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  1. Hi there all! I'm Shay. I have been role playing for a near seven years. I am an adept to intermediate writer and can be advanced if I really like the plot at hand. Before I set my list of rules I usually stand by you all should know I love creative people! I enjoy people who love to give their input and help create a killer plot so don't be shy! Sidenote, I do MxF , FxF , MxM. I also work full time so I try to manage getting a post or two out each day so please have patience. You know how life can get totally crazy! As of recently many of my Group RP's have come to quits and I have left a few which has left me very much so open. On top of that I have received an injury which has led me to being home far more often. This does mean I am looking for long term and not willy nilly abandoning the RP.

    Now here are the few rules I have!

    1. Have fun! That is my top priority with my partner's.
    2. Be Literate! ( Good Grammar and writing skills is a must.)
    3. I have ideas but want you to feel open to collaborate with me and tell me yours! Never feel like you have to hold back being creative or inventive with me.
    4. I do expect a minimum 2 to 3 Paragraphs at least amount wise.. I just might write longer but never feel pressured to do that as well. ( I love details.)
    5. If you need to drop , leave , take a break or are simply bored , please let me know because I really hate when people just leave me hanging without a word. I know sometimes we all forget including myself.
    6. Feel free to talk to me whenever.. I swear I don't bite!
    7. I do Mature and Fade to black so whatever you want is fine by me.

    Now , here is a list of RP's I'd like to do with Anime , Video Games , Movies , Books.. I would say in all general honesty I am always itching to do one of these since they are all personal favorites of mine. I am open to doing original character's or character's from the specific set itself.

    ~ Will Probably add more later ~

    ~ Highschool of the Dead
    ~ Ouran Host Club
    ~ Soul Eater
    ~ Rosario and Vampire
    ~ Black Butler
    ~ Vampire Knight
    ~ Fairy Tail
    ~ Ao Haru Ride
    ~ Sword Art Online
    ~ Brother's Conflict
    ~ Disney
    ~ Harry Potter
    ~ Marvel Universe
    ~ DC Comics
    ~ Mass Effect
    ~ Dragon Age
    ~ Gossip Girl
    ~ OUAT
    ~ Star War's
    ~ Mortal Instrument's
    ~ Divergent
    ~ Hunger Games
    ~ Game of Thrones
    ~ Reign
    ~ Walking Dead
    ~ If you don't find your interest peaked in any of the said one's above I have the generic usual RP selection to choose from. We can work up a plot and such to develop an interesting premise.

    Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter
    Alice in Wonderland/Red Queen
    Alice in Wondeland/White Queen
    Egyptian Queen/ Servant
    Egyptian Princess/ Foreign Prince

    Egyptian Slave/Pharaoh or Queen
    Native American Warrior/Settler
    Native American Warrior/ Arranged marriage
    Red Riding Hood/ Wolf~ (Anthro or not)
    Gang leader/ Runaway
    Gang leader/New member
    Farmer's daughter/Stableboy

    Best Friend/Best Friend
    Childhood Enemies
    Childhood Friend/Childhood Friend
    Best Friend's brother/Younger sister
    Demon/Demon Hunter
    Fallen Angel/ Human
    Elven Princess/Human
    Elven Queen/Elven Warrior
    Elven Queen/Human
    Samurai/Nine -Tail Fox
    Witch/Witch Hunter
    Vampire Queen/Servant
    Dragon Queen/Human King or Queen
    Dragon Princess/Human Prince
    Dragon rider/Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider/Dragon Queen
    Dragon Rider/Dragon
    Pirate/Sea Goddess
    Pirate/ Crew member
    Pirate Captain/Pirate Captain
    Pirate/Govenor's daughter
    Gypsy/King or Queen
    Demi-God/ Human
    Greek Goddess/Human
    Greek God/Siren
    Warrior/Shrine Maiden
    Club Owner/Dancer
    Club Owner/Benafactor's Daughter
    Bad boy/Bad Girl
    Step Father/ Step daughter
    Mail Order Bride/Groom
    Forced Arranged marriage
    Band member/Band member
    Lead Vocalist/ Fan
    Lead Vocalist/Rival band's leader
    Step Brother/Step Sister
    Monster Girl/ Human
    Shrine Maiden/Prince
    Seven Sin's
    Mafia Mob Boss Daughter/ Recruit
    Mafia Mob Boss Daughter/ Rival Mafia Son
    (Will probably add more down the road as well.)

    I have a few idea's for most of these so I hope we can come up with something together!

    Feel free to PM or write me here if interested.
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  2. Can we do a Mass Effect or Dragon Age role play please. I'm pretty good at doing some of the canon characters but we can do it with original characters as well. I burn the bottom of my hand so I have to communicate through my mic, sorry makes it a bit difficult to understand me
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your hand! I broke my left hand but thankful it isn't my dominant one.

    Well I think we can work out something so would it be fine if I ran a PM by you or whatever is easier for you? But . also if you want to wait until your better I'd be more than happy to wait for you. Health is always a number one thing. :)
  4. Yeah that works perfectly fine with me, it's strange talking through my mic though.
  5. I'll shoot a PM your way and keep things plenty easy for you :)

    I can imagine it would be weird to use a Mic... I really can't picture myself doing it..
  6. I kind of like it... And sometimes it makes me feel more connected to my partner. If that makes any sense. I can imagine writing a whole roleplay search like this though
  7. Hello there,
    I would be interested in doing a monster girl x human.
  8. You are going to turn a lot of people away just from using that word in terms of skill level.

    Just a friendly warning if you are really hungering for roleplay partners.
  9. I'll shoot a PM your way!

    Thank you for pointing that out! It was one of the things I was going to fix but it was late last night and utterly slipped my mind. :)
  10. I totally hope it helps, and I hope you find oodles of noodles of partners!
  11. I really appreciate the reminder and I have fixed it :) I hope so to as well!
  12. I would love to do any of the Alice in wonderland pairing you have.
  13. Feel free to PM me and we can work out something and see what idea's we have in mind! :)
  14. Hey Girl!
    I'm so down to do the following roleplays:

    • Sword Art Online
    • Viking X Viking
    • Elven Queen X Human
    My requirements? I have to play male as my main character xP
    Also, I really only do Thread roleplays... I really dislike PM roleplays cause I cant use all of the features on iwaku,

    but... if you really really REALLY want to, i can just turn a blind eye U.U

    I also have a few proposition of my own, if you are interested in them.
    • Band Member X Band Member
    • Prostitute X Client
    • Mob Member x Mob Leader's Daughter
    Yup.... That's pretty much my propositions :)

    As for my roleplaying style? Well, we already roleplayed together a bit lol... I think you know that i'm pretty creative and can do a wide range of characters...
    My frequency of replies really depends on the roleplayer im with... Usually, i can manage to do a reply every day or two days, but if I consider our rp a must concentrate, then most likely once a week.

    I'm an aggressive roleplay, but i do know when to give space to the other character to develop or else, well, i find it boring having all the attention on my characters ahahha xD

    Oh, another thing, my style is pretty simple: i like writing stories. When I roleplay with someone, its to write a story and its to complete each other <3
  15. Hi darling! I am down to doing an RP with you for sure. I really do like the idea of the Mob Member x Mob Leader's Daughter.. That could allow for quite a bit of creativity and an intriguing story itself :D You already have seen how I RP and when it comes to our character's we love variation. I think we could manage this storyline for sure!
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  16. Hell yeah <3 Then lets message each other for this 1x1 and if possible, start it somewhat tonight or tmr :)
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