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  1. Hi, I'm Roses, and I'm an alcoholic.

    Actually, I'm just new. And not old enough to drink.

    I've basically been roleplaying for seven or eight years now, give or take, and I can write roughly five big paragraphs per post. Mostly, though, I'll just mirror you.

    I suppose you could say I'm looking for something specific tonight! I want to bring back the old, ridiculous characters we made when we were twelve and put them in a normal plot. No judgment, all shame.

    Now here's the catch. It has to be gay, because sadly, almost all my oldies are gay (I read gay fanfiction all day as a childling and it changed me as a person).

    Anyway, I think that's all.

    Hope to hear from you!
    //blows you a kiss
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  2. I'm always in for an mxm!
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  3. Yay! PM me.
  4. That doesn't seem bad at all. Would you still like to roleplay?
  5. If you're still looking for a partner, I would love to do an FxF with you! I made quite a few queer characters when I first started, too, haha. What kinds of plots were you thinking of putting these characters in?