On The Run

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  1. Panting hard, Crystal ran up the steps into the city bus, just as it was about to leave. She drops in the necessary change, and swallowing hard, she walks down the crowded aisle of the bus. Cheeks flushed, and sporting a tall slender body with long black hair, Crystal was drawing unwanted attention from the opposite sex. She ducked her head as her hair drifted in front of her face to hide her blue eyes. The young woman was used to this attention, although right now she didn't want any of it.... Tucked underneath her winter coat, was a large book. It was of course, stolen, and Crystal no doubt didn't want anyone knowing this. Her eyes scanned through her curtain of hair, scanning the back of the bus for an empty seat. Luckily for her there was a vacancy, close to the very back. She doubled her stride, dropped into the seat, and shoved the thickly bound book into her bag. A man diagonal to her gave her a toothy grin no doubt eying her, and Crystal could only smile back nervously...

    Just two more stops, and I'll be home free. Just two more stops.

    Melody sat along the edge of a skyscraper, bright red eyes looking over the city of New York. Her blood red lips were pursed tightly against a very pale white face. Despite the winter season, Melody was scantly wearing anything. She was wearing red and black thigh high boots with a high heel, and panties that more or less looked like a thong. Her top started off as a black spaghetti strap, but slowly diminished to a strip of clothing covering over her stomach. The only article of clothing that seemed to keep her warm was a long red cloak that would reach the floor if she stood. The creature looked like a slut, or perhaps something that walked out of a comic book meant for adolescent men. In any case, by looking at Melody's posture, one couldn't tell the amount of rage boiling within her.

  2. At the next bus stop, among the few people entering the bus would be a tall man dressed in what seemed to be a theme of grey. He wore a grey unbuttoned trench coat with a t shirt under it of a slightly darker shade of grey. His cargo pants were of a matching dark grey color, as well as his tennis shoes. To add to it, his hair was of the same shade of grey as is coat, and reached down slightly past his shoulders. But perhaps the oddest thing about him was they fact that he was wearing a black blindfold.

    He walked down the isle, looking for a vacant seat, and spotted one near the back next to a young girl with long black hair. He sat next to her casually, setting his satchel between them. Letting out an audible sigh of relief, stretched his legs and made himself comfortable.
  3. Crystal gave the man a very curious glance, more or less put off by the choice of color in his wardrobe. Then again, she wasn't the best dressed woman around... She looked down at her snow covered winter coat, and absent mindedly brushed away a few flecks of snow. However her attention was drawn back to the moving bus, and she leaned up out of her seat to get a better look at the next bus stop. Her fingers dug into the seat in front of her as the bus climbed a small hill, and then descended. It seemed like the next bus stop was a while away since the bus had been riding down the road for about twenty minutes before it pulled up to a row of neat snow covered buildings. Unlike the buildings in the heart of New York, these buildings were small houses.

    Looking rather relieved, Crystal bolted out of her seat, grabbed the nearest bag, and darted towards the open bus door. She was hit by a blast of cold but she was smiling for no apparent reason. Although she was on the sidewalk, Crystal looked from left to right as if looking for some sort of oncoming traffic. Once she deemed that she was safe, she crossed the curb and towards one of the small homes. She didn't have to walk far; she walked up to the door of a home with a large festive wreath and ribbon wrapped around the stair rails. After fumbling with her keys, Crystal pushed open the door and walked in as the bus left the stop with a audible hiss.

    It wasn't until Crystal took off her winter coat, slipped out of her boots, sat down on her living room couch and open her bag did she realize her mistake.

    "... Shit."

    This wasn't her bag.
  4. Vitali wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings on the bus, and about half an hour after crystal got off the bus, his stop came up. He grabbed the bag next to him and got off, walking down the street until he came to his apartment building. For some reason, he felt like his bag a bit lighter than he remembered it being. Once he got into the elevator to go up to his apartment, he reached into the bag to see if he had forgotten anything. However, all he found was a rather large book. He sighed in frustration as he realised that someone must have taken his bag by mistake, or perhaps vise versa. There wasn't much he could do about it right now though, so he exited elevator and walked to the door of his apartment, unlocked it, and went inside. He tossed the bag on the couch and headed for the kitchen, deciding to deal with it tomorrow.
  5. "Oh my god.... How could I have been so STUPID?!"

    Without thinking, Crystal stood up and kicked the stranger's bag, sending it flying across her room and slamming it against the wall. The contents spilled onto the floor with a clatter. She didn't care about what was in the bag, didn't care if anything was broken - she was more concerned with what the hell she was going to do now. She lost the book to that that weirdo on the bus, no doubt, and he was probably being apprehended by the she-devil. Not only that, but she had lost the one item that would be able to save her from ever lasting debt.

    Crystal ran her hand through her hair, sighing heavily. It had taken several seconds for her to figure out what her next step was going to be. The thought crossed her mind to go out and simply hunt down the man by calling the bus station, and seeing if she could get any leads from there. But then her eyes caught sight of the bag lying on the floor and after calling herself an idiot once more - Crystal tore into it, looking for some sort of contact information. She ignored the scattered library books, but felt her stomach drop slightly at the broken fist weapons...


    In the bag was a stack of business cards with a name and phone number. Leaping for her home phone, Crystal dialed the number faster than she ever thought possible.

    "Come on... Pick up...Pick up!!!"

  6. Vitali had just finished making himself a big, delicious double decker sandwich with all kinds of awesome delicious stuff on it, taking around half an hour to make due to having to toast or cook certain ingredients, plus putting it all together properly. He poured himself a cup of premium wine as well just to make it even more special, and took a seat in the living room to watch his favorite TV show as he enjoyed his wonderful dinner. After turning the show on, he got comfortable and grabbed the sandwich, about to take the 1st bite of it. But just before he could get it to his mouth, his cell phone started to ring. He paused, then put the sandwich down with a frustrated sigh. Then, he reluctantly picked up his cell phone and looked at the caller ID to see who it was. After not recognising the number, he decided that his special dinner was more important, and pressed the reject call button on his phone.
  7. ((.... You bastard, you made your post like that just so I'd get hungry. DAMN YOU!!))

    Cursing frantically, Crystal continued calling the man's phone number until he would pick up. She knew that her phone bill wouldn't be very pleasant to look at, but at the moment she was more concerned with getting the book back and assuring that the man wasn't going to get killed. God knows how long the man had before the thing would be knocking at his door. Crystal could only imagine the sort of look on his face once he saw the woman... Wait, she could imagine that. His jaw would drop from looking at the amount of skin exposed and then a look of horror would replace that because by then, his heart would be a pierced by a very sharp dagger...

    Shaking herself, Crystal shouted into the phone, "PICK UP YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"

    Melody traversed the streets of New York with her cloak wrapped tightly around her. A blizzard was preparing to hit the city, and she knew she would have difficulty in locating her lost possession. She grinded her teeth against the oncoming cold and dove into the sanctuary of a narrow alleyway. There she crouched low against the snow covered ground, and pressed a pale hand against the asphalt. The ground underneath her palm glowed a fiery as Melody slowly withdrew her hand. As she did, a shadowy thing rose out of the ground - it looked like a nose, and then a snout, a very wide snout. A few seconds passed and a massive black dog with small red dots for eyes lay in the alleyway. At first it looked like the thing was sleeping, but it snorted and shook away the snow that fell onto its back.
    "I need you to locate my spell book Sirius. It's impertinent that you do."
    The dog looked up at his master, eyes narrowing darkly. "And have you keep me under your whim longer? I think not mistress."
    Melody raised a thinly plucked eyebrow with false amusement. "I could have you shackled in my quarters until your time is up, with all of my rats and imps. Would you prefer that?"
    The dog growled, lifting his upper lip. He looked as if he was going to attack, but let out a bark and high tailed it out of the alley, sniffing the freezing air.
    "Good boy," the demonic mistress said, a sneer on her face.

  8. After putting the phone down, he picked up his sandwich once again and smiled as he was about to take a bite. But again, just before he could, his phone started to ring. Now a bit more aggravated than before, he put down the sandwich and picked up his phone, answering the call, but before he could say anything, he heard a shout from the phone saying "YOU MOTHERFUCKER!". He paused and looked a bit confused at this. He put the phone to his ear and spoke.

    "Uh.... Hello?"
  9. At any other moment in time, Crystal would also partake in this awkward moment, however, current circumstances made her overcome this bit of emotion. Instead she quickly filled the man in on what was going on.
    "Okay are you the guy who picked up my bag? You know, with that huge ass book in it? Cause if you are, I need it back. Like, pronto. Because there's this really evil bitch out there who's looking for it and well actually, she's more of a demon, but you have to give me back the book. If you don't, she's gonna be knocking on your door right now and probably kill you because she'll assumed you stole it from her and - You know what, just give your address and I'll come there right now."
    Crystal ended this last bit rather quickly, and after her little rant, she was panting. There was no doubt in her mind that she probably came off as an insane person and needed to check into an institution, but really, this entire situation was insane. She was supposed to have come home with the book in tow to move on with the next part of her deal. But no, she had to lose her bag to this person who had no clue about the amount of trouble he just got himself into.

  10. Vitali remained silent for several seconds after Crystal finished her rant, with a dumbfounded look on his face.

    "Um... Ok.... So what's going on again? You said you want my address?"
  11. "Yes!" Crystal answered desperately. "Please, just give me your address and I'll be at your place to take the book from you and you won't ever hear from me again." She had a death grip on her phone and her voice had taken on a very unattractive high pitch. Crystal wasn't able to say it, but if the man refused she would hook up her tracking device to grab his address that way.

    Sirus made his way to the bus stop Crystal originally ran up to. He could smell the pheromones of fear, anxiety and excitement in the air, but it was swiftly being carried away by the oncoming blizzard. Melody was right behind him, although it was obvious she wasn't enjoying the cold.
    "Having trouble mistress?" The dog questioned with a toothy grin.
    "Don't look so smug Sirius. Just find the damned thief so I can get out of here," she snarled, wrapping her cloak ever more tightly around her.
    "You shouldn't have worn that outfit then - As much as you like to express yourself. And your thief is a woman, a young one at that." Sirius turned his nose back into the air. "She took the bus; left not too long ago." He grunted and ran down the sidewalk, not caring if Melody followed him or not.