On the Road (Seeking Female)

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    On the Road
    In their hometown of London Ontario, the local melodic death metal band Season of Sin had become quite the deal in the underground scene. With two demos, four EPs, one full length already out and a new full length on it's way. They had toured all around Ontario, and have even played through Québec and Nova Scotia. They have been featured in internet magazines and have a name for themselves all over America. They have entered a contest to compete for a spot to play at the 2016 Wacken Open Air festival, and to support the new album, they plan on touring all over Canada, and if they make it into Wacken, why stop there? The plan is to play Wacken, and then tour through Europe. When this dream becomes a reality, the band's vocalist, Phil Alllen, meets a special someone in England. The band decides to stay in London England, giving Phil and his special girl time to further develop their feelings. What will happen between the two? Will this end in love? Hate? Tragedy? Or will this be th
  2. I really like this idea and would love to work with you on it!
  3. Perfect! Writing with younis always fun.
  4. Oh dear.. It looks like I came in too late TwT Should you still be accepting partners though, please let me know. I have been itching for a band and music related RP really bad XD
  5. I'm always willing to do multiple versions of the same story!
  6. Awesome! Thank you! :'D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.