Once I Called You Brother

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  1. This song always makes me think of this plot [video=youtube;Jbe0cPd3KZo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbe0cPd3KZo&sns=em[/video]

    Okay, so here's my idea:

    (This'll be a steampunk-y setting)
    Two Half-brothers, with different mothers. One brother was always the more loved one, having been born into a stable loving relationship, while the elder brother was born into a split relationship, only being able to see his father on weekends. Aside from the lack of attention, the younger brother always seemed to get the better things.

    As they grew, the older brother became angrier and angrier. Eventually, he became a very important man in their city. The owner of all the factories, quite wealthy, but still unhappy. At the young age of 20, the elder brother was overcome by malevolent feelings. He began running the city like a tyrant. He forced people to work long hours in hot factories with no breaks. He disabled the cities law enforcement and brought in his own gang of mob men. The typical mafia-men, the kind who would beat up innocent people for not paying tax or for not going into work, even it was because they were ill.

    The younger brother, however, had long since left the city. He grew up in a smaller town, not too far away. Living a nice, happy, carefree life. He's a humble young man. When he heard of his brother's tyranny, at age 18, he grew worried. He had always loved his brother, even if the other man hated him. No matter what, he always said "I have a big brother" when people asked if he was an only child. As he heard of what his brother was doing, he decided to go back to the city and try to talk to his brother.

    He was met with a cold, angry, vengeful heart. Now, he's being hunted down. The prize for whoever brings him in is a lifetime of no more work and no more taxes, so everyone searches for him. Unable to leave the city, he must run from those trying to kill him. At the same time, he attempts to get to his brother in hopes of being able to talk without being killed.

    Who will win?

    So, I don't care which brother you want, I can play as either :) If you're interested, reply or PM me :D