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  1. i havent been on here in forever
    i forgot how to do anything
    all knowledge gone
    i have no friends
  2. It's were stuck in some capsule and a time skip happened so now you don't know alot of the new Iwaku generation. I am apart of that generation and I am proud to be. >=D

    Hang on. You need Diana. I'll summon her.

    *Punches an Owl in the face*
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  3. Oh, gosh I know. ;^;
    I literally haven't been on here in a year and everything is so different and I dont know anyone anymore and ugh... the struggle is real.

    *curls up in a ball of procrastination and general laziness*

    like being a lost child *stares off into the distance from my blanket cocoon*
  4. *pokes with a stick*
  5. *pokes back with an even bigger stick*
  6. Welcome back 8D
  7. Thank you! ^^
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  8. Huh...Punching an owl....I'm not sure Diana will be happy when summoned....Soo...

    *Repairs owl as new creation the mechaowl*

    Also welcome back,person I don't know but want to know.
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  9. Who is Diana? ;^;

    And Hello. ^-^
  10. @Diana is Iwaku's mommy and an important part of the administrative team!
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  11. Also she likes owls.
  12. And she rules with cookies.
  13. All of the cookies.
  14. As my colleagues are saying, get the bigwigs (Admins and staff) to help out. Lulu, perhaps I can help with your...amnesia. I may be new for the site, but not new to RPing.
  15. Ooo, a person from a long time ago has re-joined! Welcome back ^ ^ I'm new here -as I've been stressing, sorry about that everyone- but I'm still glad that you're back
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  16. Is that a new thing or did I just not pay enough attention before? Ha.

    I should probably do a bit of re-reading on informational posts and such since it's been so long.
    thank you everyone for all the warm welcomes. ^u^
  17. That's a good idea. I did volunteer to help you for a fresh start.
  18. That would be a wonderful help, DerUbermensch. cx
    It's probably the best place to start at this point, haha.

    Iwaku seems to have changed quite a bit since I was last here. o-o
  19. Considering you came back not long after the big update yeah. It changed. quite a bit.
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  20. Oh, the struggle is so real. xD