On The Plantation

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  1. Endview Plantation - 1862

    Hallie sat down by the stream behind the house, running her fingertips through the cool water. Their family was fortunate to live by this stream since it was more of a spring; they never went without water. It was a pretty hot day and every member of the family felt it. Her father was busy doing doctor work in the house. Her mother was in bed trying to live through a rather tough pregnancy. A line of worry creased her forehead... her mother's last pregnancy was rather tough as well. Hallie couldn't understand why the woman was so determined to have more children.

    There were already 5 children. Hallie was the oldest at 16 then they went down in age. After Hallie was Jacob at 15, Henry at 10, Emaline at 5 and little Joss at 2 years old. Joss was sick.. always sick. He was such a frail little boy. Hallie tended to treat him as if she had carried him to term. The family would have had 6 children, but Francis died at a year old. A small sigh slipped from Hallie's lips as she looked over the bridge towards the field that held the small family graveyard.

    "What is that?" She spoke softly as she rose from the ground and stood at the end of the bridge. Her eyes widened when she saw confederate soldiers coming across their back field. Hallie clasped a hand over her mouth as she saw wounded men limping.. other men on cots.. some already missing limbs. What are they doing here? This is no place for them to stay. Lifting her heavy skirts she ran back to the house.

    "Papa! Papa! The soldier.. the soldiers are here!" Hallie pointed back to the field.

    Within a moment the man was outside and going to the bridge then running over it to greet the soldiers. He had a quick talk with the general, telling him that the soldiers with decent health can stay in the back field, all the sick and wounded were to make their tents in the back lawn. With a nod, her father grabbed a wounded soldier and took him to the house.

    "Hallie," he said in a serious voice. "Get a bucket and get the soldiers in the field some water." She opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off. "Hallie."

    She simply nodded and got a bucket, filling it with water from the spring and going into the back field allowing soldiers to drink. The bucket was nearly empty when she came to another soldier.

    "I apologize for the small amount of water. I can fetch more and bring it back to you." The girl crouched in front of the man, offering him the bucket. It was rather heartbreaking seeing them. They all had scratches and bruises.. some worse than others. All she wanted to do were to wash the men of their grime. "My name is Hallie," she said softly as the man drank.
  2. It had been three weeks of fight after fight. Most of the NC Regulars were dead or never to fight again, some hopped on their muskets missing a leg. Whoever was alive didn't really call it living. It was more purgatory somewhere between death and life. Many of his closest friends were pushing up daisies on some Yankee's farm while the ones left were most likely never to make it back. Halfway on their retreat through Virgina the company got reinforced with some fresh faces. Most of the damn kids weren't any younger then 16. Unlike the Yanks though most southern boys were well versed in the art of marksmenship. It wasn't stereotyping as much as it was the honest truth. However upon seeing the dying and maimed the recruits lost their evening meals. Nonetheless the extra men bolstered and added to the company combat strength. Although they were no where near fighting strength.

    It was Endview Plantation that was the salvation for the hard fighting men of the company. A well known rebel doctor had started up his practice for withdrawing Confederate soldiers. As they crossed the back field, Terrance Akers was still musing as he aided his friend who was missing his leg from the knee. The quick bandage was soaked with blood as was Aker's grey uniform. Hearing the command to make camp Terrance let James down in a nice shady spot. Endview was an apt name for a place that served as an hospital. Many men would find their end here both in life and career. pushing such thoughts out of his mind the soldier passed his canteen to the wounded comrade and hobbled his way over to help with the camp.

    It would take them several hours to set up camp even with the fresh men. Their numbers just weren't great enough. Luckily though behind the line it was safe to take their time. As he finished up one tent, sliding the last pole in Terrance lanced over his shoulder. Several young boys began to set up cots inside while he gasped quietly. behind him crouched an beautiful young women. Although he was in his late twenties and by the looks she was not even out of teenagehood. Wiping his dirty hands on his bloody pants Terrance slicked his bed haggled hair back, matted and clumped as it was. Walking up behind her Ackers pulled up his trouser legs as he crouched beside her,

    "That's Andrew, poor boy lost his tongue when his powder packet went off between his teeth." He said sadly looking at the young women "Corporal Ackers, ma'am, I do appreciate this gesture. Nice to know some people still care."