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  1. Hello! I find myself in need of wanting to play a created character that I've yet to roleplay. I find myself in need of a LONG TERM partner. Please take a moment to rest and read over my guidelines, then we shall start plotting if I deem us a good partnership. ^^

    Here are my guidelines. Please read them thoroughly and note that they must be met. Don't overlook; you'll be wasting both of our time.
    • Advanced or above player only. The closer to prestige, the better.
    • I'd like to have a partner within the 16-27 year range. Apologies to those younger or older than listed, but it is simply a matter of personal preference and comfort.
    • This roleplay will require extensive worldbuilding. Please offer your creative services and so shall I.
    • OOC chat! This is a must. It is required for everything- Plotting, absent messages, general chatting, and worldbuilding.
    • No "females only" players. If you can't play a male, you aren't versatile enough for the kind of roleplaying I like best.
    • I expect you to play more than one character in general, be they NPCs and/or minor PCs. Though for this, I require both.
    • The main pairing will be MxF, but possibly MxFxF. That being said, be comfy with FxF and MxF.
    • Please be comfortable with writing semi-novella style. 4-5 full paragraphs each post at the bare minimum.
    • Be comfortable with roleplaying the general content I've tagged.
    • State genuine interest and give me a writing sample down below.*
    • Be proactive with coming up for new ideas with the story and in worldbuilding.
    • Detail is very important to me. Use the five senses and expand your vocabulary. Quality over quantity!
    • Patience is virtue. Since I'm going back into school, posting speed is reduced to at least once a week.
    • Willingness to Skype chat with me!
    * A quick tip: Genuine interest does not mean "Sure, I'll do this with you" or "This sounds cool. I'll roleplay with you", etc.

    The city or town I plan for this to take part in needs a lot of polishing up and that's what you'll be doing with me. Here is the rough draft of it all. My character is here and I would like your character to be some sort of supernatural creature. We will discuss further in PM and on Skype. I would also like to see post aesthetics, meaning color-coded speech, fieldbox colors, etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.