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  1. Hey there! Thought I would post a thread about it since I am looking for role-playing partners. I am pretty much open to anything except for dude on dude and neko's. Other things are I only play male characters that in some way or another are dominant. So, anybody that wishes to role-play with me please either post here or send me a PM, we can discuss things there; in the future I will post a role-plays of what I want to do, so you never know somebody other might want to the same thing as me. Another thing to note besides doing my interests I DO OTHER PEOPLE'S INTEREST's as well if they peak my interest that is, but feel free to hit me up with a message about your RP's as well. :-)

    NOTE: RP's with this symbol are RP's I really want to do.

    Current Interests:

    -||- Random Universe:

    Will be updated with fresh ideas soon. Feel free to contribute though. :-)

    -||- DC Comics Universe:

    #Catwoman X OC

    I think it should be self-explanatory. I was thinking of something like a romance love and hate relationship. My character would be either a superhero or citizen; depending on how we decide to go on this. Much of this role-play will be thought out by me and the other role-player so we don't enforce things we don't want to play.

    #Wonder Woman X OC

    #Supergirl X OC

    #Harley Quinn X OC

    #Hawkgirl X OC

    #Zatanna X OC

    -||- Marvel Universe:

    #Black Widow X OC

    #Black Cat X OC

    This will be set when the Reapers are no more.

    #Asari X OC

    #Quarian X OC

    -||- Dragon's Crown Universe:

    #Amazon X OC ✓

    #Sorceress X OC ✓

    -||- Soul Calibur Universe:

    #Isabella "Ivy Valentine X OC/Character from the universe ✓

    #Sophitia Alexandra X OC/Character from the universe

    -||- Mortal Kombat Universe:

    #Kitana X OC

    #Sonya Blade X OC

    #Mileena X OC

    -||-Resident Evil Universe:

    #Jill Valentine X OC

    #Ada Wong X OC

    #Claire Redfield X OC

    -||- Starcraft Universe:

    #Sarah Kerrigan X OC

    #Nova Terra X OC ✓

    -||- Final Fantasy Universe:

    #Tifa Lockhart X OC ✓

    #Lulu X OC

    #Fran X OC ✓

    #Lightning Farron X OC

    -||- Metal Gear Solid Universe:
    -These character are heavily developed so I would suggest some reading up, besides that these RP's will be heavily focused on plot and romance-

    #Sniper Wolf X OC ✓

    #Meryl Silverburgh X OC

    #Laughing Octopus X OC ✓

    #Raging Raven X OC ✓

    #Crying Wolf X OC ✓

    #Screaming Mantis X OC ✓

    #Quiet X OC

    #Mistral X OC ✓

    -||- World of Warcraft Universe:

    #Alexstrasza X OC

    #Sylvanas Windrunner X OC ✓

    #Maiev Shadowsong X OC

    RP's that have been taken:

    #Nurse X Navy Pilot/WWII

    #Stripper X Soldier - Zombie Apocalypse

    I had this idea of a RP with a Prostitute and Soldier. The prostitute manages to survive the zombie apocalypse by using her womanly charms to... charm those of the opposite gender and it works out for her just fine. Along her journey with survivors she encounters a soldier which nobody knew, he simply traded some ammunition for food then left on his way not speaking even a single word to the other survivors. Seeing how the soldier is more equipped she sneaks out in the middle of the night and leaves the other survivors, while herself heads for the path the soldier took. Some time later on herself exhausted and hungry catches up with the soldier, she collapses on the ground as she sees the soldier from sleep deprivation. //And from here we can continue the story on our own.//

    #Mafia Don/Boss' Daughter X Assassin/Hired Killer

    An assassin employed by a Mafia Don, during the major time of their work they only contact each other through letters and through other means of secretive contacts. After some time the Don requests him as a personal guard for his daughter to which the Assassin reluctantly accepts, although he is shown that he is always protecting the daughter he has never shown his face or presence near her. Finally at her 18th birthday party she wishes of her father to let her see this "Guardian Angel" of sorts, the father accepts and somehow manages to get the assassin to appear at the end of the evening on her birthday. She sees his face faintly in the dark and runs up to him, she hugs him and he tells her "I shall be always there." he says then slowly disappears again. The girl is left with a fond memory of him but her father decides to cease employing and he is nowhere to be found. Then after many years her father now at his dying bed he asks of her to re-employ him as there is no better man for the job. The daughter is now 28 years old, very gorgeous, intelligent and is the Don of the Mafia family, seeing how she sparks much of the other family's members some seeing her not fit and some seeing her just a piece of meat for them to wed in order to gain power she starts seeking the assassin. The story starts with her having a meeting with him.

    #Medical Officer X Soldier

    A strange soldier that fights on the battlefield daily begins to visit the medical officer, time after time he always returns with wounds and scars greater than any other soldier on the field. He does not show his face to the doctor but she gathers an interest in him over time. The soldier is quiet, serious and dominant, while the doctor is the clear opposite of him, cheerful, playful and submissive.
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  2. I would enjoy playing the 1st plot if you want, Pm me:)
  3. Surprised your thread isn't over flowing with posts yet. Your ideas are pretty good.

    I'm really liking the second idea mostly because mafia based RPs give me life and it's an interesting plot to see play out. I'd be interested to try that if you're down.
  4. Thank you for the kind words. But not everything is for everyone as it seems. :-)

    Yes, that would be awesome. I will PM you and we will discuss ideas, but please note that it's school ending week for me so I need to work on it a lot, so I might not be active as much as I wish to.
  5. Probably give it some more time. I'm sure there are people who just haven't come across it yet.

    Sure, though I'll be heading out now since it's pretty late here so I will get back to you tomorrow morning. I'm on my winter break for the next two??? weeks so that's fine. A little note notifying me if you need to leave or whatever will be fine.
  6. I like the Mafia Boss's Daughter x Assassin/Hired Killer idea. Is it still open? :) If it's not, the first idea is also nice.
  7. Hey there! Sorry about that but that RP is taken, I have just failed to simply put it in the already taken RP's slot. Sorry again about that, if you want you can see if you like some of the other RP's and if you're really interested we can do a RP you might want to do. :-)
  8. @N0VA ok, thanks! I'll send a pm.
  9. Bump-ish. Still looking for partners. :-)
  10. I'm interested in the Nurse x Navy Pilot, if of course, it's not taken.
  11. Hey there! Yup that plot is still available I will PM you with details shortly. :-)
  12. Bump-ish! Minor update and added RP favorites. Still looking for partners! :-)
  13. I love the Black Widow rp idea!
  14. Hey there! Thanks for the interest, I will PM you shortly/today. :-)
  15. Daily thread bump-ish, still looking for partners! Currently most interested in the:

    -||- Metal Gear Solid Universe:
    -These character are heavily developed so I would suggest some reading up, besides that these RP's will be heavily focused on plot and romance-

    #Mistral X OC ✓
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