Olivia Munn as Psylock

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  1. What do you guys think about this? To me, this has been the only exciting news for X-Men Apocalypse since the teaser trailer at the end of Days of Future Past.
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  2. Sorry Fel.

    No one on Iwaku has any opinions about women, movies or superheroes.
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  3. No idea who Olivia Munn is or who Psylock is, but I am excited for that movie. But I hate how Disney is putting QuickSilver and his sister into Avengers Age of Ultron, but excluding the fact that they're mutants.
  4. She sucked a whole lot of dick to be all over G4 in its shitty years (see: tech TV merge).

    Not even that attractive or funny.
  5. Eh i am alright with it, i am extremly pumped for X-Men Apocalypse so any cast are revealed i'm excited, but not if it's a bad actor. She isn't that bad though i liked her in DUFE
  6. I'm very selective of the 27 upcoming Marvel and DC movies scheduled for the next 5 years I'm actually going to go see. Seriously, shit's getting ridiculous.

    This one may or may not be one I see. Depends how it goes. The last X-Men movie was actually good, but considering the horde of shitty wolverine spinoffs and how awful Last Stand was, it's teetering on the brink.
  7. Watch it yo!! That's my dream girl you're talking about so go and talk bad about some other woman...like Scarlet Johannson perhaps XD

    I'm a bit skeptical about it but I'm sure she'll do a better portrayal of Psylocke than Jennifer Lawrence did for Mystique.
  8. know whats better than olivia munn as psylocke?

    Sansa stark as jean grey

    know whats better than live action remakes of disney cartoons?

    Robb Stark as Prince Charming in Cinderella

    ...hope THAT wedding worked out better for him than the last one
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  9. I just don't know much about X-Men other than the current movies.
    I also don't know much about most celebrities, including this Olivia person.

    Hence I have largely no opinion on the matter until I can see how well she pulls it off.
  10. DUDE. Sansa Stark as Jean Grey.

    The next best thing? Queen Elsa as Storm or Iceman.
  11. X-Men Origins Wolverine was just horrible, same goes for last stand, but i didn't think Wolverine (2013) was that bad, i was quite enjoyed except for the end battle scene which was a bit underwhelming.
  12. I admittedly didn't see that one, but the previews didn't endear it to me. I mean, it's great if others enjoyed it! I'm just burnt out on the Wolverine train.

  13. Sorry Fel. No o--Oh, he got it.
  14. I don't think Olivia Munn has an ounce of talent outside of standing there and looking maybe-kind-of bangable.

    But hey, there's like, 3 other Asian-looking actresses out there. So... Score?
  15. Meh.

    More excited about the Actor playing Apocalypse. Because the movie is around him. And he's the only thing I really care to see some action of.

    EDIT: on the talk of the amount of superhero stuff? I'm just cutting out DC all together personally. Man of Steel was not a good movie to keep me invested. At least the worse of the MCU are still watchable.
  16. You all break my heart. Olivia Munn is sexy as hell. I can't really say too much about her acting though. I stopped watching the Daily Show when Colbert got his own show because he was the only person that was funny to me. The ONLY X-Men movie I've liked is DoFP though, so I'm partial to this newer cast.
  17. Problem is, I can think of a few actresses much better for the role of Psylocke, on acting ability and sex appeal. I have not seen her in any role that has made me go "Oh, she's good" and thus I'm a little skeptical about the casting. it's come a long way, but Superhero movies are being less like "Goofy, comical, stupid, no brain Shlockbusters" and more actually decent movies, with some truly great examples of great movies(Avengers, Days of Future Past, Guardians, Winter Soldier, etc).

    I could be wrong, Olivia Munn could a great casting choice for Psylocke, heck, I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  18. Not sure how this should be a problem. Several mutants have been part of the Avengers, and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were probably the longest running mutants in the team. Joining the Avengers was the start of their superhero career, since before that they had been in the Brotherhood of Mutants (and only for a brief period of time), and to my knowledge despite being mutants neither of them were ever associated with the X-men.

    ...adding them in as villains in an X-men film might be interesting, though.

    On topic though, I don't have any particular opinions on Olivia Munn. I haven't seen her in anything, I don't think, bar her brief appearance in the second Iron Man 2 film. We'll just have to see how it pans out.
  19. They are Magneto's children. And in the arc in the comics and cartoon shows when the sentinels are first introduced, they help fight the sentinels.

    It's not that they're not mentioning the fact that they are mutants. They are erasing the fact altogether. They are making them humans with abilities that come from the same energy as the tesseract. ((BTW, how come google has the correct spelling for tesseract in their dictionary?))
  20. I am aware, but their involvement with the Avengers has been far more significant than their involvement with the mutant community.

    Anyway, that's off topic. :p
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