29)
    Lord Garlan (father, 65)
    Lady Emilia (step-mother, 50)
    & various brothers and sisters

    Talents: Swordplay, philosophy, physical labor

    Weaknesses: Easily-offended, overreacts at times
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    The main religion in Everbright is Sundance. Sundance is the
    belief that the Sun and the Moon are a god and a goddess,
    Solaris and Lunaris respectively. Legend says that the sun and
    moon met and fell in love, but the powers of destiny pulled them
    apart. On Lunar and Solar eclipses, they could be together
    and created the world and it's people through their love.
    This is where the term "Sundance" derives. Eclipses are
    considered the holiest of days, and any children
    born on those days are exceedingly blessed. There are
    many other gods and goddesses in the Sundance religion,
    too. Solaris and Lunaris are the most important.

    There are six gods in the Sundance religion, hence the
    hexagonal shape of every church. Many temples are devoted
    to a single god, but most are dedicated to either Lunaris and
    Solaris, or one of their children.

    Solaris: The god of the sun. He is portrayed as a great
    warrior with light at his back and a great spear in his hand,
    along with a crown of gold. He is worshiped for strength and
    integrity and light in dark times.
    Lunaris: The goddess of the moon. She brings life forth
    in the world and provides grace and mercy with every touch.
    She is portrayed as the most beautiful woman the world
    has and will ever see. She is prayed to in times of celebration,
    war and mourning.
    Terris: The eldest daughter of Lunar and Solaris. She is
    the goddess of the earth, and every shred of grass and tree
    and flower is said to be a part of her. She is portrayed as
    a humble young woman, around the age of thirteen, in
    modest clothes. She is prayed to for good harvests and
    protection of the home.
    Aquaris: The eldest son of Lunaris and Solaris. He is the god
    of the sea and water. He is portrayed as a large, strong man with
    a trident and long, flowing hair. In some depictions, he is a merman.
    He is worshiped for safe travels and good health.
    Aeris: The second daughter of Lunaris and Solaris. She is the goddess
    of the wind and weather patterns, as well as birds and clouds.
    She is depicted as a little girl in a flowing white dress. She is worshiped
    for safety and protection, as well as inner peace.
    Igniris: The second son of Lunaris and Solaris. He is the god of fire.
    He is seen as a muscular dark man with flames in his hand. He
    is worshiped for luck, strength, perseverance and cleansing.

    There are many holidays observed throughout the calendar
    year. All holidays are religiously inclined and are intended
    to celebrate the gods, family, and other things.

    Solar Eclipse: Days of the solar eclipse are taken in complete
    worship to Solaris, the god of the sun, and Lunaris, the goddess
    of the moon. Every candle is snuffed to let the natural light of the
    gods shine through. No one works during these days, and the
    few minutes when the sun and the moon touch are observed
    in total silence while all people of Everbright look up towards
    their deities in the sky.

    Lunar Eclipse: No one works on days of the Lunar Eclipse.
    Though less celebrated than the solar, everyone in Everbright
    gathers together. It is believed on days of a lunar eclipse
    that Solaris passes through Terris to give Lunaris a kiss.

    Remembrance Day: Observed on the first new moon
    of the year. Remembrance Day is a day of mourning for
    the people of Everbright. Everyone who mourns the loss
    of a loved one wears black and candlelight vigils are held
    during the moonless night within churches throughout the
    kingdom. Prayers, hymns and chants are recited. It is said that
    on this day, Lunaris herself leaves the sky to collect the
    souls of the dead and bring them to heaven.

    Summer Solstice: The longest day of the year. People believe
    this to be the day that Solaris reaches out his hand to Lunaris,
    to show his love and devotion. On this day, the people of Everbright
    keep all their candles lit and wear bright colors in attempt to boost
    Solaris's power so that he might reach the moon. At night, hundreds
    and thousands of floating lanterns are lifted into the sky in attempt
    to show Luanris of Solaris's love.

    Winter Solstice: The longest night of the year. This believe is the
    opposite of the summer solstice, and Lunaris reaches out with all her
    strength toward the sun. The people of Everbright wear white all day and
    do not light a single candle at night, in fear it might dissuade her power.
    The moon shines brighter on the winter solstice, giving all the light
    Everbright needs. When night comes and the moon is high, the people
    give each other gifts to celebrate the gift of life Lunaris gave to mankind.

    Festivals differ from holidays as they are not religiously motivated.
    They always take place on specific dates of the year and are typically
    celebrated by all.

    Coming of Age Day: Although most festivals are not religious, there are
    some parts of prayer for the day. Children who have turned the respective
    age of adulthood, 16 for women and 18 for men, are the main spectacle of the day.
    If they have turned the proper age before the first day of the new year they
    are allowed to be considered a full grown adult in the coming years. Often times
    the day is spent preparing the children to go into town. They wear their best
    clothes and are instructed to behave well as they are able. On this day,
    they receive advice from elders and listen to a speech from the King on coming
    into adulthood. It is more of a recognition than a true festival,
    but is important nonetheless.
    Festival of Flowers: A time in the spring just after the flowers have first
    bloomed when the local florists bring forth what they have to offer. It is a smaller
    festival than others, and not widely celebrated in the mountainous regions where
    the soil is poor for growing dainty blooms and the like, but is good publicity for shops
    who wish to sell either seeds for the fall crop or flowers in royal events. A contest
    is held for the most beautiful bloom in the name of the King. For the past many
    years it is widely assumed the Potter family shop will win, and in the
    end they typically do.
    Tourney for Glory of the Knights: By far the most popular event of
    the entire year and is always held in Solaris no matter the weather or difficulty.
    As well as being of high popularity, it is the longest of festivals, lasting up to
    two weeks. It is held sometime in the Summer, and knights across the country
    are all welcome to participate in the events, as well as the young lads with
    swords of wood. For the grand finale, there is always a jousting tourney held.
    There are prizes to be had for the winner in each main category, that being
    swordplay, archery, jousting, and other lesser titles. From time to time it is
    known for the King to knight a winner of an event if they display the proper
    amount of skill. Cheating is prohibited and punishable by
    death in the worst of circumstances.
    Harvest Festival: A holiday in parallel to the spring festival of flowers.
    Instead of first bloom, it is the first harvest which is brought in to the capital
    and a feast is thrown. It's the busiest time of the fall season, and the most
    crowded for the residents of Solaris, where the event is held. The roads are
    cleared to make way for banquet tables and the like. A spectacular event
    for those involved, an otherwise regular week for those who skip out and
    stay home, despite the slight desolation of their city. Food is plentiful in
    this time, and the markets stocked full of just about every kind of crop.
    The Scholars Social: The last festival of the year which is celebrated.
    Just as the beginning of the year is celebrated with children coming of age,
    the end of the year is celebrated with scholars and the elders sharing
    their wisdom. This celebration is held a few weeks after the harvest is
    over, and just before the end of the year is up. There is no location for
    the event to take place, put it has become customary that the people
    meet in each city, traversing from one to the next until they congregate
    in the courts of Solaris for one final exchange.​
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