Once Upon a Time: Shards of the Past

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  1. We've all heard the tales of past damsels in distress, knights in shining armor, women making a difference in there world, but little did we know the tales we grew up on weren't fiction. They were our pasts.

    Long ago in a land called Fairytale, lived many princes, princesses, and village people all who took part in the great war against the darkness. It was a vast land that became consumed with evils, but individuals like Cinderella, Prince Charming, Mulan, Tiana, Prince Eric, etc. decided to make an order called O.U.T (Once Upon a Time) that would combat against the evils over taking their great land. But they failed and the magic of their worlds were lost forever, or so everyone thought. Merlin, a great wizard, cast a spell upon the knights of O.U.T and allowed for their souls to be cast into the bodies of unborn children, in a different world, in order to protect them from the curse the darkness put on the land. A curse were time would repeat itself until the knights returned to Fairytale.

    Now, Merlin has escaped Fairytale and is bringing back the knights to fight once again against the evils that have taken over Fairytale. With time now back on track, the darkness knows of the knights have returned and has set out to destroy their souls. Can the Knights of O.U.T rescue their land and rid the world of the darkness once and for all?
    I know I need to work out some kinks in that plot, but some things that I failed to mention is the knights were cast into our world (present day) so when Merlin finds them, their hesitant to believe the crazy bat until he shows them their past lives. Once they've agreed to go back with him the time shifts to more of a ancient time (no cars, electronics, or even electricity). Fairytale is basically what every kid dreams of, besides the darkness, there are castles, dragons, princesses, and the only mode of transportation is magic or horses, is pretty barbaric. Anyway, I was thinking about have the age group between 18-24.
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  2. This is the fastest declaration of interest you will have ever seen.

    Oh and do we need to be pre-existing fairy tale characters or are we OK to make them up?
  3. Feel free to make some up. The known ones are just more of a mascot of O.U.T like how some people only know quarter backs instead of the whole team.
  4. Lol, I don't even know the quarterbacks XD Or the team names... I should get more into Baseball so I look like less of an idiot.
  5. Don't worry I don't know either XD
  6. Quarterbacks is football, no not soccer, football

    also interested
  7. Haha okay I'll make sure to tag you two when the ooc goes up. I'm about to go out to eat so I may not be on for that much longer.
  8. all good doll
  9. I am interested as well.
  10. That was the joke. Also, I'm pretty sure 'quarterback' is soccer. Never heard that term for football.
  11. Quarterback is Football, American Football.... xD, like the most known position in American Football

    And joining this.
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  12. Though there are different versions for quarterback. Anyway, great!
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  13. You know is my right, Shattered? xD, some people forget it;s me lol.
  14. New name, who dis?
  15. Funny xD lol
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  17. How could I not know the prince of Iwaku?
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  19. interested!
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  20. Also interested.
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