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  1. i mean it would be totally awesome sauce and stuff XD
  2. Dude! I thought the same thing! Iwaku should totally be in the app stores/markets for phones and stuff :D Though, they do have a mobile-style, so I guess it's pretty much the same thing ^0^
  3. Raise me 200$ in donations and I can give you an Iwaku App and professional Mobile suite. XD

    NO. SERIOUSLY. It'll cost me 200$ for a mobile suite app. o___o I would love to add one, but at the moment I have to buy new floors for my house. T______T
  4. Apparently there is also yearly costs for having an Apple Developer account, and setup fees for Android. T_____T

    I don't think Iwaku will be able to afford it! XD
  5. Ouch, pretty harsh on the costs. I wonder why everyone else does it. O.O
  6. They're making money in some shape or form. t__t Iwaku is all non profit!
  7. This is the only reason I'm not developing for the iPhone.
  8. *Begins a t-shirt market for Iwaku*

    The idea is we collect talent and make webcomics....famous webcomics.
  9. Jack, Jack, Jack my boy- you know the one thing for webcomics that you don't have? Artists. You know how fickle we artists are? Pretty damn fickle. You know I am not against making comics but it comes at a price and a severe lack of motivation to do so gets us no where.

    Artists need several things to keep them motivated:

    1. Drive
    2. Time
    3. Determination

    Artists flitter in and out of these stages and unless you have one of those crazy artists who finally makes the choice to do a comic.

  10. Arguably, writers are much the same.

    But the vast array of webcomics that exist today convince me that there are artists with dedication under their belts. It was a spitball idea. :(
  11. Diana is 100% correct on the cost. I know from doing the convention circles, apps are not cheap. If we had the budget of the corporate backed forums like Gaia, then it'd be do able.

    And Diana clearly needs to bring back the panties....Iwaku panties.
  12. I'm not sure I can endorse that idea @_@
  13. Not saying that there are are not but it's hard to find one with decent talent who has that kind of dedication. Also for multiple webcomics your looking at multiple artists. Just so much work Jack. So much.
  14. I'll keep looking then. Optimism and all that jazz.
  15. make an fb page XD start small?
  16. We need to send someone to grab Paorou and then tie him to a desk chair so that he does more comics for us.
    Who wants to volunteer to swim over there and nab us a crazy artist?
    He used to do comics for us... and they were lovely... T__T
    Or, I guess, who else... Anyone feel more okay with kidnapping Porg?

    Anyway. We have a mobile friendly style. For now, that's about as good as we're going to get unless someone wants to fork over a smooth $200+ dollars.
  17. hmmmmmmmm.............