Once More With Feeling

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  1. ((I'll be playing as the Phantom later on again, and as my own character.))

    It was night, and a cloaked figure smirked to itself as it sat upon a hill looking over the town. It waved a hand over the city, a bright purple light going all over the place. Every civilians' eyes flashed purple. The figure smirked again and even chuckled to itself.

    "Forced to sing or dance to a song that tells about your feelings." It said to itself, chuckling evilly. "Music will play on its own, and if the individual cannot handle the curse, they will simply die." It smirked again. "The more deaths there are, the stronger I will become. Once I have enough power, I will live again." Then the figure disappeared to its hiding place before the sun came up.

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  2. Allen woke up with a start and looked around his room. Sighing, he looked to the side to see his girlfriend there. He smiled at seeing her innocent, sleeping face. Laying down again, Allen watched his girlfriend sleep. When she opened her eyes, he smiled a little more at her. Music started playing and an overwhelming urge to sing came over Allen.

    "Good morning beautiful. How was your night?" He sung softly. "Mine was wonderful, with you by my side~ and when I. Open my eyes. And see your sweet face~. It's a, good morning beautiful day."


    ((You do not need to put the video in the post if you don't want to. Just name the song and the artist at the end of the song part.))