On the quest to find long term rp partners! (Mxf or fxf)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Aeriel, and I'm looking for long term partners to write wonderful stories with!

    I have a few ideas, but first, let me list some ground rules.
    1. Please do not post one liners.
    I try to do at least two paragraphs, but it depends on what you give me to work with. I usually try to match length.

    2. 18+ only please.

    3. I am a pretty active and speedy poster, please let me know if you are unable to be active during certain times, I'm pretty understanding.

    4. If we roleplay together, please do not try to control the whole story. This is a story we are doing together. Do not try to control my character(s). If you have a specific idea, just let me know. I love trying out things my partner wants to do.

    5. I'm not a robot. It's okay to have regular conversations with me as well. I'm here to make friends too!

    6. I usually only play female characters, unless we're doing mxm for a fandom, or if you want to double on a fandom, I'll play a male character for your OC if you wish.

    7. Tell me your limitations on sex in roleplays. I for one don't mind, I actually enjoy it, but please tell me your boundaries so I don't overstep.

    8. I only RP via PM

    9. HAVE FUN!

    Now, on to the fun stuff! I have some general pairings, and then some Harry Potter fandom pairings. When I come up with more pairings or plots, I will update this. I will italicize and bold the role that I would prefer to play. (That doesn't mean I wouldn't be willing to play the other character. Also, on the HP pairings, the OC is my OC, but if you want to double, we can do a character with your OC as well)


    General pairings:

    -Assassin x Target (mxf or fxf)
    -Princess x Prince from an opposing kingdom (medieval)
    -Princess x Captor
    -Princess x Knight
    -Teacher x Student (fxf)
    -Young woman x Best friend's mom
    -Girl x Brother's best friend
    -Vampire x Human (I have no preference on who I play, can be mxf or fxf)
    -Vampire x Witch (no preference)
    -Two girls that hate each other at school, or a girl and a guy that hate each other
    -Opposing gang leaders (mxf or fxf)
    -Childhood friends reuniting (fxf or mxf)
    -Old lovers seeing each other again, though one of them is married now (mxf or fxf)
    - (For adults that want a more sex based rp) Master/mistress x slave (mxf or fxf)

    Harry Potter pairings
    Draco x OC
    Fred or George x OC
    Harry x OC
    Draco x Hermione
    Draco x Harry
    Ginny x Luna
    Harry x Hermione
    Hermione x Ron
    Draco x Ron

    Keep in mind, I would be more than happy to double, and play anyone you'd like with your OC!

    Feel free to PM me if you're interested! I look forward to roleplaying with you! :)

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  2. Hey, I'm interested in the Assassin x Target Roleplay idea, and I also have the perfect character for it. I need more gay love in my life, so if you're up for a fxf I will happily volunteer as tribute. We can discuss it more over PM.
  3. Of course! PM me! :)
  4. Still looking!
  5. I have a plot and some characters in mind for a princess x prince rp.
  6. PM me! :)
  7. I can't pm you your inbox is full.
  8. Oh snap, sorry, I'll clear it up!
  9. Okay, it should be good!
  10. Still looking!
  11. Still open!
  12. I saw this and absolutely fell in love with your Ginny√óLuna pairing idea
  13. Hi! I cleared up space in my inbox so that you can PM me!
  14. Hey, I'd be interested in the MasterxSlave or PrincesssxPrince ideas.
  15. Still looking!
  16. Hello! I'd love to play Fred or George to your OC if you could play Draco for mine! :)
  17. Sounds good! PM me!
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  18. Still looking! Don't PM me unless you really want to commit to a roleplay :)
  19. Hey there!

    So I'm new to this site but I'm totally not new to roleplay. I might seem like a NEWB just because I'm trying to figure out this websites layout! But I've actually been rping for like thirteen years! :)

    Anyways, I love rping Ron Weasley and I've actually been rping the boy in all ages of his life since the start of my RP. I've been itching to RP him again so if you're at all interested in rping Hermione I totally am open to ideas, and even have my own ideas if you're interested.

    I also like to give myself a challenge though so if you're not interested in the Ron and Hermione I'd be interested in finding plots with

    -Girl x Brother's best friend
    -Childhood friends reuniting (fxf or mxf)
    -Old lovers seeing each other again, though one of them is married now (mxf or fxf)
    - (For adults that want a more sex based rp) Master/mistress x slave (mxf or fxf) (I like to sometimes do Master and Slave Plots but checking this isn't me saying it's a MUST that we plot smut! I'm okay with whatever!)
    Harry Potter pairings
    Fred or George x OC
    Hermione x Ron

    Some of the above could even be mixed in with Hogwarts I noticed. But, I'm also cool just playing human RP as well. I also have RP samples.
  20. Hi! Thanks for replying! Shoot me a PM and we will discuss :)
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