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  1. I want to do alpha x omega rps with Mpreg included!

    To be clear, this is a M x M request!

    I want to be omega (bottom) ((Unless there is a rp that I wanna top!))

    Here are a few animes I know.

    -Pokemon (trainers or gijinkas will do)
    -Dragonball Z

    (More will be posted later)

    If you have suggestions for rps that involve this or would like to try a RP, please PM me ^_^
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  2. I wish to try on the pokemon hijinks RP or the Kuroshitshji RP.
  3. Plot: ______ is a damaged omega and has some trust issues. ------ is a dominating alpha who finds the hurt omega one day and takes him home.

    But then the omega goes into heat...
  4. I'd be interested in that plot - tho I prefer to Rp over pm.

    Or a pokemon one would be really interesting!
  5. I usually post on my iPod and for some reason my pm boxes are really small so I don't RP through PMs. Threads is just easier for me.
  6. Oh - well I can do threads, responses will just be a little slower :)
  7. Okay. Do you wanna both RP plots? Like pokejinka finds another pokejinka hurt and takes care of it and then goes into heat?
  8. Ok, that sounds good!
  9. So what pokemon do you wanna RP as?
  10. Zapdos maybe (the pic isn't mine): [​IMG]
  11. Well I was thinking for this for Mpreg and for maybe to have pokemon gijinkas who were able to breed with each other.
  12. Ok - I'm finding it difficult to find pictures. You just pick a pokemon and I'll try to make my character similar.
  13. [​IMG]

    I'm a sucker for pikachu
  14. So should my character be a pikachu too?
  15. It doesn't have to be. Just a pokemon who can breed with it. Like something in the same egg group.
  16. Or if you're not comfortable with that I could use another Pokémon
  17. No it's fine - I'm just looking for pics.
  18. Growlithe: [​IMG]
    (He has red dog ears poking from the top of his head)
  19. This will be intersting. Okay I'll make the thread!
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