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  1. Hello, once again!
    I have returned to obtain another partner. My past searches have gained me some pretty awesome ones but damn if I'm not greedy for another.

    So, some basic things about how I operate and the roleplays I personally enjoy/don't enjoy:

    - I play females. Wait, wait. Before you go running away, I also play males! I just prefer females.

    - Lengthy posts are awesome. I can do anywhere from two to six paragraphs and beyond. But I completely understand if on some days, you're not feeling it and only do the minimum amount of paragraphs. Please try to do a fair amount, though.

    - No smut. "AllOurPrettySongs, you're so lame!" I hear some of you yelling. You guys are off my Christmas card list. But in all seriousness, smut makes me uncomfortable. Relationships are just fine and such, kissing and planning for the future and whatever it is couples do, that's all fine. Just no doin' it like they do on the discovery channel.

    - I enjoy horror themed roleplays, especially psychological horror. Gore is welcome but let's be tasteful. Swearing is also welcome, I don't have limitations on that.

    - I don't enjoy sci-fi in the sense of space and lasers and such. But anything like, futuristic is fine. We'll discuss.

    - I don't do romance as a specific genre. As stated, romance mixed in is cool.

    - Any other genre, I'm open to discuss!

    That's about it for rules and regulations and other dull things of the like. Other than that, I'll just say what I've said in my other topics:

    If this captured your interest, then chuck me a message and we'll discuss! Besides that, I like to get to know the person I'm roleplaying with. Friends are fun.

    I'm also in a timezone that is somewhat inconvenient for most - the land down under. Australia. So, if you're cool with sporadic postings, then awesome! I'm on most everyday at some point, so you'll get your reply.

    Alrighty, I'm going to stop talking. Chuck me a message, guys!
  2. *waves hands in the air I just don't care* ME! ME! PICK ME!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.