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  1. Okay. This is a single 1[x]1 Partner Request. I don't have any characters made up right now. But I want to do a large-scale 1[x]1 RP, where me and my partner completely design the world we RP in, mapping things out and such.
    I only have a few rules outside of my RP resume that I need to implement here.

    1.) Nobody under 18, unless your 18th birthday happens to be in June of this year.
    2.) No Recycled Characters. Make Brand-New Characters for our RP.
    3.) No changing your "Sex" style mid-RP. If you change your RP style mid-way, we will have to end the RP. What I mean is, no going from doing sex scenes in detail to fading to black. It's either or.
    4.) at least a few posts a day. If you are aware that you will be absent for a few days, let me know OOC. If you are not aware prior to being absent, let me know why you were absent when you return. If an RP is left without a reply for two weeks, or I am noticing large gaps between posts, the RP will be terminated without any further warning. I do not have the patience to wait eagerly for an RP and go gaga when I finally get a reply.
    5.) No one-sided RPs. I refuse to be the only one who puts effort into the RP and it's plot. If you do not put effort, such as suggesting new events and characters, you will not be my partner.

    Other than that. I just need a partner who is reliable, friendly, has good grammar, types at least a paragraph per post, and someone who's willing to map this out and introduce new characters as needed.
  2. I am interested as well.
  3. yoo this looks cool, colour me interested! o:
  4. I'm interested if you're still looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.