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  1. Hello! If you've seen my post earlier called On The Backs Of Angels, this is the same thing! I know I started out the first part preeeeeeetty lengthy, but I sure do hope I didn't scare anyone off! This is just for questions.

    At first, I was hoping that it could be romantic, with my character falling in love with yours! (( well, your character was to fall with SOMEONE, am I right? my character is the second best thing! ))

    I'm willing to roleplay with anyone, with any character. I was/am leaning towards a maleXmale roleplay, but I am completely okay with mXf, even if you wanted to do fXf, I am more than okay with that.

    If you want the tl;dr post, its basically just my character, Orel, talking about how he died and what he has to do to get his Angel wings. He follows your character around one day, and a the end, your character confronts mine, thinking that he is a human everyone can see.

    If things get a little... heated, we can move it to PM, or the [T] Mature section.
  2. I'm game. I need some thing new anyway.
  3. Wicked! I'm looking forward to seeing your post!
  4. I was running around the streets in the city. I was trying to find a place to hide. When ever I see some thing bad I report to the police. Doing this has made me an enemy of the small local gangs. I made a sharp turn right but the alley was a dead end. Shit I don't have time for this. "Hay wh..." I was punched in the teeth trying to talk it out.

    *Crash* *ding, ding* I fell to the floor landing on some thing sharp. " AGHH... humph humph" I screamed in pain my breathing harsh and rapid. IT HURTS, O GOD DOES IT HURT. My mouth is searing in pain and my back is gushing blood. I could drown with the amount of blood in my mouth.

    " You thought you could mess with us. First we are going to beat you an inch of your life. Then we are going to have fun with your sister."

    No he just didn't. You scum you trash you think you can win. I get up slowly looking at my enemy. Three of them in a standard formation, the left with a bat, the right with a knife, and the center with brass knuckles and what looks like a gun in his pocket.

    " You shouldn't have let me get up. Now I'm done playing around." As I threaten them they move in closer.

    "You think you can threaten us. You probably don't have the strength to beat one of us."

    " One is all I need."

    "Pretty bold statement. Now lets see you back it up."

    They rush towards me. I drill my fist in the center. I was stabbed in the right arm and hit with a bat to the left nee. I then punched the center in the face as he falls. I was then hit in the back of the head and stabbed in the ribs. My vision is getting blurry and I can't breath. I fall to the ground and reach into his pocket. If I'm going you are coming with me. I wiped out the gun out of the pocket shooting them both in the left side chest. Is this the end? Am I going to die by a bunch of thugs?

    "Pleas don't die. I need you."

    "Who" No it cant be you a random stranger. I must be dying. I can't make it out whoever it is looks so beautiful. What you need me I was never needed. If I die here no one would care. *plop* What why are you crying

    "Hay you pleas don't"

    I want to hug you and kiss you.All right anything for you so stop crying. I'm in the ally again with tears rolling down my face. I start crawling to the street.

    "O MY GOD!! SOMEONE HELP THERE IS SOME BODY HURT!! CALL 911!!" Some pair of lungs on her. Shit now it’s to late I can’t survive this. Where did that person go?

    "I see"

    So with what little strength I had I grew desperate to live. That is pathetic...
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  7. Oh yeah, it's great! It'll work well.
  8. Great I just needed to know what you whir looking for. I will pick up on your storytomorrow.
  9. may i join ???? just to be warred im using a kobo for this
  10. If you would like, we can do it PM! If not, I can start a secondary thread for us.
  11. I'm cool with having more people.
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  13. Alright!!! As soon as I get home Ill make a second thread. I'll call it something different, and change my characters name.
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