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  1. Hey all!
    So, I'm back from the grave.
    I went into a really bad depression, lost all motivation, creativity... blah, blah.
    But now I feel amazing. ♡♡♡

    And I'm ready to get back into what I love doing.
    As long as you can all bear with me being a little rusty, I will give you my all and match whatever you give me.

    Okay, so what do you need to know?
    * I prefer to play female characters but I can double as a male as well to make everything even. If you ask nicely I can always just play a male, but no guarantees since it is out of my comfort zone.
    *I play both mxf and fxf relationships.
    * I have ZERO limits, at all. PLEASE, please tell me yours. I do not in any way want to make you uncomfortable.
    *I'm a romance sucker. Sometimes it leads to more adult things - if you're 18+ as well, of course. Again, if you're not comfortable with it, tell me.
    * I'm not picky about length of messages. At least a full paragraph is preferred but not required. Even more than that is adored. Whatever you give me, though, I will match.

    Getting down to business.
    A next to something means that I'm craving this.
    Anything that is in blue means that I want to be this certain person.

    Pairings (open)

    Best Friend & Best Friend
    School Bully & Victim
    Good Girl & Bad Boy
    Teacher & Student
    Prince/Princess & Commoner
    Prince/Princess & Spy From Neighboring Country
    Prince/Princess & Knight
    Rich Household Member & Servant
    Arranged Marriage (Maybe between royalty?)
    Cervitaur & Human
    Mermaid/Merman & Human
    Test Subject & Test Subject
    Kidnapper & Victim
    Fallen Angel & Human
    Ghost & Human
    Vampire & Human
    Lycan & Human
    Small Town Girl
    & Passing Traveler
    Cousin & Cousin (I actually have a small plot for this, if interested)
    Step Sibling & Step Sibling

    Small plot ideas (open)
    I love zombie apocalypse anything.... This isn't really a plot idea, I would just love to do something like two survivors or maybe a group.

    Modern Beauty and the Beast. (Kind of like Beastly)
    The Beast is a school bully who picked on the witch of the school and went way too far publicly humiliating the witch, so she casts a curse on him. The Beast laughs it off until he goes home and changes into a form as ugly as his personality. Somehow Beauty/Beauty's Father ends up finding him. We can work on the details.

    I would love to do something else with a vampire / other inhuman being that had his/her lover die and they carry on with life for many, many years until one day they find another person that looks like their long lost lover. Except, it's what seems to be their reincarnation.
    ^ This need some major fleshing out, obviously.

    Friends/Best Friends where Character 1 has a crush on Character 2, but they are stuck in the friendzone. And all of their advances are written off as being friendly. Character 1 wants to reveal their feelings to Character 2, but they are also afraid of ruining their friendship. (Character 2 could maybe already be in a relationship, whether good or bad?)

    More to come, I'm just putting down what's at the top of my head at the moment.

    Anime/TV (open)

    Throwing it out there that I have NEVER done any sort of fandom roleplay before.... like, ever. If you're okay with me being a noob with this then I would love to try out some ideas

    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
    Soul Eater (ocs only)
    Shugo Chara (ocs only)
    Ghost Hunt
    Princess Tutu

    Miraculous Ladybug (I'm kind of new to this show, but it's just so cute. If someone would be Cat Noir )

    PM me if you have any questions or if you are interested.

    ♡ Thanks bunches ♡

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  2. Currently depressed person looking for as much fluff and romance as possible, and would love to role play just about anything! The mermaid and human pairing would be very fun to RP!
    Looking forward to your reply.
  3. Arranged Marriage (Maybe between royalty?) ♡, I haven't done this in a while and can get down with it.

    I can also get into the zombie themed rp
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  4. I can do best friend and best friend.
  5. I forgot to follow my own thread.
    PM me if still interested guys! c:
  6. Updated with some added pairings. Still searching~.
  7. I'm interested in your best friend x best friend plot if your still looking =)
  8. I am! Send me a pm.
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