INTEREST CHECK Old West Call of Chtulhu?

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Got a plot for a Call of Cthulhu game set in an old west mining town. Would anyone be interested or have anything they'd want to see?

Basic outline:

The town of Two Rivers is only a couple of years old but is booming. The prospectors have recently found large amounts of silver in the hills and this has attracted many new people hoping for a share of the wealth. There is no law here (the general store could sell you a serif's badge but one without a bullet hole will cost you extra.

The closest thing the town has to any sort of ruler is a gorilla of a man called Clyde, over 7 feet tall and he has a hold on most of the miners.

The saloon is the main attraction where the miners and prospectors head every Sunday to drink, women, and to try their luck against the gambler who is also a retired gunslinger.

The only restriction of character creation would be the wild west theme and one PC must be carrying a silver statue. (The reason for going Two Rivers is to sell it.)

I would prefer the PCs to know each other though.
I could do it.

Clent Marson. Teenaged sideshow man, trick shooter, pickpocket, knife fighter, and all around nice guy. Hehe.
*pokes notes with a pen*

Another motivation for coming here could be to see the professor doing field work here.
What kind of weapons? Would we see revolvers or even a revolver rifle?
I commited an rping sin.

I looked into the game supplement. Starts normal but turns REALLY INSANE REALLY FAST! I MUST PLAY IT!
Keep it to pistols I think, want a gunslinger feel. Anyone else intrested?
I guess, a repeater or similar, so long as its explained and in period.
Set in the 1920s, any rifle from the period would to.

Though I think I'll be running it on Asmo's simplified system to guns would be for feel only no real in game effect.