Omniscent ((RP idea - looking for abled bodies!))

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  1. Hallo! I'm Boky, nice to meet you! I like your hair, shall we get started?

    I'm an avid dungeons and dragons player, and I've been having this idea to essentially, do a dungeons and dragons campaignesque role-play, though without the voices and stats and so on with a group of people (preferably, 4 to 6.)

    Here's the kicker though: I won't be role-playing with you as a character.

    That's right, I wont have a character at all.

    Instead, I'll be controlling the world in which you live in - the monsters, NPCs, land, your items - I'll keep track of all of it as well as shift according to the general flow of the story. YOUR character will have the control of their own destiny.

    This world wont have the lore or history of dungeons and dragons, I'll re-create one from scratch so that anyone can be involved!

    I would preferably would like people with a pretty good handle of writing already under their belt, if that's quite alright!

    Comments, questions, concerns are appreciated!
  2. So you'll be a GM of a systemless game, open enough to everyone do their things and don't step on others areas (as normally happens)?
  3. Correct! All I do is give you a push in the right direction (IE: I give you some form of plot.) And then what you do with it is up to your devices!

    ((Obviously with a small group of people, you need to find some sort of reason that a bunch of people come flocking together for a common goal. What your character does outside that main goal is up to you entirely.))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.