Oldie but Goodie

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  1. Name's Caine [Addoms or Abaddon]. Veteran roleplayer of 10 years or so..

    New here to Iwaku, obviously.

    I have a long history of being on message board rps, mostly wolf, lion and anime related, but I got into
    playby rp about 3 years ago on myspace and then moved to facebook. It's kinda slow there as of late,
    so I decided to find a new site and friends, as it were, and here I am!

    I'm mostly looking for one-on-one roleplays, as group rp usually ends up too crowded
    for my taste and I lose interest or muse and end up leaving and making huge plotholes.

    My characters are usually more interested in med romantically, but I've decided to give women a chance,
    so all comers are welcome in that respect, as long as you're not a damn vampire. -.- Got sick of them long ago.

    Keep it quick, keep it interesting, keep it literate and you've found a friend in me.
  2. *waves*
    Welcome to our little dark corner of cyberspace.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Everyone here is 'Literate'

    We don't like to use that word though, because it's kind of elitist.

    Darn Neopets got me using that word T-T

    I'm sure you will love it here. People are generally fast posters and they have long and awesome plots!

    Love to see you around!

  4. Yeah, I realized that word was taboo AFTER I posted, but was too lazy to edit it. xD

    Thank you Malakyee and Lee-Lee for the warm welcomes. :)

  5. Welcome to the Community, Caine!

    I hope you find a home to your roleplay fantasies in here! And hopefully, we can become friends >w< If you want to!

    Anywho, if you need help, there is no need to hesitate!
  6. Your welcome! :) Always nice to meet new people!