Olympian Street

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  1. (Is this modern fantasy? I have no idea as to where it really should be, seeing as there is no mythology category...)

    Melpomene slammed the door behind her and pressed her back against it, panting for breath and sweating as if she had just run a marathon, which might be true. The damned monster nearly revealed her true identity to the humans, and that would mean punishment from her lord Apollo, the guardian of the muses.
    "Damn that serpent!" she muttered, "if it weren't for its oh-so-timely appearance, I would have finished grocery-shopping by now!" She straightened up and composed herself, taking a deep breath before heading to her office to reply to those who needed tragic inspirations from her.

    As she was typing, she noticed that all was quiet. The others were probably still out and enjoying their free day. She was so jealous that she almost cried; breaks did not come around all the time, possibly twice a month, and she has been looking forward to this day for so long! Frustrated, she replied one last time and stormed off to her room, throwing herself on the bed and staring at the ceiling, all the while cursing the serpent for ruining her day.
  2. The son of Ares and Aphrodite and Ares was looking up at the sky. "I am still confused how you could send me down to earth and LEAVE ME DOWN HERE!" he shouted up the the heavens. "HOW CAN YOU STAND THIS ZEUS! A FULL BLOOD. SOON OF YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER! WHY!?" he shouted. He shook his head and sat down on the side of that building. He chuckled in a petty way and shook his head. He was on top of the apartment building of the human family that ended up raising him. He went back through the door to the roof and went down. "There has to be other godly beings around here...at least a half-blood or something," he muttered to herself. He stopped....he felt something coming. A large serpent busted through the wall. "Oh my gods!" Jake said. He smiled. 'I knew there were must of been more godly substances on earth....I just wonder why I've only seen this one and none other.' he though. 'maybe it was because of my damn over protective human parents....oh well....time to prove myself to my REAL parents' he clenched two fists and ran at the serpent. He then jumped up onto it's head and held on tight as it started banging Jake into the ceiling, then eventually it busted out of the apartment building slithering over cars Jake still on top of the head. He then slowly crawled down to its eye and put his hands on it. It took him some time, but eventually he yanked the eye out and fell off. The serpent squealed in pain and slithered off. He smiled evilly as it slithered away.
  3. Damon the son of Hades, half human and half god. He walked down the street looking at his surroundings. He wasn't happy about being on earth but he had no choice, he had to prove himself to the gods and his father. It wasn't going to be that simple but he thought he'd enjoy the time on eath while it lasted. PLacing his hands in the pockets of his jeans he turned the corner and stopped exactly where he was standing as he watched the little battle with the serpent anad the guy. Shaking his head he jumped up and cmiled ontop of the roof of the building looking at the injured serpent. Just as it was in range he jumped off ontop of it and twisted its head until it snapped, the serpent collasped.

    He formed a flame from his hand looking around to see noone was eatching and he set it on fire watching it bake down to crisp. Shaking his head he was supprised that the guy couldn't kill the serpent but he atleast weakened it from him to finish.
  4. Melpomene heard a frustrated shout coming from the left. 'Well, they could be cruel at times,' she thought to herself, referring to the higher-ups living in the real Olympus. She then heard lots of banging and hissing, and she saw the humongous serpent pass by with a guy ripping its eye out. She shuddered and winced as another guy twisted its head, sending it crashing down... And burning?

    'They must be demigods,' she thought, silently envying them for their freedom as she continued typing a reply to the client.
  5. Jake swallowed and widened his eyes as he got up. "A-another one!!!" he shouted. Through the smoke of the what used to be a burning serpent, Jake ran. He ran and looked for who ever that was. He wondered who that must be.'fire....fire.....has to be Hephaestus...or Hades.' He looked hard for the man.
  6. "A-another one!"

    Another what?
    She thought as she gave up trying to distract herself. She grabbed several daggers and her prized weapon, Dalca, an ice blue sword with a bright yellow handle, given to her by the god Apollo himself to use for protection against the dangers in the human world, namely, the monsters sent by the Titans. She sighed as she left a note for her fellow Muses, telling them that in case they'd come home anytime soon (which she highly doubted), she'd be out hunting down some monsters.

    Offering a silent prayer to her guardian Apollo, she set out on the streets, making a left at the corner of Olympia Drive and Casablanca Road. Now that she was completely surrounded by humans, she took great care not to reveal any of her weapons.

    Out of the blue, an emerald snake with golden eyes slithered past. Wasn't it unusual to see a snake in the middle of a city, especially when the people weren't even seeing it? She quickly followed it until it reached an open manhole. Just in time, a coin was about to fall in, and bending down as if to get the coin, she stabbed the serpent, picking up the coin and continuing to walk as if nothing happened.

    Turning around, she winced internally as she saw the smokes of the big serpent, wondering if the humans would go as far as their drive to see if it was a burning house. She needed to call someone related to the gods to help her extinguish the fire. She couldn't do it by herself since it involved lots of energy, and everyone was still enjoying the free day. She sighed, exasperated, as she continued walking and looking for other monsters.
  7. Freya was on her way to visit Melpomene when she saw the smoke coming from Olympia drive. She looked around to see if any of the humans noticed it but it looked as if they were busy going along in their ways, trapped in their own miserable lives. She looked back up again at the smoke. It didn't look like it was dying out any time soon. And by the look of things, it wasn't any other normal fire either. She tugged at her leather jacket and walked faster.

    When she arrived at the scene there was nothing but a burnt to crisp corpse of what used to be a huge-ass serpent. She called the fire back and the corpse vanished as the wind took away its ashes. She saw a guy--no, a boy--running away frantically. She suspected it must've been him who started the fire, but why not extinguish it before leaving? Hellfyre could and would burn through anything and everything and no mortal method could ever stop it. How irresponsible could Hades' children be?

    "Ugh," she groaned in frustration and stomped away to the direction of Melpomene's place. At the very least they could train for a bit. All those pent-up aggression wasn't doing her any good. Being the daughter of Hades apparently means having a temper hotter than the fiercest fires in hell.
  8. Nicholas, the half-blood son of Zeus, walked around. He was on the corner of Olympia Drive and Casablanca Road. While there he noticed a girl following something in a weird manner compared to the rest of the people. Being the son of Zeus allowed him to sense any godly substance when near. He followed the girl from a distance. He thought it would be the best thing to do due to how suspicious she looked. He watched her from a distance, until he noticed the smoke, and how he also noticed that the same girl was making her way towards it.

    Each child of Zeus get's a certain ability that Zeus has, however they usually only get one. For example, Hercues had godly strength, and Perseus had the war tactics. Well Nick had the elements in his genes. He sent a prayer to his father, then just like that the wind blew and he disappeared. He re appeared in front of the girl. He smirked then stepped close. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked the girl. He looked behind him, and noticed the smoke. "Is that what you are pursuing? You mind telling me what that is?"
  9. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. How dare he block her way! And with her temper...

    "You mean this?" She summoned hellfyre on her fingertips, making it dance on each finger like a candlelight. She put her fingers right in between them, copying the smirk on his face. "Why don't you touch it to find out?"
  10. Damon was not supprised when he saw the other demi gods. He shook his head and then watched as the flames burned. When he heard someone he walked in the oppisite direction and when he glanced back the smoke was gone. He chuckled and then sighed knowing it would be a long day. He decided to walk back to see who it was and he stopped only to see that it was a girl and some guy. Walking over to them he coughed and then looked around. " So who cleared the fire and who are you two?". He tapped his fingers against his side.

    Being the some of Hades had his privliges, His body could head up instantly and his strengtgh, also his ability to build a flame in his mouth. He watched as some guy ran in his directiom talking about " Another one".
  11. As she looked back after walking for a few minutes, she was astonished at the sight of the sky--no smoke in sight! Did that mean that everyone was already coming back? They must have seen the damned serpent...

    For the past month, there were only a few monsters, and those were only small and pretty much harmless. What made the Titans bring out this huge serpent all of a sudden? Did they have another conflict with the gods or what?

    Which brought her to her next question. Was there such a thing as demi titans? That got her thinking and worrying.

    She was somewhere near the Athenian library, meaning to say she walked that far. She decided to bring the monster stalking to a halt, having so much more work to do.

    She walked back to her place, seeing some demigods back, happy that the serpent was dealt with.
    "About time people came back from their day-off," she said to them before entering the house.
  12. "Gladly," he said keeping his smirk. Nick touched it, let it onto his own hands and crushed it in his palm. "Cousin." He laughed.
  13. Freya's smirk turned instantly playful. Interesting; a son of the great god Zeus, his father's brother great big nemesis. Not that she cares for that bullcrap anyway. But before she could say anything, another guy appeared. And by the looks of things, Freya was not gonna like him.

    "So who cleared the fire and who are you two?" The boy demanded. Freya raised a brow at him. How dare he command her? She looked him up and down--he's surely not from this town.

    "Who the hell do you think you are leaving hellfyres burning just like that? Are you normally this stupid or was today your special time of the month? Hellfyre will consume anything and everything. Remember that next time you leave anything burning. But I suppose like father like son?"
  14. Damon just stared at the girl blinking a few times not showing any emotion on his face. All he asked was who cleared the fire and who they were and she waas giving him an bitch attitude like he was being rude or something. HE tended to have a huge temper and anger problems so he shook his head and placed his hand in his pocket. " SO um who the hell do i think i am? Um mabey im the guy the took down and killed that big ass serpant and for the record it was a stray fire so dont go getting bitcy for no reason". A smirk appeard on his face and he knew they wouldn't get along yet she was...intresting. " Special time of the month?". He chuckled. " yeah mabey we got eachother confused but whater and father like son? Oh your bold, for one dont compare me to my father because im nothing like him and will never be". He sighed and shook his head knowing she was like everyone else, thinking he was evil or rude because of his father.
  15. "Oh, somebody has daddy issues. Father would surely be heartbroken. If he had a heart, that is." She then flippantly turned on the other boy whom she was speaking with earlier. "I assume you're one of Zeus' bastards considering you were able to touch my hellfyre and not burn to ashes." She gestured to the new arrival, "you're basically cousins and we're basically siblings. So, nice to meet you, brother."

    She stared at him with a smirk, her hands offered to him in a handshake, covered in hellfyre.
  16. Nick snickered a little. "That brother sister rivalry." He looked up and down the street. "The mist works so well. No human has noticed it yet," he smiled.
  17. "Oh, please. There is no rivalry here." Freya snorted in an unlady-like manner which she has gained through hanging out with too many boys. Pretty much only Melpomene's her only "girl friend".

    "By the way, I'm Freya."
  18. Nick smiled and turned to his original form. "Nice to meet you." he said.
  19. "Can't really say the same. Oh well, I guess it's time for me to get on my way. You non-earthling boys stay outta trouble. Lotsa monsters crawling around nowadays." Freya turned on her heel and headed for the direction of Melpomene's place. She could only hope she's still there. The girl doesn't exactly believe in the power of cellphones.
  20. Nick shrugged. "Guess I'll go too." he looked up at the sky as a tornado came down and seemed to have swooped him up. He headed back to Mt. Olympus to get more quests. Nick wanted to become a god, and the more deeds he did for his father, the closer he got to becoming a god.