Omniverse: The Summoning

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    The Omniverse, a vast endless space. Constantly growing, filled with everything that is, has, will, could, and can't exist. Getting confused? Good. Now, I have many titles, as I come from a specific world of many names. But to simplify it, you may call me "Overseer," and I come from an ancient place called "Salus". Salus is my home, but it's not akin to just any being to go waltzing about through reality. It's a haven of sorts, specifically for omnipotent beings such as myself. Now, the Powers That Be were quite bored in their little realm, and thus they discussed the initiation for an experiment of sorts. The experiment you ask? To take multiple powerful entities from the most varied of universes and put them together within an equally varied yet secluded slice of the Omniverse. The Summoning, they called it. And luckily, you seem to be one of the lucky entities who have stumbled upon our little project.


    1. Of course, you need good grammar, spelling, punctuation and just all together good quality posts.
    2. No godmodding or power playing.
    3. This roleplay's going to be very laid back, as the plot will easily be shaped by me and the Player-Characters. Do you wish to play a major hero or villain of sorts? Than feel free to PM me your ideas. Got a general idea for a cool chapter/arc? Then feel free to PM me about it, I love hearing your ideas!
    4. I prefer that the characters be split up in small groups rather than gathering up all in a single place, unless there is a special event that needs it.
    5. I also prefer you use OC/AU characters rather than canon characters from other series, but I certainly wouldn't mind if you do.
    6. No stupidly powerful and omnipotent characters, though if you do want to play something along the style of Goku or Superman at least find a sort of limit for their power.
    7. You can have as many characters as you want, though be sure you can handle it.
    8. Combat is a thing in this RP, so your character should have some way to defend themselves.

    Character Sheet

    Name: (Can be a title or a full actual name)
    Universe: (Put the name of your character's original universe, or put AU of [Original Series]/OC if it is of your own creation
    Age: (Though I prefer characters to be over 18 depending on their abilities. For instance, Annie from League of Legends, a very 'special' child)
    Gender: (Can be other/both/none/trans)
    Personality: (Include how they act, their behaviors, any quirks to them)
    Appearance: (Can be a photo or a description)
    Alignment: (Can use the D&D alignment chart)
    Abilities: (Include actual super-powers & talents they may have)
    Equipment & Companions: (Include the things that your character has brought along with them, ranging from small items to whole shelters and companions)​
  2. Name: Steve Bob.
    Universe: Multi-corporate (Original creation. A vast, impossibly gigantic office building spanning three galaxies, and four once their IPO goes into effect. The Multi-corporate universe runs on order, boredom, and bleakness, powered by tedious paperwork.)
    Age: Three months. Steve Bob was created in Multi-corporate Clone Center #13.
    Gender: Male, manager-caste.
    He lives to work, and works to live. Quite literally. Multi-corporates live off of tediousness and paperwork. Having been whisked away to this loud, colorful multiverse means that he can't operate at full capacity. He hates inefficiency. It seems being disconnected from the stable and soothing boringness of Multi-corporate has turned him hyper-aggressive and violent.
    (Art by Prostvol.)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil.
    • Bore (Literally 'bore' someone. Turns them grey and catatonic. It's a long, arduous, painful and boring ritual that mentally exhausts Steve.)
    • File paperwork (Paperwork that Multi-corporates do seem to have minor reality-bending effects.)
    • Fired from reality (He has permission as a manager of reality to fire real things. It takes away part of their being.)
    • Efficacy (He reorganizes a small segment of reality and makes it more efficient, if not more boring, bleak and painful.)
    Equipment & Companions:
    • White-collar workers (Miniature versions of himself that come out of his Briefcase. They help file paperwork and manage the local quantum chemistry.)
    • Briefcase (A mini-dimension where important files and documents are held in stasis. A small habitat of white-collar worker-caste Multi-corporates live there.)
    • Suit (His suit, without which he would be rendered null.)
    How's this?
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