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  1. I can't be the only one who looks back at older threads for some laffs, right? I mean, we seriously had some gold around October and November.

    The Private War, The Weird Sex Things, ferret threads everywhere. Blow up pony dolls, and @Razilin in awe of stupid threads having so many pages. I haven't been here long so I want to know, what's your favorite thread ever, in the history of Iwaku.

    You already know mine.
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  2. The Church of Gwazi Thread.

    I made it as a quick joke.
    Expected it to get 2 or 3 laughs, and then die out.

    But it rapidly became the most popular thread to exist in General Chat that I've seen.
    And has persisted to this day to be a running and evolving joke among the entire community.
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  3. Sounds similar to what I had in mind for Charizarding.
    I think I was still pretty new and didn't know anyone and
    Just decided to make that thread. It wasn't much but it for what it was and absolutely stupid it was it was awesome.

    ...Excuse me while I go read the charizarding thread in its entirety.
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  4. Nerf war
  5. Yeah, I deleted all my old watched threads just yesterday.
    I pretty much exploded when I realized that I welcomed a crap ton of people that are still online.
  6. I absolutely had nothing to do with this in the slightest. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find some ferrets in space. :ferret:

  7. Too many years, too many threads, too many members. O____O I live in the moment of NOW and in four months, everything is forgotten and replaced by the latest site meme.
  8. Ah, some of my old threads were amazing. Everyone hated me.
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  9. The choose your own horror adventure, in which no one survived for more than 3 posts.
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