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  1. So, hello there. I'm new to this site, just signed up yesterday. Anyways, I suppose I'll start off by saying I play both female and male characters(cis and trans), and would even be willing to play a gender fluid character. Romantically speaking, I can do virtually any coupling. But if you want something sexual, I'm only comfortable doing homosexual pairs(cis and trans, again). Just have a weird thing with sexual interaction between a man and woman. Maybe I took the cootie deal a little too seriously when I was a child.

    Posting preference is at least one paragraph with fluency in English and grammar. How much I write and how I write typically depends on my partner(s); I'm just very flexible with that. If it makes any difference, I've been RPing for about seven or eight years. Aside from that, I'll post 3+ times a week and can play multiple characters, three or four being my limit usually.

    Preferred Genres
    Historical Fiction
    Alternate Universe
    Mixing and matching is definitely fine with me.​

    I have no specific plots as of now; just throw some basic outline like "noble x peasant" at me and we can work from there if you don't have your own ideas. Speaking of which; please work with me x.x.

    I have one particular OC right now that I'm interested in playing, a cambion(demon/human hybrid) named Aldric Dagrson who'd be set in a historical fiction fantasy (Europe in the 10th-18th centuries) or a modern fantasy. If you want an idea on his personality, he's pretty much an archetype of the television version of Damon Salvatore(can anyone really blame me? come on, now); but he's not nearly as emotional or impulsive.

    I also am a bit interested in doing an RP as Poseidon/Neptune. I don't have any specific plot in mind. M/F or M/M is fine with me; I prefer not to gender-bend him. I'll mess around with a more humanized and "morally just" personality, since the Roman and Greek pantheons seemed to be incredibly fond of rape and killing. I might add it to his person, but if an explicit RP is desired, I'm not down for non-consent.
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  2. { Steampunk and Greek Mythology-- sounds really cool right? RIIIIGHT? OUO
  3. That sounds wild and amazing, lol =P. I can picture a pretty interesting world right now.
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  4. Planning it would be awesome > u <)/
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