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  1. Hey all! I'm Zaenephayl, but you can just refer to me as Zae, or whatever else your heart desires.

    First let's get the post things out of the way. I would prefer you be able to post at least once a day or every two days; more frequently would be wonderful! At least a paragraph for each post would be ideal. I'm looking for primarily intermediate, adept and advanced writers. I would also like my partners to be long-term. I am open to most venues of role playing, although I would prefer to keep things to PMs.

    I would love a partner that enjoys world building and plotting. When it comes to settings and plots, I like to be able to make them collaboratively with my partners and have someone to bounce ideas off of. But, if that's not really your cup of tea, it's not something I completely require.

    I am well acquainted with playing both genders, although I certainly have a preference over male characters. Any pairing for characters is fine with me (in a non-romantic situation), and I also don't mind playing multiple characters and/or tackling NPCs. I don't require my partners to play multiple characters or NPCs, but it would be lovely if you are up for it! I do like to include a bit of romance into my role plays, but not always. In the case that romance does pop up, I prefer straight relationships. I have nothing against other orientations, it is simply that I am much most comfortable with a MxF pairing. It would also be preferred that romances form naturally and aren't forced. I will never role play purely for the sake of a romance.

    I am able to post at least once a day, or every two-three days when life decides to pop up and ruin the day. If there will be any sort of extended absence I will be sure to let you know, and I expect the same from my partners. If you are not feeling a role play (would like to change the plot, leave or otherwise), please, let me know! I would much prefer you communicate with me rather than see you've disappeared without a word.

    Also, don't be afraid to talk to me outside of the role play! I love getting to know my partners and chatting with them! I don't bite... hard. ;)​

    Favorite Genres!
    • Sci-Fi (My absolute favorite.)
    • Crime
    • Mystery
    • Steampunk
    • Historical (Love the WWII era.)
    • Mythology (Preferably Egyptian.)
    • Horror

    Genre No-Gos!
    • Furry/Animals
    • Smut/Sexual
    • Fantasy (This genre is less of a complete no-go, and more of a genre that I would require a bit of coaxing to participate in. Especially high fantasy. I love a bit of fantasy incorporated into role plays, don't get me wrong, but I am not a big fan of role plays in which magic and such take center stage.)

    (Always open to suggestions, just threw down some of my own ideas.)
    (Pairings with a star (★) next to them are the ones I'm really craving. Roles I would prefer are also italicized and in red.)
    • Explorer x Explorer
    • Alien x Human
    • Alien x Alien​
    • Survivor x Survivor (Preferably MxF, I would be playing a male character.)​
    • Merchant x Wanderer​
    • Robot x Human​
    • Creation x Creator
    • Soldier x Wanderer​
    • Soldier x Soldier (Of opposing or same sides)​
    • Bounty Hunter x Hunted
    • Thief x Thief​
    • Detective x Murderer​
    • Detective x Detective​
    • Spy/Assassin x Target​
    • Organization Leader x Spy
    • Mechanic x Mechanic
    • Monster x Human x Human (I would probably be doubling for this one.)​
    • Mythological Creature/Deity x Human
    Comment here or PM me if you're interested.
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  2. Hey!

    I'm interested in either Sci-Fi or a Horror roleplay. Provided that things don't get in the way, I should be able to post multiple times a day. Just a warning though my forte is tabletop rpg's, so getting my idea's down onto paper rather than speaking is a slight problem right now. (Although I'm trying to work through it.)

    I prefer to not have romance as a center-point, as long as that's fine with you. I absolutely love to world build. (I have GM'd about 5 different D&D campaigns. But I've got about 6 more in the oven.) I've been looking for a long time rp partner as well, so I hope we'll be a good match. Feel free to PM me if you want to go through with this.


  3. Is this still open? I'm interested in the survivors. You seem like my same mentality of player. I'm curious to throw ideas around. PM me is you are still looking! Thanks!
  4. Interested in your Mythological Creature/Deity x Human or Bounty Hunter x Hunted.
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