Once upon a Hallow's Eve (OOC)

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  1. Everybody knows Halloween is said to be the night the Demons and horrors of the night roam free among the world, so people wear costumes to blend in with them. Not often was this seen as actually being real.

    But this night is different...

    This Halloween, a group of Demons arose from Hell disguised as children trick-or-treating and are wreaking havoc on the neighborhood! Of course, as a bunch of brave little tots with families to protect and no adults who'll listen to you, it's your job to take the Demons head on, and send 'em back to Hell!

    You are a small child between the ages of four and ten, and you and your friends discover that a group of kids trick-or-treating in your neighborhood are actually demons having fun by destroying things! Stop them!

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  2. Name: James McGillihan
    Nickname: Jimbo
    Age(4-10): 9 1/2
    Personality: Innovative and Imaginative, Jimbo has been building things since he was four, and his contraptions always get him in trouble.
    History: The son of a construction worker and an architect, Jimbo was born with a love of building. He's made all sorts of crazy contraptions, from a machine to feed his fish, to a robot to help him sweep the floors, but they usually get in the way or destroyed in some way or another and make a big mess, getting him in trouble. That doesn't stop him though.
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  3. Name: Kimberly Cline
    Nickname(optional): Kimi
    Age(4-10): 7
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Her eyes are light blue
    Personality: Kimi is a girl who is set in her ways and it's often very hard to convince her to stray from the path she chooses. She can be very sweet and friendly...until someone is bad. She is a girl who takes pride in being a good girl. However, she sometimes take trying to be good too far and it gets her in trouble. Almost like a tiny Vigilante.
    History: Kimi's father always tells her stories about heroes and adventures before bed, ever since before she can remember. And at the end of every story he always stressed the importance of being good, even when everyone else was being bad. The little girl took this heart, in a near extreme way. She's been sent home on more than one occasion for beating up bullies and 'arresting' rule breakers at school. Whenever it's time for recess, one can always find Kimi playing cops and robbers, or playing superheroes.
  4. Awesome! Accepted!
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  5. Name: Abigail Cloren
    Nickname(optional): Abby
    Age(4-10): 4 and a half
    Appearance: Aime-child-anime-1487140-436-600.jpg
    Personality: She's rather co-dependent, but tries really hard to act like a big girl. Older people are so cool, and have such cool ideas, but when it's something her daddy told her not to do, it makes her nervous and usually upset. She can be a bit of a crybaby, but it turns quickly into a fit of anger. She constantly carries around a little, worn, floppy stuffed lion. Nibbleton helps her through the tough times.
    History: Abigail is the sole child of single dad Chad Cloren. Abigail's mother left after she was born, having planned on putting her up for adoption. Her father, however, decided to keep her. Abby is used to only having one parent, but does question why some kids have mommies instead of daddies, or both. Daycare was an everyday thing until she was old enough for school. Nibbleton goes on adventures with her. Her fun is questing with her lion companion. She wants to be a big, strong hero when she grows up, like her lion friend.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Dark Raven Skydrim
    Nickname(optional): Chi
    Age(4-10): 8 (just turned on Hallows eve)
    Personality: such a tom boy but is sweet as hell when it comes to a little kid hurt or was just bullyed. so she batter not have seen you bully anyone. she will hurt you so bad that you would fell it tomorrow. (-3- so cute. Dark: Dont call me cute Baka)
    history: Dack was born on the Hallows eve. she hated beeing born on it. she allways been a tom boy and allways beated kids up when they are bullied. someitmes she getts in troblem sometimes it slides cause she was a little kid. your thinking right now wheres her mother ell her mother is to wasted to give a shit.
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  7. Both are Accepted!
  8. Name: Matt Grayson
    Nickname(optional): Gray
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Short, black hair, pale skin with brown eyes. Wears a black hoodie jacket, jeans, and white sneakers.
    Personality: Pessimistic, rarely sees the good in things, prefer to cling to his belief that all people are inherently bad.
    History: Born on Christmas, he was a mistake, and was called as such by his parents. His parents were far from nice, preferring to beat him when his grades dropped and forced his friends away from him. Bitter at heart, Matt developed a pessimistic personality, and mistrusted anyone he got associated with. His mother left three years ago, and his father was gone for long periods of time, preferring to waste his time and money at a casino. Matt trusts no one, and carries a short kitchen knife he stole from his mother with him as all times, keeping it in his pocket.
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  9. Hm. Re do the photo, And then we're good. I wanna see what Mr. Pessimist looks like, and can't at the moment.
  10. Better, I suppose. Accepted! I will be making the IC tomorrow.
  11. Name: Emma Grace Johnson
    Nickname(optional): Em
    Age(4-10): 6

    A larger picture of her with her hair down: (open)

    Personality: Emma is a very passionate little girl. She cares for every living thing, no matter their past actions. Most call her a 'goody two-shoe', other than the ones who have seen her angry. With all her passion, she can be just as rotten as good. Generally, she handles her own well, but will stand up for anyone or anything that can't stand up for itself. She is easily made jealous. Despite her bravery around others, she is easily overcome by fright when alone.

    History: She's grown up a relatively dull life. Her parents recently split, and she is living with her father and his boyfriend who are looking to adopt a new baby. Her mother moved to be near her family, with promises that Emma could visit weekends bi-weekly. Her father's boyfriend is a children's book author. Often, he allows Emma to illustrate his books.
  12. Awww! :D Accepted!
  13. Name: Rhys (reese) Lipson
    Nickname(optional): Rhys
    Age(4-10): 9
    Appearance: Thick, unruly red hair is the first thing most people notice about Rhys. Next come his red eyes. His skin is very pale, in fact , it's about as pale as ones skin can get as Rhys is an albino. No, he doesn't tan well at all. The only reason his hair is "red" is because he begged his mother and father to let him dye it in order to escape the teases at school he received for having naturally white hair "like an old man". And after many tears and feels, he finally got his way. Red is his favorite color, so unnatural, cherry red it became. He is short in stature, even for a 9 year old, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for with a fiery, snappish personality. He doesn't take anything from anyone, so sometimes he can come across as standoffish. He keeps his shoulders back and chest out whenever he feels threatened, only deflating when the danger has passed. And it takes family or a really good friend to receive a smile from him that isn't cocky or not genuine. As far as clothing goes, he likes dark colors best. They go better with his skin and hair according his mother. He just wears what she buys him. This Halloween. He's going as a vampire.

    Rhys in his Halloween Costume (open)

    Personality: Rhys can be combative, but he was picked on as a small child for his looks and the scarring is pretty permanent. He has an inherent wariness of other children as a defense mechanism aside from his fists. Although, once he sees, they are fine to hang around, he's easy to get along with. Really he is a sweet boy, and just wants to be accepted and have lots of friends like normal grade schoolers do. He can be mean-spirited and vicious if someone rubs him the wrong way though, but any further past that point, he might just cry. On one hand he's a ruffian, and on the other he's a crybaby. It depends on the situation just which way his dichotomous personality will swing. He has a soft spot for little kids cause they tend to think his hair is cool. It's the ones his age and older that he doesn't trust the most.

    History: Rhys stays with his mother and father. They've lived in the same neighborhood since he was a little kid. There's not really been any major events in his life that warrant telling aside from the birth of his little sister, Betty, now age one. He was teased as a child for being "weird looking". He was born albino, no melanin. So his natural hair is pure, glossy white. His eyes are also naturally red in color. The teasing left him with some trust and self-esteem issues, but he coped in his own way developing a quick temper and the ability to punch quite well. His favorite holiday is actually Christmas. It gives him a sense of peacefulness in his jilted heart, but free-candy day is always fun too.
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    Are you still taking characters?
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