Once Upon A Bar



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The neon open light in the window flicked on. Some soft jazz played quietly over the building's speakers. It would stay on until someone chose something different from the old jukebox in the corner. Johnnie leaned against the bar, looking over the room- the booths against the walls, a few tables surrounded in wooden chairs, there was even a small area of floor cleared in case any one felt like dancing. She turned, eyeing the liquor bottles lining the wall. Everything seemed to be in order, now to wait for a customer.
Eric wanted to go some where new tonight, all the places he has been to is ether croweded or full of drink idiots. He walks by a bar he hasint seen before. He looks at it and decides to try out this bar. Once in he seen the rows of luiqur and it was perfect for his taste. He strolled in slowly and dug his hands in his pocket just incase they ask for his ID. The jazz in the room seemed to make things more relaxed. He walked up to the bar area where they serve drinks and asked the woman for a mug of beer and a shoot of vodca.
When the man entered, Johnnie watched him walk up to the bar, trying to guess what he would order. She was always wrong, but that didn't stop her from trying. She guessed he'd want rum. As always, she was far off. "Comin' right up." She tucked her brown hair behind an ear before pouring the man a shot. After sitting it down in front of him, she grabbed a mug and filled it with the owner's personal brew from the tap. "Here ya go. So, how are you tonight?"
As the woman poured his drinks he sat down on the chairs as he got his drinks. She asked "Here ya go. So, how are you tonight?" He looed at her as he grabed his drink and said in a good tone. "ah well its been a crappy night so far. All the bars are filled with people and i dont like large rough croweds. So i came here looking to see if this place is as good as it looks." Looks around the bar "not to be rude, but it looks sort of empty....did u you guys bearly open up?"
It had been centuries since the last time Haven had stepped foot in a bar. From generations past, bars have been known to hold less than appealing company, but maybe in this year it would be different. Who knows? A man was already in the bar talking to the woman behind the counter. From the outside looking in, Haven appeared to be like any normal person, but she held a secret. A secret of being immortal. She had been around for centuries and has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms and prominent world leaders. No one was going to find that out, no one had ever found that out, and she was perfectly content to keep it as such.

Her black boots clicked as she crossed the floor to the bar. Quietly, she took a seat a couple down from the man. She wasn't quite ready to order a drink yet, she just wanted to check things outs. It was an empty place, but that was to be expected since it was new. The music wasn't her taste, but she could get over that. It was just nice to be somewhere other than her apartment or a department store.
Johnnie frowned slightly at the man. "I opened hardly five minutes before you walked in. It usually takes a while for business to pick up." She didn't bother telling him that the establishment was a new one with maybe a week of experience. People get certain expectations when they hear "grand opening" and the like, and she didn't feel such expectations were necessary when fixing someone drinks. She poured herself a glass of water, sipping it slowly when a woman walked in. "Good evening, can I fix you anything?" She sat her glass down, wiping her hands on her jeans to rid them of the slight condensation that had already appeared on the glass.
Riley saw the bar when she was walking to the store to purchase dog food. the music wafted out onto the silent street as it was the evening and everyone was either in bars or at home, relaxing. she attempted to resist the temptation of the soft jazz but decided she would just check out the scene. she pushed the door and strolled in casually. running her fingers through her long dark hair, she absorbed the mellow feel of it and smiled slightly. Riley would definitely come here more often, she loved it already.
After realizing that the man she had loved would never love her back, Rae entered the bar, ready to forget her problems. She wanted to forget about her insecurities and lose all of her inhibitions at the bottom of a tall glass. Pushing open the doors, she heard the music coming from the jukebox.
"Now this is real music" She said to nobody in particular, before sitting down at the bar.
She scanned the shelves of miscellaneous alcohol, sighing deeply.
"I'd like whatever will be strong enough to kill the pain of unrequited love."
She waited with anticipation, to see what liquor would be poured into her cup.
Two costumers practically at once? Johnnie smiled. The second girl to enter, looking somewhat worse for wear, mentioned liking the music. Johnnie laughed. "Most people hate it," she called out to the girl. No one seemed to like jazz these days. Personally, she didn't mind, but it was really just a ploy to get people to stick money in the jukebox.

...to kill the pain... "I've got just the thing for you." Johnnie mixed a highball- whiskey and ginger ale- one of her personal favorites, especially when she was feeling down. Setting the glass down in frown of the girl, she ventured a question, "So what kind of heartache did you wander into?" Her favorite part of bartending was hearing everyone's story. They were often sad; people liked to drown their sorrows with booze.
The sound of the door opening and closing were the only preceding clues that Sylvia had found her way into the bar. The motorcycle she came in on was parked carefully outside. Like the anarchist she tried to be, it was purposely placed between two spaces, directly across the dividing line so that neither space could be used. Her attire spoke the same about her attitude. Short nylon undershorts served as bottoms, a simple grey shirt as a top, black leather biker boots with a distinctive set of spikes protruding from them as shoes and a leather half-jacket that hung open as her only real accessory.

Her boots thudded on the floor as she meandered in a confident, cocky fashion, toward the bar. Her ass slid neatly onto a stool and her knuckles rapped lightly on the counter whether the bartender had noticed her or not. She was wearing a very displeased frown on her face. Perhaps she'd had a bad day? Or was she constantly so rude and bitchy? Which of those answers, if not both, were her secrets to keep.

While waiting for a drink, her hand would brush her hair back from her face to show off a simple spiked collar around her neck. It was the same black, cliche leather as the boots and the coat. Clearly this girl had seen too many biker movies. Everything about her seemed to be cookie-cutter copied from the stereotype of a biker chick. Hell, Sylvia, sporting her youth like she was flaunting it at every other woman in the bar, even threw her attitude at other bikers who could, likely, kick her ass if they wanted to.

Sliding onto the stool, Riley smiled tentatively at the bar tender. She wasn't much of a people person, mostly preferred animals to humans. sad really. yawning, She tapped her fingers to the music and watched as another girl came in. She wondered when the bar opened, as it seemed to be slow today. She relaxed on the slightly comfy stool and half laughed when she saw the biker girl strut in.

mentally laughing her ass off, Riley asked the bartender quietly if she had any water. She did not believe in drinking. the one night she got extremely drunk and needed to get her stomach pumped was enough to keep her away from that stuff. she rarely went to bars, and if she did, it was usually for the music. Sometimes she would meet someone interesting enough to talk to, she hoped to meet someone like that. while waiting for her water, she yawned and cracked her knuckles and stretched out her long, piano playing fingers. Riley wished there was a piano somewhere.
After accepting her somewhat strong drink, Rae proceeded to pour her heart out.
"I have begun to fall in love with someone. I don't like falling in love, because it only ends with me getting hurt. He acts oblivious to my feelings, even though I think he is smart enough to realize I have them. I thought he would return them, but now I'm not so sure."
She stops talking as she hears an instrumental break in the soft jazz music.
"He's a musician, which is one reason I like this music. Jazz has so much soul. I hear a piece of him in every riff, in every solo, and in every song. Jazz tells a story, and it is the story which keeps me wanting more. I will take another round of this very interesting drink please. Thank you."
Rasieing his eye brow high, he realized every one filling the bar were pure girls. Tonight must have been his lucky night to go to a bar by him self. In his mind he thought about talking up a storm with this girls but decided to reject the idea becuase the people here look like they got nouthing better to do. Or at least he had noughting better to do. He drank his beer and looked around the bar trying not to make eye contanct with the girl so he wouldent seem like some strange guy at the bar. He turned to the bar tender and asked for the strongest drink she has to offer for the night.
Johnnie listened to the girl attentively. She couldn't blame her for being upset. Men were always trouble. "Men can be totally blind to subtlety. Have you told him how you feel?"

A biker chick walked in then, looking like the epitome of young thug. Johnnie probably would have laughed at her get up had she not been distracted by the other girl's request for water. "Of course," she smiled, pouring her a glass from the tap.

The leather clad girl had made it to the bar and tapped the surface, not bothering to call out her request. She had obviously watched too much tv. Johnnie raised an eyebrow, amused, and walked down the counter to her. "Can I see your ID, ma'am?" Really, she was just being an ass, but in her defense, the girl did look like she could be 17.
A tall, well dressed man sauntered into the bar, his clothing of distinctive style, but rumpled for unknown reasons. The lights of the bar reflected off of his shiny, bald pate as he jumped onto the nearest stool. Drumming his hands on the wood, he aimed his pointer fingers "gun" style and made a bang sound.

"I punched out my boss today!" He exclaimed in a tone far more jovial than it should have been. "I'm now unemployed, so it's a whiskey kind of night! Make it a double, my good man!"
"And while you're at it I will take another of the strong stuff. Thanks. Oh, and I will be sure ti take your advice. Maybe one day things will be ok." She turned to the bald man sitting at the bar.
"I'm sorry, I usually don't make conversation with random strangers, but I feel like I have seen you somewhere before. The boss you hit, who was he???"
The question caught his attention and sent his mind reeling back to earlier that day. He placed his hand on the rough stubble of his chin and pondered out loud.

"Well... I remember it like this..."

A familiar bald man sat in a cubicle housed in an office complex somewhere downtown. As he turned to answer a repeatedly ringing phone, he found himself face to face with a large, mustachioed man in a cheap suit reminiscent of a used car dealer's. The large man leaned in close and started to yammer in a voice like crumbling dry wall.

"You know something, Thompson, you annoy me... I don't know why..." The gruff fool intoned. "My wife's birthday is tomorrow... here's twenty bucks, get her something nice. Oh and make sure the Baxter report is on my desk by tomorrow... I know it isn't due till next week, but I'm shooting for a raise!"

The bald man's left eye began to twitch and his face went several shades of red and purple. He looked like a water balloon filling up rapidly and getting ready to pop.

"That reminds me... " The oaf continued. "You wouldn't happen to know a good escort service around here, would ya?"

The sound of a fist smacking against a fat jaw drew the attention of everyone nearby. Tiny heads, like a bunch of gophers, poked out of every cubicle. A bespectacled man wearing a sweater stopped dead and looked to the bald man-balloon. The loud mouthed pig lie on the ground, out cold.

"What did you just do?" He stated, a look of shock on his mug.

"I didn't even know I did it..." Baldy replied, looking befuddled. "I better go!"

The boss puncher grabbed his coat and ran towards the elevators, the sound of muffled clapping following behind him.

"Well, that's what happened..." The bald man stated. "So, here I am!"
"Ah, your boss...uh...Ex boss...sounds like a lot of men in my life. Perhaps that's where the familiarity ends. But good job on the hit. I would have done the same. Those who abuse power sicken me."
She drained what was left of her first glass while she waited for her second drink to arrive.
"Of course I am sure there are some decent people in the world, but we all have flaws," she eyed everyone at the bar,
"And we all have secrets."
At that she went quiet once more.
The bald man turned back to his whiskey, only to fidget oddly and reach into his back pocket. He produced a vibrating cell phone, which he opened and tilted to his ear. A loud, obnoxious voice barked from the other end, startling him enough to drop the damn thing to the bar top.

"Damn it, Thompson, your ass is as good as sued you bastard!" The punching bag shouted. "I'm gonna have my lawyer make mincemeat outta you, he's jewish too... think about that! See you in hell, sucker!"

The bald man picked the phone up with a look of disgust on his now unemployed face and pitched it across the room towards a nearby trashcan. He downed both shots of liqueur in rapid succession, wiping his face with his shirt sleeve.

"Maybe I can go back to selling doors..." He bemused to himself. "... door to door."
"Thank you." She quickly gulped down the water, watching the scene in front of her. Riley quietly listened to them chat and smiled slightly, the corners of her mouth barely curving upward. she knew she was quiet, she preferred being quiet. Men usually barely noticed her, for she was not one to talk like other girls, who could talk forever if you let them. Riley preferred to be a shadow, to watch, but to never interfere. unless, someone is getting hurt in one way or another. Hopefully, tonight she could maybe find someone to listen to, someone that won't expect her to tell them her life story. someone, that intrigues her.. mentally laughing, she takes another sip of water and mutters under her breath, "ha, as if someone would notice a pathetic soul like me." she finished off the water and leaned on her elbows. for now she will just listen.